“Eric!?!? WWWwhat are you doing!! T-To such a place..”

Sophia says, perplexed, but offers no resistance. But she jerks her hand against the partition, and my nose and lips brush against hers.

After kissing her for a while, I look up at her and tell her how I really feel.

“I love everything about you, Sophia-chan. My heart is unshakable. I want to see your pretty smile again.”

Sophia’s eyes flutter and her cheeks turn cherry red as I whisper my love to her. Then she crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked as if she was thinking for a moment. After a few moments, Sophia moved her glossy lips and asked me,

“I was happy when Eric was kind to me,……, even before we made up, when I had skin-to-skin contact with Eric, I felt very warm, and without realizing it, I found myself wanting Eric’s warmth all the time…. …”
“W-Was that so?”

It was unexpected. However, the smiling expression on Sophia’s face made it hard to believe that she was lying. Unconsciously, I quickly stood up and looked at Sophia from the front. I guessed that she was looking at me as if she was urging me to continue.

“Eric saw me not as a knight, but as a girl. Every time I think of Eric like that, I feel like a woman. ……”
“Sophia is a fascinating woman.”
“….. really?”
“Yes! I’m so deeply in love with you!”
“……, can I ask you one question?”
“Ask me anything.”
“That …… Eric is going to go to the other kingdoms and make up with the other princesses, isn’t he?”

Sophia asked me sharp questions with a thoughtful expression. I could not afford to deceive her here. So I would have to answer honestly.

“….. Yeah”
“Eric is the next king of the kingdom of Ilas. So it can’t be a problem if he marries other women. But if he marries other women and gets busy, I’ll have less and less opportunity to feel Eric’s kindness. …… If that happens, …… I…. .”
“I won’t.”
“…… really?”
“Really, really?”
“Really true.”
“Really, really, really true?”
“Really, really, really true.”
“It’s not true! I’m sure he’s just busy with the other girls. ……”

Sophia’s cheeks were puffed up. She was angry, and I turned up my jacket a little to show her the scar.

And I kept smiling.

“If that happens, cut me again with that sword. I’ll accept that much more if it means I can have Sophia.”

I told her.

Sophia let out a sigh of resignation. Then, with a frustrated look on her face, she put the sword on her waist on the ground and

She jumped on me.


“I can’t do such a thing to the man I love so much …….”

She has a slender body. But her soft skin, her marshmallow breasts, and her delicious fragrance tempted me.

Seduced, I eventually couldn’t resist and put my hands around Sophia’s waist to feel her. And she is,

“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
“I love you.”
“I love you.”
“I …… will be Eric’s slave swordsman.”
“The old Eric was so pushy that I didn’t like it, but now Eric can fill my heart with …… kind words and attitude, I can become …… this is my free will.”
“Really, are you okay? You’re not overreacting, are you?”

“I’m not overreacting,…… Eric can dominate me. My body and mind are all Eric’s. ……”

I felt like my rational mind was about to collapse. But I could barely escape the clutches of male instinct. It’s not too late for that, not until world peace comes. ……

Sophia was threatened by the old Eric to become a slave swordsman. But now she said she would willingly become a slave swordsman. I couldn’t believe it so much that I just stared at Sophia with my mouth hanging open.

“W-Why didn’t you say anything? Did I say something funny?”
“No, no! Sophia said something so cute that my brain couldn’t process it. ……”
“C-cute. ……”

Sophia’s face turned bright red and she covered her face with both hands. She is so lovely that I open my mouth again.

“W-What is it?”

Sophia looks at me through the gaps between her fingers.

“I don’t like unfair things.”
“What? What do you mean?”
“I’m happy for Sophia to be mine, but I want to be …… Sophia’s, too.”

In this other world, which basically resembles medieval Europe, the idea of a man becoming a woman’s property is not very common. So I honestly don’t know how Sophia will take my words.


I want to make her mine. At the same time, I want to be hers. I can’t help but feel that this strong desire is pushing me back.

Sophia suddenly shuffles her feet, clutches the thigh part of her dress with both hands, and gives me a seductive look. Then she opens her mouth.

“I have been defeated. I, the strongest knight, have been defeated by a man named Eric …… I can’t beat you ……, so I’m following you …….”
“From now on, Eric is going to the kingdom of Ernia, where Mandane is, right?”
“Y-yeah. We’re close geographically, and that’s the plan.”
“I’m Eric’s woman, so I’ll help him. War must never happen. And Eric, …… my man, can bring peace to the war clouds of the Orient.”
“Do you trust me?”
“If I can’t trust the man who stole my heart, then who the hell am I supposed to trust?”
“That’s very typical of you, Sophia.”
“…… Eric.”
” Sophia, ……”

The sun, fading into the horizon, sent us a faint light, as if to bless us.

Before the light disappears, let’s confirm our feelings for each other.

With this thought in mind, we brought our faces close together and meditated.


We confirm the sweet and sour taste of each other.

This taste seems to tell the story of our connected hearts, bringing us together even more strongly.

Eventually the sweet time is over and I open my eyes to see Sophia’s face,

She was smiling so brightly.

(TL/N : This is so unexpectedly cute)

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