(Put down your bags and move over to the camera!)

Along with the pop music, the sparkling voice of the pre-camera gives us instructions.

“it’s been so long”

Looking inside, I follow the instructions and put down my luggage.

“It’s been a while, Saku-kun, when was the last time you took a purikura?”

Shiina asks me with a sideways glance as she fixes her hair.

“………2 years ago, in the summer.”

Shiina turns her head slightly and her voice turns dark.

“The summer of two years ago ………”

When Shiina hears this, she also narrows her voice apologetically.

“I’m sorry, Saku-kun,…………, I,…………….”
“It’s okay, it’s already past, don’t worry about it.”

I forced a smile,

“You’ve been looking forward to purikura, haven’t you? Let’s take pictures without thinking about anything else.”
“….Don’t worry about Chisoku-chan, it’s a lie. That’s a lie ………….”
“Don’t mention her name.”

“For Saku-kun, Chizoku-chan is definitely not a thing of the past! I can never not care about it from now on! Because, Saku-kun is —–“
“Don’t mention that name! …………Don’t mention Chizoku’s name…..”

I yell at her, and her voice gets quieter and quieter, and tears start to well up from somewhere.

“No, it’s okay now,………… sorry.”

I said apologizing while rubbing her eyes,

“I’m the one who should be apologizing,…………, for giving you a hard time.”
“It’s okay, I’m sorry too.”
“You don’t have to take purikura anymore, I don’t want you to have a hard time.”
“…………, I suggested it, so it’s okay.”
“I’m not a good girlfriend for not realizing how you feel”
“Who’s my girlfriend?”

I chuckle as I sniffle.
We walked out as the Purikura was getting ready to take pictures with music playing.

“Saku-kun, I have something I want to talk to you about, so why don’t we go somewhere where we can be alone?”

Shiina looks into my face and suggests in a gentle voice.
She didn’t sound like she was planning to do anything, but she did.

“I don’t mind if you ask me what we want to talk about first.”

I can’t feel safe if I don’t hear it.
In addition, I’m sure I’ll remember it when I go home and play the game. So, it might be better to distract myself by getting involved with Shiina.
It’s better than remembering.

“I’m not saying we should go because we can’t talk here.”

Shiina’s cheeks puffed up.

“I’ll go with you if you don’t go to strange places and don’t do strange things.”
“I’m not going anywhere, and I won’t do anything weird, so just follow me.”

Shiina pulls my hand.
The hand seemed to be squeezed tighter than usual.

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1 year ago

Honestly shiina is just too good at this point, but it would be interesting to see a deathbattle if they bring in another character. it? it?
2 months ago

hey is she being yandere for him like the ex incident?