A few days later

So, first of all, Sera and I decided to make various preparations to go to the Kingdom of Halkeginia.

For those three countries, Eric is a scumbag, so to speak. Therefore, taking my troops and subordinates with me would only give them a bad impression of me. So instead of the finest clothes worn by royalty, I ordered simple clothes that looked like they would be worn by the son of some unknown low-ranking nobleman and wore them.

“How do you like it?”
“It suits you very well! Ah! I don’t mean that the lower class aristocrat looks good on you, I mean that Eric-sama is a handsome man, so whatever he wears will look good on you. ……”
“Thank you.”
“Eheheh ……”

For several days, I’ve been treating Sera much nicer, and she’s grown to miss me a lot. However, from time to time, she gets scared when she remembers her past traumas, but if I take my time and take good care of her, she will eventually heal. After all, the wounds of the human heart do not heal so easily.

Now Sera is very cheerful. But then she seemed to think of something and suddenly looked at me worriedly.

“Um, …… Eric-sama.”
“Is it okay for Eric-sama and I to act alone without an escort?”

I knew she was going to worry about that. Well, in a sense, it’s only natural. The next king of the kingdom of Ilas. Usually, the assassination flag would have been flying right away.


“Don’t worry. I will never be assassinated.”
“Y-Yes. ……”

On my way here from Japan, the mysterious being told me.

I was told by a mysterious being on my way here from Japan that I would receive a blessing that I would never be assassinated. In other words, I would never be targeted by assassins. If I had been in Japan, I would have been scared of such a situation, but the blessing encourages me.

“If I use the check issued by the royal family, they will immediately identify me. …… Then, this amount of gold coins should be enough. …… Then, …… Hmm?”

Sera stares at me blankly as I put the gold coins into a leather bag.

“What’s wrong? Sera chan?”
”Ah, I-I’m sorry!”
“There’s nothing to apologize for. What is it?”
“…um….I was really surprised when Eric sama said that he wanted to apologize to the three princesses, I was really surprised.”
“Hahaha,…… the only person I can say this to is Sera-chan. I’ve never been able to show my true self because of Father’s politics of fear. I told you before, this is the real me. I told you before, I’m going to take good care of you from now on.”
“…… (pounding), Y=yes …….”

While I was talking to Sera, I finished preparing for the trip. Convincing father was moderately hard, but from now on, I’m a traveler. Of course, sera is wearing a low class maid’s uniform, not a royal maid’s uniform, but a maid’s uniform that is worn when serving the lower class of nobility.

“Let’s go, then, Sera-chan.”
“Yes! Eric-sama.”


Me and Sera were able to escape from the palace undetected through a secret passageway known only to the royal family.

After a short walk, we arrived at the royal capital. It is said to be the largest city on the Orient continent, so it was extremely crowded.

“Let’s head for the carriages for now.”

There are commoners and high ranking nobles such as counts and dukes here, so from a distance we are just a lowly aristocrat and his servant.

We walked for a few minutes, browsing the various stores, including a diner, a blacksmith shop, a workshop, and a clothing store. We arrived at the carriage.

“Excuse me! Do you have a stagecoach to Halkeginia?”
“Oh, you mean to the Kingdom of Harkeginia? For foreign destinations, you must negotiate with the gentleman here.”
“I understand.”

While I was talking with the man at the stagecoach reception desk, a man dressed in black and wearing a black hat approached me.

“Nobleman there. Do you want to go to the Kingdom of Halkeginia?”
“Oh, yes.”
“I have something to do there, too, and would you care for a silver coin?”

To be honest, I have been so extravagant that I honestly don’t know how much money I should pay to go to the Kingdom of Harkeginia.

While I was pondering this, Sera suddenly thrust herself into his face with a smug look on her face.

“Ninety copper coins!”

The gentleman looked at Sera’s face and bit his lip. By the way, one silver coin = 100 copper coins.

And then.

“No, not so fast! At least 98 copper coins!”
“I think 92 copper coins is just right!”
“Hoho……, you are a very determined maid. 97 coppers!”
“No, it’s too high! Let’s settle for 93 coppers!”
“Ninety-six coppers! I won’t budge.”
“No, it’s too hard unless it’s 94 coppers!”
“Hahaha ……, well, well, well, how about 95 coppers then?”
“Hmph! alright! Then I’ll say 95 coppers!”

I was stunned and my mouth was gaping open, and then Sera opened her mouth.

“Eric-sama, let’s go!”

I gently patted the smiling Sera on the head.

“I’ve got five coppers floating around, so let’s buy Sera-chan’s favorite food and then get on the carriage, okay?”
“Hnnya………… may I do that?”
“Yes! I’m sure we can save a lot of money thanks to your hard work, Sera chan.”
“……Eric sama……”
“Hoho…… sir, if you’re so nice to her, you’re going to have quite a hard time later on.”

Sera and I bought some long-lasting foodstuffs, including dried meat and seedless bread for the trip, and then we got into the carriage.


We must now go to the Kingdom of Halkeginia, make up with Sophia, and somehow break that alliance of three countries.

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