After Luvia’s speech, we went back to the inn after gathering some information in the royal capital.

Since we had already eaten dinner at the restaurant, we all gathered in my room for a strategy meeting after taking a shower as soon as we arrived at the inn. Everyone was tired from the long trip, but they were all looking at me with fresh eyes. By the way, the three of them are sitting on my bed and I am sitting on the chair across from them.

“Eric ……, are you all right? You look pale.”
“Ah, Yeah…. I’m fine.”
“…… that time Luvia was glaring at Eric. That killing intent was unusual.”
“If things continue as they are, Luvia will eventually start a war against Eric’s country. We have to do something about it.”
“Ah, Yeah……”

As I put on a dull expression, Sera, Sophia, and Mandane tilt their heads and look at me suspiciously.

The gaze that Luvia had directed at me during today’s speech. I can’t be sure because I was a little too far away, but there is something about that face that inspires a sense of awe in me. Even now, my legs are shaking a little.

No! I must not show my weakness here. These three people believed in me and followed me all the way here. I must not let them down. But my body is not listening to me.

While I was showing my bewilderment, the three of them looked determined, looked at each other, nodded their heads, and came to me.

“What’s wrong? Suddenly.”

But the three who came right next to me don’t say anything. Instead…

They hugged me tenderly.


All I could hear was the sound of their breathing and heartbeats. And since all three of them were fresh out of the bath, the indescribable scent tickled my nose.

“Eric did his best.”
“Eric did his best!”
“Eric sama worked very hard!”

The fear and negative feelings I had been harboring disappeared in the blink of an eye at the sound of their sweetly whispered voices. But in their place, I felt a tremendous surge of guilt.

“Sorry ….I’m so pathetic …… when I have to make people happy.”
“No. Eric changed my stubborn heart. So now it’s my turn to help.”
“Eric sama, you risked your life to ensure that the continent of the Orient would never be stained with blood. I am a witness to that. So, please be pampered by this servant girl.”
“Eric is recognized by me and by all my countrymen. Eric is on the right path. He may stumble along the way, he may even fail. But each time you do, I will comfort you and wrap you up. ……”
“Everyone …….”

Once again, we remained silent, feeling this warmth and peace in our hearts.

Come to think of it, I feel like I’ve been running all my life. Even when I was Seiji Yamaoka, I was busy dealing with monster complainers at the government office, and after I came to this world, I met Sera, Sophia, and Mandane. And in order to make these girls my own, to make them happy, I have met various sufferings, shedding sweat and blood.

I wondered if I was qualified to be pampered by these three beautiful girls in this way. I think my inner self is whispering to me. I wanted to show them many more good things, but when I felt their gentle warmth, for some reason I felt like I didn’t want to lose this heat.

Then, I should spoil myself a little. But I owe them this. When I make up with Luvia and peace comes to the Orient Continent, I will lavish my love on these beautiful girls. Double payback. Fufu.


Fate will not allow even this momentary repose.

“…… Your Highness, Princess! Calm down,…… if you enter such a small place without much of an escort,……”
“Shut up! Don’t you dare stand against me!”
“Your Highness, ……”

Such a mysterious conversation can be heard leaking out, and soon the door is opened with a mighty bang.


There it is!

“! Luvia……”
“Fufu…… ahahahahahahahahahaha! I knew it was you!”

As if by chance, there in front of us stood Luvia, who had just made a speech at the top of the plaza.

The long pink hair reminiscent of the finest brocade, pure white skin, well-defined eyes, including the bridge of the nose, and a small face. As she moves down, she reveals a large breast bulge that rivals that of Mandane, and further down, a slender waist. Long, slender, beautiful legs. She was dressed in a purple dress.

very, very beautiful.


She is


Looking at this face, I am forced to recall memories of Eric from the past.

“You are the most beautiful woman on this continent of the Orient. So, bear my child. That is your one and only reason for being.”
“You dare to insult me with your filthy body, inherited directly from the genes of …… Kuros?”
“My father is not your concern, is he? This is between you and me. I think that’s not a bad deal. You will use your beautiful body to give me, the next king of Ilas, pleasure and conceive many children. And then my offspring will rule my country and yours. Isn’t that a happily-ever-after?”
“You, ……! You don’t know what my mother and I have been through …… and I will kill you …… one day…. I will kill you! I will kill you with my own hands!!!!”

“Get the man here quickly! But don’t harm the other three women. But make an exception for that man!”

Then the women who looked like guard twisted me around and put handcuffs on me. They were rough with me. But I had no energy to resist or protest. I was simply overwhelmed by the red eyes of Luvia, who looked down at me.

I was hit with the hilt of the Guard’s sword

I fainted.

“Eric sama!”

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