Mandane rented us a room at the far end of the palace, just as she had done with Sophia. Sophia and Sera were willing to share a room with three other people, but Mandane firmly refused, and in the end I had to sleep alone. However, since we are basically free to come and go as we please, except when sleeping, they reluctantly agreed to accept our terms. Well, it is Mandane who has the most power here. I will respect her opinion.

And so, all of a sudden, there is a men and a woman in bed in the room, engaged in an act of some kind.

“Ha …… haa …… oh no …… I can’t move anymore.”
“Eric sama, …… I can’t believe he’s doing me that hard until I’m so exhausted. ……”
“! I can’t move any more! It hurts! It hurts!”
“I-I’m sorry! I’ll be a little gentler.”
“I-it’s okay. Sera, you’re very good at it. …… Please keep it like this. Okay! I’ll keep up the good work tomorrow!”
“Eric-sama is very energetic, isn’t he…… fufu. But please don’t push yourself too hard.”
“Yeah! I-I’m still going to ask you to go a little easy on me. ……”

This is by no means a dirty conversation. It is a healthy conversation. Last night, I had talked a great deal to Mandane about helping her with her farm work. So I plowed the fields with the people of the Kingdom of Ernia. In Japan, tractors are mainly used to plow vast fields, and as long as you have gasoline, you can easily do the work.

But this is a different world. Of course, there is no such advanced technology, but only cows and people. So I did manual labor with shovels, shovels, rakes, and other tools. In the old days, Eric was a prince of luxury. Of course, he never exercised (although he had a nice body and appearance), and his basic physical fitness was at an abysmal level.

Therefore, Sera was massaging my tired body to loosen it up. Sera’s fingers are touching my shoulders, waist, thighs, etc., and I feel as if the fatigue of the day is going away. But this is the kind of thing that will definitely give me sore muscles when I wake up tomorrow. ……

“Then again, Eric-sama is a prince, and he’s going to farm directly to make up with Princess Mandane. ……”

Mandane side

“But still, I think it’s …… very romantic and wonderful that Eric-sama, being a prince, would go directly to the farm to make up with Princess Mandane.”
“It’s a punishment for all the terrible things I said and did to Mandane in the past. I have to do this much ……Ah! Ouch!”
“I-I’m sorry!”
“That’s all right. Go on.”

In the Kingdom of Iras, farming is considered to be a lowly job for commoners, but today Eric worked with the people of my country. Everyone, young and old, loved him for his hard work and sweat. Isaac, the head of the cooperative, who is also Raquel’s father, was very fond of Eric, and we even had dinner together.

Unsatisfied, I asked Sophia countless questions. [Was Eric trying to get to me, had he hypnotized me, was that the real Eric, etc. ……]

But Sophia blushed like a maiden in love and said, “All of me belongs to Eric. This is my free will”. That was not the face she made when she was threatened. As I read it, she is a “woman in love”.

That was not the real him! The Eric I know is arrogant and snobbish! The insane man who blackmailed me, a princess of a country, to become his slave maid!


The way that Sera, the maid, looks at Eric is so sexy, so sad, and so seductive that if I’m not careful, I might even be drawn to her.

“Where did Sophia chan go?”
“She’s in discussion with the king and queen here.”
“…… sorry about that. I’m afraid I’ve gotten you both into trouble.”
“Of course not! Princess Sophia and I both followed you because we want to help …… Eric sama!”
“I am so glad that Sera is my maid after all! Thank you!”
“Eric-sama ……”
“I love you.”
“I love you too, Eric sam. …… I am your property. …… Please use this maidservant to your heart’s content. …… That makes me happy. happiness for me. ……”
“Thank you. Sera is an important person who supports me. So please continue to help Sophia and take care of me.”
“I will do it with my life!”
“Come here. Sera chan”

WWwwwwwwwwwhat a sweet conversation! This, this is impossible! There is not a single royal man I know who can have such a sweet conversation!

Eric turned on his back and beckoned to the maid, Sera, who jumped into him with a very happy expression on her face!

Eric does not rape such a maid, but gently hugs her and gently pats her head. His smile is not to satisfy his own sexual desires, but only because he is thinking of the other person.

“This …… can’t be true. …… It must be a lie! The farming thing must surely end in three days!”

“Huh? Mandane? What are you doing peeking in through the doorway?”
“Kya! S-sophia!?”
“Your face is so red. What’s wrong? What’s wrong with your face?”
“I-I’m fine, I’m fine! I’m fine!”

The next thing I knew, I was running away. I had nothing to be guilty about. Why am I running away when I have the proper purpose of keeping an eye on Eric?

“Ah! Sophia-chan! Welcome back!”
“I’m home. ……”
“Sophia chan, come here!”
“Princess. The right side of the room is empty! Let’s give Eric a lot of love and Affection. ……fufu”
“Sophia chan. How was it?”
“……I knew they didn’t believe me. But there was a response. The king who saw Eric working on the farm said he would not harm him, so it looks like he will be able to stay here for a while. I’ll talk to him about a lot of things during that time.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Thank you very much. I’m really glad you’re here.”
“Eric ……”

……. Eric, the farm work has just begun. Let’s see what your guts are.

I am sure that you will soon reveal your true nature and spit out a lot of hurtful words to me, just like in the past!

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