I continued to work tirelessly on the farm. Although I was tormented by muscle pains, I plowed the fields and sowed seeds together with the commoners and nobles of the Kingdom of Ernia, working like a madman.

Of course, I am a human being. Even when I was in Japan, as a city kid, I had never done this kind of primitive farm work, and there were times when I wanted to give up halfway through. But every time I did, Sophia and Sera would comfort me, and the people of the Kingdom of Irace would give me a piece of their mind. Raquel would sometimes help me with the farm work in a cheerful state of mind, but when it came time for Mandane to show up, she was shushing and depressed. I guess she hasn’t told her yet that she lied to her.

I spent time with Raquel’s father, Isaac, and other commoners and nobles making small talk, sometimes praising Mandane’s beauty, and eating delicious meals together, which was hard on my body but very warming for my heart.

Sophia helped me with the farm work in her free time while negotiating with the King and Queen, Mandane’s parents (Sophia is one of the three most beautiful women, so needless to say, she hid her face as much as possible). Sera was loved by the servants of the royal palace, and she helped cooking with them.

One thing I noticed while working here.

Commoners and nobles here in the Kingdom of Ernia are very kind.

Actually, my father is so cruel that he is called a tyrant. So many of our people are very arrogant and self-centered.

Mandane, however, is a kind girl. I am sure that the people here have felt Mandane’s warm heart for a long time. In fact, Mandane gives orders on the spot, and all the commoners and nobles, including myself, follow her words. There were almost no guards, and if I wanted to, I could approach Mandane and talk to her. If I behaved like that in my country, I would be assassinated.

That’s how much Mandane trusts her people and how much they trust her.

Mandane is such a person, but every night, night after night, she makes mysterious appearances.

“Eric sama, …… you looked very nice today.”
“I’ll do anything for Eric ……, so please stroke me …….”
“Thank you both of you. I’ll do my best to make you both happy!”
“Eric sama……”
“Eric ……”

We enjoyed our sweet time together almost every day. The bond between the three of us is growing stronger because we are in an unfamiliar environment.

And with a satisfied look on her face, I would always find her at the door when I tried to go to the bathroom.


Dressed in a cute frilly nightgown, she always stares at me with her cheeks flushed red. She has long, silky orange hair, beautiful deep emerald eyes, and two huge marshmallows that sway in the air as if to assert that she is a woman.

For a moment I thought she might need to go to the bathroom, as I did, because her lower body was shaking, but it was not the right thing to say.

I guess today, as always, Mandane would just shrug me off and go back to her room. But today I am different. I have something to say to her.

” …….then”

As usual, Mandane doesn’t say anything to me and tries to go back to her room. I gently hold her wrist. Then, Mandane startled me by shaking her body.


“I-I’m sorry …… for startling you ……, but I need to talk to you for a minute.”

I was sure she would refuse, but Mandane caught me with moist eyes and beckoned me with her slender, shapely fingers. So I went to Mandane’s room again.

Alone with Mandane again. I have to behave in such a way that Mandane is not awe-struck as much as possible. With this in mind, I opened my mouth to Mandane, who was standing next to the bed, watching me.

“You know… ……”
“I can’t believe it!”

Mandane probably has something she wants to tell me, too.

“Eric, everything is so screwed up!”
“You do know where the wheat harvested here goes and how it is used, don’t you?”

The wheat harvested here will flow to the enemy kingdom of Henesys to be used as logistics to attack our country.

“What you are doing is what is called self-destruction! So why …..”

“I told you. I want to make peace with Mandane.”

When Mandane heard what I said, she froze, her mouth half open and stared at me in amazement.

She is still wary of me. That’s why I was sad. Not because my efforts were not rewarded.

It was because Mandane was afraid.

She was threatened to become a slave maid and even deprived of the light of the night. Such trauma is eating away at Mandane’s heart, and she is firmly refusing to connect with me.

She is such a kind, beautiful and good girl. ……

I was very frustrated. This is not anger towards Mandane, but more like regret towards myself. Of course, it was the old Eric who did terrible things to Mandane, but when I saw the look on Mandane’s face in front of me, I couldn’t let it go.

So I approach Mandane.

“Eric ……”

But Mandane did not run away. I was so happy to see her.

So, I…, 

I hugged Mandane tightly from behind.


It was as if her entire body was a marshmallow, and all of her soft flesh clung to me, giving me the most wonderful feeling of comfort. Mandane was turned on her own stomach and didn’t try to unshake my arms, just shaking her legs and exhaling hot breaths.

By the way, Mandane’s belly is so soft. A girl’s body is truly a wonder.

I slowly whispered what I wanted to tell the bewildered Mandane.

“I realized. I noticed that the people of the Kingdom of Ernia, unlike the people of my country, are very united, kind and compassionate.”
“Whenever I see these commoners and nobles treating me with such kindness, it makes me feel very bitter …… that I have deprived such good people of their light.”
“……Yes, that’s right. People don’t think well of the real you.”
“Yeah. Yes, that’s right. But they don’t want to kill the real me.”
“I’m a deadly villain to this country. But no one wants to kill me. I’ve been exploring, working on it, and they say that if I repent and bow down to Mandane, that’s all right with them.”
“Mandane did this, didn’t she? Otherwise, I can’t explain it. If this were Luvia of the Kingdom of Henesys, she would be inciting her people to bare her hatred.”
“Luvia has an extraordinary hatred for you and your father.”
“…I’m fine with that. I will make peace with everyone, reconcile and make sure there is no war. At any cost. ……”
“In three days the sowing will be finished. Let me hear your answer then.”

I put my mouth as close to Mandane’s ear as I could and blurted out. Mandane made a sexy sound for a moment and then fell silent for a moment.

The room goes quiet. But thanks to the delicious smell of Mandane and the feel of her soft skin, even the silence felt comfortable.

After a few moments, Mandane opened her mouth.

“I understand. …….”
“Thank you. From now on, I’ll make you happy too, Mandane chan!”
“! Don’t get too carried away! And don’t call me ‘chan’!

Mandane gently poked me in the stomach with her elbow and then pulled away from me. I knew I shouldn’t call her chan after all. ……

She looked at me dejectedly, looked away, and opened her mouth again.

“Please don’t touch my body …… too much. ……”
“I’m sorry …… if I made you uncomfortable.”
“That’s …… fine,…… so please get out of here as soon as possible,……”
“Oh. I’m sorry if I’m offensive. Good night.”

The sweet breath emanating from her face bewildered me, but my strong will not to hurt Mandane protected my reason.

This is all right. Mandane will answer me in three days.

However, this was not the same mood I was in with Sophia. she who is the truth wants me to marry Mandane as well, but my inner self keeps asking if this will really make her mine.

With this uncertainty, I tried my best for three days. I tried my best for three days to get a good answer from Mandane.


Mandane did not

She didn’t answer me.

As soon as I finished sowing the seeds, rain clouds began to roll in and rain started falling from the sky. At first, everyone was happy, thinking it was a blessing from the heavens, but the rainfall became heavier and heavier, pounding down.

Like the great flood that destroyed mankind, the rain was so heavy that it seemed to pound the earth.

It was as if it was lightly washing away the fields.

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9 months ago

So once he’s done hugging that hate out of the three princesses, is he going to hug the tyrant out of his dad? And then hug the greed out of the nobles. He probably should have tried hugging those boars that were chasing him. I wonder, if he hugged a fruit tree would it give him extra good fruit?
This author has clearly never dealt with major conflict resolution. If all it took were hugs and sweet words to resolve such big issues, there’d be a lot less wars. Or a lot of huggy con artists