“U-ugh……. I’m finally recovering …..”

Yuuto says with a wrinkle between his eyebrows as he rubs his stomach.

He has a stomach upset due to eating too much sweet food.

The combo of taiyaki with red bean paste and crepe had a considerable effect on Yuuto, and he was able to finish the lecture safely while enduring the sick feeling.

(As someone older, I had to send a message right away, but I was in a sick state anyway, and it was time for the lecture to start……)

That is what he still regrets.

He sent a message to Mashiro during a gap in the lecture. It was during a five-minute break created by the professor on a whim.

It may sound like an excuse, but I didn’t want her to think I was that insincere.

“A-anyway, I hope she doesn’t think that I’m ungrateful…… Really……”

Yuuto, who is as serious as Mashiro, the eldest of the three sisters, was thinking about this as he prepared to go to his part-time job.

By the way, there was a reply to the apology email I sent to my friend.

The reply was, [Be happy for me. Today we’re having a year-end party].

A year-end party in April, what the hell was that about?…… Since it was difficult to reply, Yuuto decided to send an OK sticker.

* * * *

“Hey, hey, Miyu chan, the guy you posted on Insta is your brother, right !? Introduce him to me, please !”

“Introduce him to me too, please !”

“Huh? You two look like a bother, so no.”

The second daughter of the three sisters, Miyu, is being poked by her two friends with elbows on both sides of her head.

She has shiny golden hair and sharp blue eyes. Miyu, dressed in a leg-baring corset, was being attacked unprovoked, but she remained firm.

“Ehhh, don’t say such mean things. Just a little bit, a little bit.”

“Yeah, yeah ! I didn’t know you had a brother like that !”

Miyu yelled at, but she said smugly as if she was being cheered.

“You’re unexpectedly cool, huh? My dear brother.”

“No, no, no, to be honest, it’s not that unexpected, is it? There were a lot of comments like, [Introduce me next time] or, [Bring your brother and let’s play together].

“He has all the elements to be popular with the ladies. And he’s smart, too.”

“Nihihi, well, yeah.”

Miyu is in a good mood after receiving compliments about her step brother.

Yesterday, she even fell asleep in her bedroom, grinning at the Insta reaction.

Officially, he is not “family,” but he is one of the most important family members to Miyu and her only brother.

For him to be praised like that, it was a pleasure for her.

“By the way, he’s very kind. He teaches me a lot of things even though he’s on a break from my part-time job, he’s very considerate, and he even understands my feelings.”

“Looks like Miyucchi likes her brother a lot.”

“You like him !? You like your brother, Miyu chan !?”

“Well…’s natural for a family, isn’t it? It’s not like I have a brother complex.”

Miyu is being teased, but there is no sign of her being upset.

“Well, I understand your logic, but… and sister are a different story, right? I don’t even like my brother.”

“It’s just that Miyu chan’s older brother is special, I’m sure of it. there’s no way I can quarrel with someone who is so kind like that.”

“If you put it that way, you’re right.”

It could be that he is special because he is my step brother, but it is also true that his degree of kindness is special.

In fact, if someone like Yuuto were an older brother, there would be no reason for siblings to not get along unless there were problems on the sister’s side. That is what Miyu thinks.

“By the way, are you going to visit your brother’s part-time job? Miyucchi.”

“I don’t know if he’s working today, but I’m planning to.”

“Whoa, you’re planning to get spoiled a lot.”

“He’s my big brother, so it’s only natural.”

Miyu reveals her possessiveness that she does not show to Mashiro and Kokono.

“You really like him a lot…… Please tell me where he works part-time.”

“As your friend, please let me get along with him, Miyu chan.”

“I will never tell you. You’re completely aiming for that.”

Miyu responded with a reproachful look, and acted like she didn’t want to get involved.

(I mean, you’re really popular? Yuuto Nii. It’s not like what you’ve said.)

In her head, she pinched Yuuto’s cheek as hard as she could. While imagining this, Miyu was planning her visit to the store on her break time.

It was the only place where the two of them could spend time together alone.

(I hope you’re working part-time, Yuuto Nii…… I kind of wanted to see his face……)

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