Even after all the tyranny and cruelty, Mandane never got angry and told me that she hoped that the old Eric was on the right path.

So I wanted to keep that kindness at hand. I needed someone to heal the rough old Eric’s spirit. So secretly, I hoped Mandane would be the one.

But Mandane refused (no wonder, because Eric’s language is the worst of the worst).

If she had treated me coldly from the beginning, like Sophia did, I don’t think I would have gone so far as to cross her.

It was as if I was like a guy who sees a girl who is nice to everyone and mistakenly thinks that maybe she is only nice to me because she likes me, the kind of abomination that girls hate the most.

I don’t think relationships are much different in Japan or in other worlds.

After all, since that incident, the old Eric was so angry that he rounded on his father to get our country and the Kingdom of Ernia to cross over.

As a result, the Kingdom of Ernia could no longer obtain Shine Stones, it became dark at night unless they had torches, and economic activities became impossible. Instead, our country has been unable to import wheat from the Kingdom of Ernia, and has ended up obtaining it from outside the Orient Continent at a higher price.

As I sighed deeply, Raquel jumped on Mandane. She hugged Raquel tightly as if she were her own family. Raquel looked happy as she buried her face in his ample chest. But she seemed somewhat sad.

“I was worried about you. Raquel chan!”
“I’m sorry. ……”
“No. If Raquel chan is fine, the result is all right!”
“Mandane sama, ……”
“By the way, what were you doing?”
“I was taking a walk to …… a little far from here, but I got lost.”
“Raquel chan, you are a self-proclaimed directionless person, aren’t you! Are you okay? What about dinner! It’s already past lunch time! I’m worried about Raquel chan, because she falls down easily if she doesn’t eat!”

Raquel turned away from Mandane’s question and pointed to where we were. Mandane twisted his head around and then looked at us.

“Those kind brothers and sisters over there helped me. They cooked me a delicious meal.”
“Ara! Delicious food.”

Mandane puts Raquel down, stands up, walks over to us and says.

“Thank you so much! I’m sorry Raquel chan has caused you so much trouble.”

Mandane, who is on her way to thank us, looks at our faces and scowls. Then she looked at me and Sophia alternately, suddenly with great intensity in her eyes.

I’m kind of very uneasy. ……

“H-How can I help you?”

I asked. Mandane heard my voice and stared at me with a look of conviction.

“Thank you very much for saving Raquel chan. By the way, may I ask your name?”
“Eh? Umm My name is ……Eric ……. I am a low-ranking nobleman from the Kingdom of Halkeginia! Hahaha, right?”

I smiled and fooled around with her, then looked at Sophia, but she was in a cold sweat. From the expression on her face, I could tell that she was in a pretty bad situation.

“I see, I understand. My name is Mandane. I am the princess of the Kingdom of Ernia.”
“Well, aren’t you one of the three most beautiful women in the …… Orient? You are very beautiful!”
“…..Well. If we add Luvia of the Kingdom of Henesys, then we have three generations of beauties on the Orient Continent.”

They saw right through me! That means ……


Raquel asks worriedly, as Mandane is clearly showing her hostility. But after seeing her not responding at all, Raquel suddenly jumped in on me.

“…… Raquel-chan!
“Eric onii chan! Stroke me on the head!”
“Ah, yeah. Okay. You like it?”
“I like it. You’re as gentle as Mandane sama ……”

And I gently stroked Raquel’s flaxen hair like before. Then, Raquel meditated pleasantly and surrendered her body to me. Mandane observes us with a serious expression on her face.

Then she opens her mouth.

“Gentlemen of the guards! Please lead these three men to the royal palace! They are important people who saved Raquel chan!”


So, with the guards guarding us, we entered the royal palace. Then we were ushered into a reception room, where the four of us were seated at a round table made of giltwood.

Mandane, who had started the conversation, tapped on the table and then stood up.

“Sophia! What in the world is this?”
“I-I knew you’d figured it out. ……”
“Of course! You are the princess of the Alliance, and one of the three most beautiful women on the Orient continent. No matter how many disguises you put on, you can’t even hide your beauty!”
“Be that as it may, …… Eric, why are you even ……”
“I knew it, you caught me too……”
“How could I forget about you, ……!”

not good. In addition to having my identity exposed, princess-sama is very angry. This is going to get me kicked out before I can make up for it.

“Mandane, there’s no need to be so angry. Eric changed. It’s hard to believe, but Eric has become kinder. ……”

Sophia’s cheeks are flushed and she tries to convince her, but Mandane approaches her with a scowl and starts shaking her shoulders tremendously.

“Pull yourself together! Did that man hypnotize you? Sophia! He is the enemy! He’s an enemy that must be defeated!”
“Fuaaa, well, mandane…… for a minute! Calm down,…… your eyes are rolling,……”
“I can’t calm down! Hurry up and get back to the real Sophia!”
“No, this is the real me,…… hey stop it!”

If I remove the filter of Eric’s memories of the past, the sight of Mandane swaying her body is very attractive.

Her bewildered face, her silky orange hair, and, above all, her heavy breasts that move vigorously. They are probably more than 100 cm in length.

……This is going to continue until Sophia collapses if I don’t stop it. ……And this is a problem that I have to solve. I can’t involve Sophia in this.

“Mandane, I need to talk to you alone.”

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Her breasts are more than 100cm in length???
The average height of a woman is 162cm.