I thought there was a high probability that she would refuse, but Mandane listened to my proposal. So now I came to her room again.

Just like those days again.

In the past, Eric was forced to come to Mandane’s room and was monitored by the officials and guards of the Kingdom of Ernia, whereas this time, Mandane took me directly to her room.

And this time, it was Mandane who took me there in person, so we were completely alone in an enclosed space.

“Thank you, Mandane-chan.”
“You have no right to call me ‘chan’!”

She folds her hands, stares at me, and warns me. I’m not allowed to call you “chan,” …… I shush and look low, and Mandane opens her mouth again.

“What in the world did you do to Sophia? Hypnosis? Threatening? Brainwashing? If you lie, you must be punished accordingly!”
“N-no! I didn’t do that!”
“Are you sure?”

Mandane looked at me with a cold stare. Her mouth was tight, and her breasts were emphasized by her folded hands. I was at a loss for where to put my eyes, so I looked away.

“It’s getting more and more suspicious. ……”
“It’s true.”
“I’ll ask Sophia a lot of questions after ……, and if it’s not true, I won’t forgive you!”
“Yeah. You can talk a lot. Because you two have been friends for a long time.”
“……, I understand.”

Mandane puffed out her cheeks slightly and looked unconvinced. Well, I’ve been called “you” by Sophia all my life, so this reaction is rather predictable.

I gasp and tell her how I really feel.

“But Mandane is still very kind.”
“Eh!? What are you talking about? Are you insane?”
“Hahaha…… it’s certainly natural for Mandane to react like that in a way. But Mandane has kept me alive.”
“My country and Mandane’s country are currently in a state of diplomatic relations. And I came here under false pretenses. Mandane could have easily killed me right away, but she told me that I was an important person who saved Raquel’s life.”
“…… That’s because Raquel is very important to me and to my country, so I just gave her the recognition she deserves. I didn’t do anything to deserve your praise.”

Hmph! Mandane exhales through her nose and is disappointed.

“I used to talk to Mandane in a very bad way, and I broke her heart. Mandane wanted me to do the right thing, but in the past, I did the worst thing I could do to overstep her kind concern for me. ……”

When I turned my head with a somber expression as I said this, Mandane, who was looking at me with the utmost caution, moved her glossy lips.


Then I looked up and said, without hesitation, what I had come here for.

“So, I came here to reflect on my past and to make peace with Mandane.”

The words, uttered with a straight face, seem to have penetrated Mandane’s ears to the hilt, and she rolls her eyes. Then she turns her head away from me and clenches her fists in frustration.

“…… you have stolen the light from my country, …… how hard I have had to go through because of you.”
“I am sorry. I feel like I did something really stupid.”
“What’s stupid? Everything is right for you, isn’t it?”

Mandane looked at me with moist eyes, as if she was about to cry. That image was so fragile and sad that I wanted to protect her.

So, I went up to her and hugged her with all my might.

“E-Eric?! What are you doing?! Let go of me! Or I’ll have you severely punished!”

Mandane used her soft body to flail about, trying to get away from me. I instinctively held her in my arms to comfort her because there was a sad girl in front of me, but from Mandane’s point of view, it was natural that she was confused because the person she hated had suddenly attacked her.

But the moment I saw the sad expression on Mandane’s face, I felt my heart tighten and I could not resist. If I am punished for this, I don’t care. If this deepening chasm can be bridged even by a millimeter, so be it.

“Mandane is a very attractive girl. That’s why I wanted to make her my own, so I did such a terrible thing …… but I realized. I realized that if I went through with that kind of aggressive approach, all that awaited me was destruction. Mandane is a sweet girl, and I need to be nicer to her.”
“…… you’re being dramatic”
“Yes. It’s natural to think so. Because I would have thought the same thing if I were in Mandane’s shoes.”
“Then why are you touching me? You are going to ask me to do something dirty again, aren’t you? But it’s no use. I have no intention of becoming your slave maid!”
“What difference does it make?”

Mandane resisted violently earlier, but gradually became more mature. However, her stinging words remained the same. I told her how I really felt, without any embellishments or embellishments.

“Mandane was very sad, so I wanted to comfort her. That’s all.”


Mandane’s body shuddered. I was momentarily shaken by the direct feeling of her large breasts and soft body, but I came to my senses by shaking my head as hard as I could. I must never look at Mandane that way. I have hurt her so much in the past, and I must not think of her in a way that is not right. B-but soft ……

As I am desperately reminding myself of this, Mandane opens her mouth.

“It’s already late.”
“The relationship between the Kingdom of Ilas and my country is no longer repairable. Even if you repent, my people will not forgive you. If you continue like this, your kingdom will be destroyed. Therefore, its destruction is its reward.”
“…… I don’t think so.”
“That’s just running away.”
“I’m not running away.”
“What in the world do you want?”
“I want to make peace with Mandane and Luvia and bring peace to the Orient. I will do whatever it takes.”
“I don’t trust you. I don’t believe you are capable of such a thing!”
“Even if it means shedding my sweat and blood, I will do it.”
“…… what are you going to do?”

How to make peace with Mandane and the people of the Kingdom of Ernia. It may be a bit physically demanding, but it’s the only way I can think of.

Words alone will not convey anything. In fact, I shed a lot of blood to make peace with Sophia. So, I have to show my sincerity to Mandane as well. Show it by actions.

So, I moved a little away from Mandane, smiled, looked into her emerald eyes, and said

I said

“I’ll help you with the farm work.”


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