“The fact of the matter is, her love for you is extraordinary. Even I, as an adult, would be drawn to it.”
“I know…..”
“I know you’re thinking about your past, but don’t you think there’s a limit?”
“I think so, very much so.”
“But you know what? From an adult’s point of view, or rather from a third person’s point of view, don’t you think you have a cause?”
“Yes, it is.”

Do you think I’m the cause? I have no idea.
I don’t need it, but Shiina follows me around on her own. I just reject it.

“Well, my thoughts are mostly my own, but Izumi kun, I think you should go out with that girl.”
“………… Eh?”

I reflexively speak up at the sudden suggestion.

The sudden suggestion makes me reflexively speak up.

“You’ve probably spent all this time with her, haven’t you? I’m sure she’s been there for you through the tough times. Have you ever taken that as a positive?”

“Maybe there shouldn’t be. If it were, we wouldn’t be seeing this turn of events.””
“Why do you think that?”
“It’s easy if you put yourself in the opposite position. When the person you love is depressed, you try to cheer him up by cheering him up, and he rejects you. Do you think there is anything more simple and painful than that? If it were me, I wouldn’t talk to him anymore.”
“Sure, you’re right.”
“But she wasn’t. But she was different. She was desperately searching for something more she could do, and she found this job, and she was trying to do more for you to cheer you up.”

Continuing, Abe-san snickered,

“I know that’s not the case now, and that she just wants to tell you herself that she likes you, but in the beginning, I’m sure that’s what she was trying to do.”

When Shiina took me to karaoke, I did indeed hear something like that from her.
I wonder if what Abe-san is telling me in a roundabout way is that I should face Shiina more.

“Whether you go out with her or not, I think just accepting her to some extent without rejecting her will help you get rid of that abnormal obsession. Mengele have a strong need for approval.”
“Did you have such an experience in the past, Abe-san?”
“Yeah, …………I had a similar experience to yours about 10 years ago. At that time, Izumi-kun and I were in the same position.”
“……… I see.”

Advice from someone with a similar past. Even if the situation is different, it is better to refer to the story from someone who has experienced it.

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