After Sera and Sophia’s overly mysterious reaction, the four of us didn’t fight, but the atmosphere remained awkward.

It is true that Sera and Sophia’s breasts are not far from Mandane’s.

However, small breasts do not make Sophia any less attractive, nor do they diminish Sera’s trust and loyalty to me. So why are the two of them so angry?

I have a hard time understanding, yet time flies. But the four of us never get along.

Even at lunchtime

“Eric sama, this sandwich is made with Ernia’s aged alligator meat.”
“Ah, Yeah…… thank you …….”

Sera’s mouth is smiling, but her eyes are serious.

“And you too, Princess Mandane.”
“Y-yes! Thank you very much! Haha …….”

Mandane’s face twitches under the pressure of the tremendous aura Sera has created.

“Princess Sophia, here.”
“Thank you. Come on, Sera, let’s eat together.”

But what was strange was that Sera’s eyes were sparkling when she handed Sophia the aged alligator meat sandwich, as if she were treating her beloved companion. It seems as if factions have been forming for some time.

Humans are creatures that unite with each other when there is a common goal, but when the goal is lost or when there is a bit of leeway, they disintegrate in the air due to internal divisions. This is something like an absolute law that I have experienced many times when I was in Japan, and it probably exists in this other world as well. Human beings are human beings, whether in another world or in Japan.

But I do not allow such a thing. I think it’s okay for enemies to fight each other, but I definitely don’t want the girls I love to be wary of each other or to hate each other.

Yes! I will change this unnatural atmosphere!

I would have declared, but ……

Those two didn’t give me any room at all to enter.

The awkward relationship did not change at night, and Sophia went into the bushes to procure meat, while Sera went into the trees to get nuts, grass, etc…….

As for me and Mandane, we were setting up our tent, just the two of us.

“I was worried because it’s a big tent, but it goes so fast with just the two of us working on it!”
“Yes, it does!”
“Hahaha ……”
“Hahaha ……”

After a few awkward laughs, the chirping of insects and the murmuring of a clear stream can be heard endlessly.

I knew Mandane was aware of it, as well. In order to calm the slightly gloomy Mandane, I open my mouth.

“It’s okay! I’m sure they’ll be in a better mood! Both of them!”
“I hope so. ……”
“Worst case scenario, I’ll take care of it.”

Mandane exhaled with a smile as I gave her a serious look.


I was curious, and when I urged her to continue with a glance, Mandane spun her words with a gentle expression.

“Girls’ hearts are very sensitive, you know. If a guy is willing to do that, I think it’s more likely that it won’t work out!”
“So, that’s how it is …….”

“But I fell in love with a man like that with all my heart,……, me, and those two.””
“You don’t have to try so hard at anything, just show Eric’s true heart.”
“Don’t I need to try really hard?”
“Yes. A heartless deed is like a piece of bread without sweet bean paste!”
“Heart huh…”
“If Eric is serious, I’m sure they will both confide their true feelings to him!”
“……After all, a girl’s heart is a difficult thing ……”
“fufu, your expression of distress is so cute.”

For a moment, I thought she was teasing me, but when I saw the look on Mandane’s face, I lost all such cheap gimmicks.

Mandane is smiling with a very bright expression.


“What shall I do, what shall I do,…… what have I done to Eric,……?”

Sophia’s hand trembles as she grips her bloody sword. Next to her, several huge cows and boars are still down, and Sophia is flailing like a maiden in love.

“I …… want to make out with Eric more, but I can’t sleep peacefully without hearing Eric’s kind words, so why …… I’m such an ugly sight…… I am a fool! Uuu……”

Sophia sat down on the ground, her eyes moist.

“I guess I should apologize,…… no, that would be a lot of things,…….”

Sophia places her sword on the ground and ponders.


“Eric-sama Eric-sama Eric-sama….”

A beautiful maid is at a loss as she carefully washes fruits and grass by the water’s edge.

“I have to do my best to support Princess Sophia, who is a member of the Big boobs Alliance, so that she can be happy with Eric. ……It hurts my heart to be estranged from Eric. ……I, Eric-sama. I can’t live without him. ……”

After saying this, Sera sighs, then stops and looks down.

“Eric-sama …….”

She calls his name so colorfully and then washes the fruits and grass and other things again with a sad expression on her face.


“Thanks for the food!”
“Thank you for the food! Sera is a very good cook!”
“Thank you very much. It’s all thanks to the fresh meat from the huge Ernia cow that Princess Sophia brought us.”
“No. No, that’s not true. It’s because Sera is a very good cook.”
“It’s thanks to …… Safina san’s notebook.”

We are eating dinner around the fire. At first glance, the conversation seems harmless, but I sense some awkwardness in each of our words and in our facial expressions.

The sounds of chewing, insects and owls hooting, and our tasteless exchange. I sighed secretly at this scene, which seemed to lack something.

After finishing our meal, Sera cleaned up after me. When Mandane was not with us, the three of us would enjoy the trip afterwards, talking with each other and checking each other’s body warmth with the vigor of a full-blown conversation. But now we were in no mood to do so.

So, I move to the back of the truck and try to sleep with a futon over my head. The other three people are in the big tent, too, and I’ll sleep peacefully until the sun rises.

However, ……

“…… I’m not sleepy at all.”

I knew it was because of today’s events. Normally, I would fall asleep in less than five minutes, but now, even after an hour, my mind is still clear.

“I think I’ll take a little night breeze.”

I get off the back of the truck and walk over to the campfire.

And there they are.

there were Sophia and Sera sitting there with a somber look on their faces.

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