Episode 2 – reconciliation



Sera’s body was shaking uncontrollably, and the vibrations were transmitted directly to my body. Her slender body stimulated my tear gland even more.

I wondered how such a frail girl had risked her life to become a maid in order to support her family. Any good maid would have fallen ill within two months, but this girl has been taking care of me for a year. She may be young, but she is truly a fine girl.

“Eric sama, please …… forgive me …… and only my family …….’

I spoke softly into her frightened ears.

“I won’t kill your family. I won’t kill your mother and father for giving birth to such a sweet little girl, and I won’t kill your brother or sister.”
“I won’t kill your family. And it’s okay that you broke the plate. You’d be crazy not to make a mistake when you’re this nervous.””
“Eric sama, ……”
“For now, let’s just stay together until your body stops shaking. I swear to Gaia, the earth god who rules the Orient, that I will never harm you.”
“Y-Yes. ……”

The act of an authority figure in the Orient swearing an oath to Gaia has great significance. If a person violates this oath, he or she must be judged. In some cases, even the king may die. Sera probably knows this.

When I worked in the government office, I often took care of children. Of course, there were many crying and timid children among them, and if I held them gently like this, they would mature.

Relying on my memories from my previous life, I gently stroked Sera’s head as I hugged her. At first, Sera was confused, but gradually her nervousness eased and her irregular breathing became more even.

After confirming that Sera had calmed down, I moved away and opened my mouth.

“Are your fingers hurt?”
“Y-Yes! I’m fine! But ……”
“I broke Eric sama’s plate, …… and it would cost five times my salary in gold coins to procure the same one. ……”
“Don’t worry about it. I’m going to pay for it. It’s only a thing. But my precious Sera chan is the only one in the world.”
“Hnn! Yes, Eric-sama! W-w-wha….. what’s going on all of a sudden?”
“What’s going on? Why are you so surprised, Sera chan?”
“Well, it’s the first time I’ve been called by …… name, and …… you usually have a very scary expression and language ……. but now, you’re very kind to me …….. I’ve never been called by name before,……! I apologize if you were offended by that! I’m sorry!”

Again, Sera bowed her head with a wry smile. I do indeed have two memories. My past memory as Eric and my memory as Yamaoka Seiji. However, my personality and ego are not the Eric of the past, but the Yamaoka Seiji who dealt with monster complainers at the government office.

So I just treated her as I always did, but from Sera’s point of view, she must have seen me as if I were a different person (I am a different person, though….).

However, I couldn’t suddenly tell her that I was Yamaoka Seiji from the country of Japan. She would not believe me and would probably misunderstand that I am a crazy person and be more perplexed.

So I thought of an excuse to smooth things over.

“No. I’m not mad. I have something else I want to tell you.”
“Something you want to tell me?”
“Yes. I have done terrible things to Sera chan over the past year. I’m really sorry about that.”

I bowed my head and apologized to her. She waved her hands in the air.

“Raise your head, please! The prince of the kingdom of Ilas to a lowly servant like me. ……”
“You are not lowly. Sera chan is a fine and very good girl. She worked hard for a year as my maid to support the whole family.”
“Eh, Eeeeeh?! Eric sam …… if you suddenly say such a thing ……”

Sera looked shyly out of sight and fidgeted.

“Also, the me that Sera-chan is looking at right now is the real me. The reason I was so hard on you until now was to test whether you were someone I could trust or someone who wanted to kill me.”
“I-Is that true?”
“Yes. As a result, she turned out to be someone I could trust.”
“No, no! I am not a person who can be trusted by Eric sama! I am of low status, I have no possessions, and all I have is my body. ……”

I speak softly to Sera, who is in awe.

“I’m not interested in your status or wealth. My interest is in the charm of you as a girl.”
“Sera-chan has been devoted to me for a yea. The most important thing is that you passed the test I gave her with flying colors. So I’m not going to say anything bad to you anymore.”
“I will take good care of you.”
“Eric sama, …… it’s not fair. I …… have been …… really, really scared of you, but …… now you are so kind to me… …”

Sera’s eyes moisten and then she makes a thoughtful expression.

“Probably, Sera-chan’s mental wounds won’t heal anytime soon. So, from now on, I want to take good care of you. Will you be my personal maid from now on?”
“I have no right of refusal because …… Eric-sama is the next king of the kingdom.”
“I am asking you as a man, not as the next king. Will you continue to be my personal maid?”

When I looked at Sera with a smile and asked her a question, she turned her cheeks red and looked down. As I let out a sigh of sorrow at the sight of her lovely figure, Sera eventually looked up and answered with a bright expression on her face.


I placed my hand on such a lovely Sera’s head and gently stroked it.

“Nn……Eric sama,……I’m so embarrassed,……”
“I have one favor to ask you, Sera-chan.”
“What is it,……?”
“The only one who knows my true personality at the moment is Sera chan. So if there are rumors that I have suddenly changed or something like that, it will complicate things, so please don’t …… tell anyone about what happened today.”
“I won’t tell anyone.”

Now I could make up with the maid. I don’t feel like I’m being forced to clean up Eric’s mess, but fortunately, my interpersonal skills from a previous life paid off.

What else to do.

Make up with the princesses of the three kingdoms, get married, and save the other world.

Yeah. I got the general picture to some extent.

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