“Besides, you must like her.”
“Is that a good reaction?”
“No, no! Not at all”

I was suddenly told, and I unwillingly turned red.
I’m not sure if I like Shiina or not. There is no such thing.
The love affair with a childhood friend is something that can only happen in the world of anime.
In reality, there is no way that a romantic comedy with Shiina would start.

“You just don’t know it, or you don’t want to admit it, but somewhere in your heart you have those feelings, don’t you?”
“Why do you think that?”
“Because you guys seem to get along with each other.”
“Did we look friendly to you? That’s…”
“The premise is, you don’t come to observe someone you hate working with someone you hate, do you? You stop by Starbucks in the morning. You wouldn’t even want to talk to her before that.”
“…… no, well, …………”
“You’re just a kid. You’re going to realize things when you’re told.”

Is that really true?
I still love Chisato. I don’t think this will ever change.
But I also want to end it as a serious love I had in the past. That’s why I want to end it.

No matter how much I think about her, she will never come back.
She would never want me to spend the rest of my life feeling empty.

If she is here, “I want you to spend your life smiling, Saku-kun. I hope you meet a better person, do what you did with me, even what you couldn’t do, and make her happy.”

“Well, you can decide that answer when you see her at work.”

Abe san stood up, threw the can she had just finished drinking into the trash, and headed for the smoking area.
Pulling a cigarette out of her breast pocket, she lights it with a silver Zippo.

“Do you smoke?”

I ask distantly.

“Well, yeah. I’ll never get a chance to use this Zippo.”
“Do you have a special attachment to it?”
“It was given to me by my late first love. This is the brand he smoked.”
“You mean you were influenced by him?”
“No, no, I’m not a big fan of cigarettes. …………… But I like them now. just like he did back then.”

With a mouthful of smoke, she exhaled into the blue sky.

“I have a husband now, too. That’s what you call Yukiho now.”
“That means…”
“Yes, I’m married to someone who was dependent on me.”
“Then cigarettes.”
“I love my husband now. But sometimes I miss the taste and the sound. The taste, the sound.”

She opened her Zippo, rubbed the flint and lit it.

The flame that rose high in the air seemed to have the same firepower as the love Abe san had experienced at that time.

(TL/N : Progress??)

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