Episode 38 – Fearful Conversations





As soon as I woke up, I had a terrible headache. I don’t know how much time has passed since then. The only thing I do know is that when I open my eyes, I see a square space and an iron fence that blocks the connection with the outside. Does this mean that I am in a prison?

Even so, it seems spacious. There are about three similar spaces around here, but they are not populated.

I wonder what is going to happen now.


Luvia’s Room

A spacious room with the three most beautiful women of the Orient continent and a maids sitting at a table. The room is filled with books, a map of the Orient continent, various writing materials, and various notes kept on a schedule. Perhaps they are thinking of a strategy to attack the Kingdom of Ilas.

On the other hand, the room is also filled with perfumes, the finest cosmetics, luxurious jeweled wrist ornaments, hairpins, leg ornaments, necklaces, dresses, etc., which clearly show her sense of values in pursuit of knowledge and beauty.

“So how did you end up with that man?”
“It’s ……”

Sophia and Mandane are at a loss for words. Sera, in the far corner of the room, was in awe of the aura Luvia had created.

“The Kingdom of Halkeginia and the Kingdom of Ernia are important allies that must work hand in hand with our country to destroy the Kingdom of Illas. Yet, I want to know why the next queens, who should be responsible for the future of those countries, are with that abominable beast.”

Luvia glares at Sophia and Mandane with a coercive attitude. The two of them look up as if they have made up their minds about something and say to Luvia.

“Luvia,…… I know very well that you hate Eric. I used to be exactly the same. But he has changed. He is no longer the tyrant that he used to be.”
“W-What are you talking about?”
“Yes. Luvia. Eric has changed. Eric is now a man who can atone for all the heartbreak he has caused us!”
“Even Mandane….”
“If you want to know why, you’ll have to hear it directly from Eric. Luvia should have a conversation with him.”
“I’m sure Eric will tell Luvia!”

Luvia is perplexed by the two women who are coming on so strong. But then she thinks of that man again and wrinkles her brow.

“That man …… Erik and his father Cyrus must die. That kingdom must be destroyed!””

Luvia shouts loudly and angrily. Mandane, who is looking at her expression suspiciously, opens her mouth again.

“Luvia…… why do you go to such lengths? Sure, Eric said terrible things. But now he feels the need to apologize and make reasonable reparations for his past deeds. Luvia,…… are you really going to start a war without him reflecting on the past?”
“…… Mandane, you don’t know anything …… about what that father and son have …… done.”
“The way you talk, it seems like there was something more than those words. Can you tell me what it is?”
“……, please shut your mouth.”

Luvia’s eyes watered for a moment as she recalled the past, but she eventually regained her composure, stood up, and turned to leave the room. Then, as if an idea came to her, she turned on her heel and opened her mouth.

“If word of your presence gets out, you will be in big trouble. So I’ll arrange for you to stay in the guest quarters at the far end of the room, and there you will find the maid. And the maid there.”
“It seems that Sophia and Mandane trust you very much.”
“…N-no! Not at all! I’m a commoner. Only half a person!”
“Whose maid are you?”
“I am …….”

Sera trembled and was at a loss for words. It’s just as well. Luvia could certainly be imprisoned her if she told them she was Eric’s personal maid.

“My precious maid!”
“Oh, you’re Sophia’s maid. …… Good. Support me until the two of them leave my country.”

Luvia’s words were so oblique that the three of them were taken aback.

“What’s your name?”
“…… Sera, maam.”
“Sera. That’s a good name. Starting tomorrow, you will change into a palace maid’s uniform and support me.”

She managed to calm her trembling body and looked at Sophia and Mandane’s profile. Then the two of them broke out in a cold sweat and nodded hmmm.


Luvia, seeing their reaction, nodded her head in satisfaction and then called out to the two beautiful princesses

“Sophia, Mandane.”

“You are not under hypnosis, and you are not in a weak position. Just tell me what in the world is driving you two.”

She squints her eyes and looks at them as if she can see right through them.

“…… I’m Eric’s woman.”
“I’m …… Eric’s woman, too.”

Luvia is taken aback when she sees them say this shyly. And,

“Ahha …… hahahahahaha!!!!!! What a disgrace. Even Sophia, who is unrivaled in swordsmanship, and even Mandane, who has such an excellent personality that she is considered a saint by those around her, do not seem to have an eye for men.”

“I think I’ve made my point. Fufufu…let me show you. I’ll show you how the man you have your hearts set on is thoroughly broken. And you will see now. You will realize now that you made a foolish choice. That you have been deceived by that beast Erik, and that you should quickly join the Kingdom of Henesys in destroying the Kingdom of Ilas.”


After saying this, Luvia left the room. The rest of the three left Luvia’s room and were ushered into the room reserved for the honored guests.

“Well, let’s hear what kind of nonsense that loathsome beast has to say.”

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3 thoughts on “Episode 38 – Fearful Conversations

  1. Thanks for the chapter, although I have to say I just hate Luvia’s attitude. It seems to have progressively gotten worse with each girl, in terms of hatred for Eric. Well maybe Sophia and Mandane is debatable, but I just tricked myself into thinking Mandane hated him more.

  2. I feel like Luvia is going to be by far the most obsessed when she gets captured. Like going from this seething blinding hatred-that’s probably justified- to literal worship.

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