While I was thinking about this, it was our turn.

“Saku-kun, are you ready~?”

Shiina got on first and smiled uncomfortably as she beckoned us on.

“Well, I like roller coasters, and nothing to be that prepared for.”
“No~, you are prepared for a lucky pervert scene~”
“No, I’m not prepared for that”

I said as if I was going to throw up, and I got in next to Shiina.

“Look, our thighs are attached to each other.”
“Of course they are, it’s a small space.”
“I’m so thrilled to see you like this. These are JK’s thighs – white, chewy thighs that anyone would want to get between.”
“The safety bar is right in front of you.”

And the safety bar in front of me is lowered all the way down to around my waist.
There is certainly a desire to be sandwiched between slippery thighs. I’m sure this is what all boys are thinking.
But let me warn you, I’m talking about the face.

“You can’t even see my pants!””
“I don’t need to see it.”
“But I wore something cute today.”
“What’s more important to you, your life or your pants?”
“Hmmm… …………… pants?
“Pants’ is more important than ‘life’?”

You’ve always shown me your pants. Well, I personally find panties more erotic.
As we are having a useless conversation, the roller coaster starts to move forward.

“Isn’t it the most exciting part of this climb?”
“Not the most, but it’s exciting, isn’t it?”
“You mean it’s exciting?”
“You are a pervert who gets excited everywhere, aren’t you?
“I don’t want to be told only by you.”

I would like to remove Shiina’s brain once and observe it in detail.
There is definitely some kind of parasite living in there.

“Mouu, with such a sour face, aren’t you having fun right now, Saku-kun?”

Shiina poked me in the cheek from the side and said.

“The attraction itself is fun, but I’m tired of dealing with you.”
“You want me to be more mature?”
“That’s right.”
“Ehh~, I’m already trying to be quieter than usual.”
“Then be quieter.”

If you ask me, it’s better than usual. But if it’s better than usual, it means that usual is too bad.
The other day at the movie theater, and at the karaoke, were just too much of an eccentricity.

“Well, quiet, huh~? On the contrary, I ask you, what do you think I should do to be quiet?”
“You restrain yourself from acting out.”
“Not that! What do you think you should do to make me quiet?”
“If I tie you up in a tortoise shell and hold a candle to you, will you shut up?” I’d like to say, but I’m afraid that would make her scream with delight.
Besides, I already know the answer.

“What is it?”
“The Ferris wheel, after we’re done here, can we go on it again?”

She says abruptly.

“It’s already dark, and there are fewer people around now. —–“

She squeezes the safety bar and looks me in the eye.


The roller coaster is a very popular attraction in the world of roller coasters, and it is a great way to get a good feel for what is going on in the world of roller coasters.
A moment later, Shiina is about to say something, but the roller coaster reaches the top and falls at once.

In the wind, which was coming at a tremendous speed, I looked at Shiina.
Shiina had a lonely look on her face from somewhere, but she had already disappeared into a smile.

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