“Eh, impossible…… that’s Saki, isn’t it? ……”

On my way home after a part-time job I was suddenly asked to do, I saw my girlfriend Manaka Saki walking hand in hand with a guy I didn’t know.
I wanted to think that I had mistaken her for someone else, but she had a clear face and blonde hair because she was of the minority, so there was no way I could have mistaken her for someone else, and I was sickened by the realization.

(No, there must be some kind of mistake. …… That’s why.)

I hate to admit it, but it was definitely Saki.
We got together in the third year of junior high school, and although there were opportunities for fights and breakups, I thought I was okay with it because I got over it, but the reality was that it didn’t seem so.

(Seriously, but….., that’s unforgivable.)

I’m angry and nauseous, but hopeful for the slightest possibility.
I followed them, hoping to convince myself that this was some kind of mistake.
Then, the two of them move out of the busy street and into the hotel district. The way they were walking told me that they were not lost, that they were familiar with the area and had been there many times.

(I knew it. ……)

And then they entered the hotel.
I opened the camera of my phone and took a series of shots with my trembling hand.
If I took many, many pictures, reality and the past would come rushing in.

I remember that I had the courage to confess my feelings to her at the summer festival.
The day when I was so happy to be told it was okay that my heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to bounce and crush me, and I thought I wanted it to continue. I remember the days when we did many things as first-time lovers, groping our way through the world.

But the reality was cruel beyond belief.
Saki went to a hotel with a stranger with a smile on her face.
The relationship between me and Saki came to an end here.

I left the place miserably, unable to sort out my feelings immediately.


”Huh? Isn’t it senpai – what’s going on?”

On my way home in a daze, I meet a junior who goes to the same high school.

“What’s up Yuzuriha. What do you want? ……”

The other person was Yuzuriha Manaka.
From the same junior high school, she is good friends with committee activities and my younger sister Mirei, but only in front of me does she show her true nature like a demon.
Although she is not a bad person, she spoke to me in the same way this time.

“What’s wrong, senpai? You look terrible. …… Did something happen to you, or perhaps something happened to Mirei-chan….?”

The usual teasing atmosphere is gone and she looks at me with concern.

“No, that’s not it, I’m fine.”
“Is it perhaps a part-time job or at school? Or did you have a fight with Manaka senpai in the middle of the day,……? That’s terrible.”
“I’ve been cheated on, you know. So I’m sorry, I’m leaving.”

I didn’t intend to tell her, but I felt like I had nowhere to go.
And I regret telling Yuzuriha.

“It’s not okay! I can’t tolerate cheating either. I know how painful it is. So I know how hard you are working right now. So please talk to me at least. I’m an experienced person, after all. ……”

I tell her, who is one year younger than me, what happened from there.
Although I feel that my position has changed a lot from what happened before and I feel sorry, I feel a little lighter because I can talk to someone about it.
And in my still unsettled mind, I made up my mind.

I would break up with Saki. I made up my mind and told Yuzuriha.

“Sorry,…… though our position has changed since that time,…. Thank you for listening to me, I’m going to break up with Saki.”
“No, I was saved thanks to you, senpai. It’s okay to do this. If you need anything at all, please contact me right away.”
“I may ask you to help me then. I’ll walk you home.”
“Yes, please do. And good luck, senpai.”

I dropped Yuzuriha off near her house and decided to return home.



When I enter my room, I first hug the pillow with my favorite picture on it and take a deep breath.
Then, after a few more breaths, I can’t help but laugh in the dark room.

(I did it! I shouldn’t say that, but……! I’m so happy…… that I finally got my turn…… Fufu, oh no, oh no! What shall I do……!)

Even in the dark my heart was burning loudly. It was raging wildly.
Because the events I had planned were greatly accelerated.
I didn’t think it would end with an affair, and it was an abrupt event, but it was still an opportunity.

“Fufu…… even the weaker senpai is cute…… normally so chill……. but I hate to see him cry, it gives me the creeps……..”

I have someone I love. To the point where it’s already driving me crazy.
But if I make a mistake, he’ll never look back at me again, so I’ve had to endure this thirst for a long, long time in close proximity.
But I knew I didn’t have to do that anymore.

“If I don’t drop it soon, …… if I mope around, they’ll get in my way. …… It’s cheating, so I can’t make unintentional contact, and I have to take it slow. No, I have to go fill in the gaps in his heart.”

I endured. But that was no longer necessary.
A somewhat quick excitement enveloped me at the thought that there was nothing to tie me down.
In the dark room, as the light from the monitor glowed inorganically, capturing the photos plastered all over the room, I thought about what was to come.

(TL/N : Another one with the crazy thing…good luck me)

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11 months ago

Interesting …..btw ….i absolutely hate *NTR*……..those who do it should go to hell

11 months ago
Reply to  Jack

Yo era como tú pero ya no me afecta nada. Es la misma trama siempre en esos doujinshi. Ya está me dan risa por lo absurdo que son

11 months ago

Good first chapter, I chuckled honestly.

10 months ago

Don’t hate the premise. I hope he grows out of it.