“Well, that’s okay. We’ll talk about it later.”
“I don’t have anything to say to you though?!”
“I have a lot of questions to ask you. After all, I heard that you and Yukiho are very close.”
“We’re very close, but don’t get the wrong idea.”
“I guess so.”

She took a sip of coffee.
This person gives off a different kind of bad vibe than Shiina.
I have no idea what she is thinking. She is the scariest type of person I know.

“Anyway, Yukiho. I want to make sure it looks good, so please go put on your makeup.”

She says to Shiina, who is standing next to her, while operating her iPad.

“Okay, Saku-kun, do you feel like staying here?”
“He’s sitting in the chair there chatting with me, we have a lot to talk about.”
“I see~ Understood~ Then hold this!”

She handed Abe san the donut trash and the Frappuccino cup she had just finished drinking and said, “Saku-kun, this is where my real work begins! This is where I really come into my own!” and walked into the control center.

“Well, Izumi-kun.”
“Shall we talk?”

The look in her eyes was gentle but sharp, and I gulped and swallowed.
What will she do to me? I’m afraid I’m going to be bombarded with questions.
I’m afraid that Shiina’s manager will be asking a lot of questions.

“Why don’t we sit down there and talk?”

I sit down on a nearby chair.

“Would you like some coffee?”
“T-thank you.”

A can of coffee on the table in front of me. Is this what they call a bribe?

“Please don’t take it personally,”

I opened the can and said that before taking a sip.
It would have been terrible if she believed everything she heard. It would be a lot of trouble if this were to get out in the world, let alone at school.

It’s too late, it’s already in the magazine. It’s a good thing that my name hasn’t been mentioned yet.

“Don’t worry, I know she’s lying, and I know why.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”

I let out a sigh of relief.
I’m glad to know that she understands me. That’s a relief.

“She’s a very nice girl, except for her personality. She takes her job seriously and is polite to everyone but me, even though she was polite to me in the beginning.”
“I don’t think she’s a serious ……… person.”
“You’ll see what I mean. You’ll see. When it comes to work, she’s all over the place.”
“I see. …………”
“Visually she’s perfect, ostensibly a great person, but she ruins it all with her obsession with you.”
“I totally get it.”

The reason why the perfect girl ruins everything is not because she’s a little sloppy or has weird values.

It was the universal obsession for me.

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