It has been a few days since I had lunch with Kohinata and the others on Monday.

It had become a common thing for the four of us to gather in the courtyard and have lunch together every day.

It seemed strange to suddenly refuse, and I had no particular reason to refuse in the first place.
Keiichi’s presence is the same as usual, spending time with Kohinata soothes me, and Saejima is very supportive of my efforts to overcome my difficulties.

If I had to say something, I was a little concerned about the reactions from people around me, but this has become less of a concern since the four of us talked on Monday. The fact that I was feeling unwanted stares may have just been me being overly concerned about it.

By the way, the unfamiliar behavior I saw in Kohinata on Monday remains a mystery because Saejima did not tell me about it.

“Hey, Kohinata. Here’s some candy for you.”

I watched as Kohinata finished her lunch and quickly put her lunch box in her bag, and then I handed her a bag of cookies that I had put in my uniform pocket.

Kohinata’s eyelids lifted a little higher than usual as she alternated between my eyes and the chocolate chip cookie in the palm of her hand.

“Huh?. Tomoki, do you have any for me?”
“No unfortunately, I don’t have any. I just brought the ones I had left over at home.”
“Heee! Good for you, Asuka! Lucky!”

Keiichi was a little teasing and Saejima was smiling as if he was watching his own child.
Since Kohinata turned to Saejima and nodded her head, I guessed that she did not dislike it. I was relieved and relieved.

Although it was not a big deal since it was sold in a convenience store, it was worth the trouble of buying it. Since I was embarrassed, I just said that I had some left over.

“Kohinata gave me candy several times. I don’t feel comfortable leaving them out, so if you don’t mind,……, please eat them.”

When I said that, Kohinata shook her head.

Damn–what is this creature? …… isn’t it too cute no matter how much it is!

However, if others were to see this adorable figure, the number of people who would try to give sweets to Kohinata would undoubtedly increase. The probability of this happening would easily exceed 120%.

And there is no guarantee that there are no malicious people among them.

I hurriedly looked around, but fortunately, there seemed to be no students who were currently paying attention to us.

Had they seen that angelic Kohinata, I would have had to live my school life with …… a 24/7 vigilance for that guy.

“Putting aside the fact that Tomoki’s vigilance has gone through the roof, what about Sunday? You’re off from your part-time job at the coffee shop, right?”

I watch Kohinata’s movements, relaxing, and then alerting myself to my surroundings.
As I alternated between these actions, Keiichi called out to me in dismay.

Huh…… you don’t understand how adorable Kohinata is… you don’t have enough IQ – go get hit by a waterfall…!

“Yeah, I guess so. I have a part-time job on Saturday, but I’m off Sunday. I don’t have any plans.”

I basically have a part-time job on weekends, but I don’t completely go to work all the time.

As expected, the repetition of school and part-time work is tiring and makes me feel like I’m losing my high school life. So I have my shifts adjusted so that I get at least two days off a month.

“I have no particular plans either!”
“………… (kokuku).”

When I tell them that I have no plans, Saejima and Kohinata respond in the same way.

These two …… reacted very naturally, but that means they are going to play with me and Keiichi on their days off, right? Well, these guys were at my part-time job on their day off, and maybe it’s too late now.

Perhaps noticing my dubious expression, Saejima gave me a slightly apologetic look. Then she began to talk after prefacing her speech with, “It’s not that I’ve been hiding anything from you.”

“We were talking at the meeting about how we would like to have a proper outing on our days off, including Sugino-kun, if we had the chance. When we visited Sugino-kun at his part-time job, we broke up right away because that was the purpose of our visit.”
“Hee, ……, but why didn’t you just go ahead and play?”
“I don’t like the idea of using …… Sugino kun as an excuse to play with Karakusa-kun.”

I let out a sigh of dismay as Saejima said with a wry smile.

This guy is really justice itself or …… a race without a shred of malice. The fact that such a person is on Kohinata’s side is a great relief to me as a Kohinata enthusiast.

Well, at one point, I was the one who was attacked by her.

“I see. I feel a little sad to be left out, so I’d like to join in your fun. But you don’t have to worry too much about anything I’m not good at, okay?”

Being too careful would make it hard for both of them to enjoy their holiday.

Thanks to Saejima, Kohinata, and Keiichi, I think my dislike for women is gradually fading. It may seem like a bit of rough treatment, but I am grateful for it.

It will be fun to have these fun activities build up and someday be able to have a normal romantic relationship.

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