The candles on the candlestick were not lit, only the light of the moon, but it was easy to see that Sophia’s face was on fire.

“Wwwww-what are you doing here?!”
“I just had to go to the bathroom….”
“I-I see. ……”

After that, Sophia’s mouth was tightened and she was looking down. Today’s daytime I saw the dignified Sophia, but now she is just a little girl.

“Is your body alright? I could hear Sophia-chan suffering from here.”
“It’s not your concern, ……! Get the hell out of here!”
“N-no, …… Ican’t do that.”
“H-Hmph! I knew you were a barbaric man who wouldn’t listen to me! You are trying to blackmail me again. ……”

Sophia said in a trembling voice, hugging herself and glaring at me.

I knew she was scared. Every time I see Sophia’s face like this, I want to punch the old Eric in the face. I am basically a pacifist, but I hate bad guys who abuse the weak.

However, the Eric who used to be a tyrant no longer exists in this world. What exists is Eric as Yamaoka Seiji.

I turn my serious face to Sophia and open my mouth.

“I was a fool in the past.”
“I let my power get the better of me and hurt Sophia-chan deeply. I was trying to forcibly dominate such a pretty, beautiful and charming girl. ……”
“Do you think I would be fooled by such cheap sweet talk? ……”
“I wasn’t sweet-talking. I’m just saying what I really think. Sophia chan.”

Sophia lowered her head again and trembled. I knew she was quite sick. I can’t say that this gap must be filled quickly. I sat down next to the sofa where Sophia was sitting, thinking about this.

“Hey, you! What are you doing to me? What are you going to do to me?”
“Nothing, I’m not going to do anything to you. I just wanted to get a closer look at Sophia-chan, so I sat down.”
“Y-You’re unpleasant!”
“Well yeah. Because I always said terrible things to Sophia chan all the time……”
“Yes. I learned swordsmanship to the death every time you insulted me, every time you threatened me. I have been trying all my life to overcome you and the Kingdom of Ilas!”
“…… Is that so? ……”
“And yet, what? I’ve never seen a trace of you that I’ve known until now. What … are you trying to …… do?”

Sophia exhales sadly, her eyes moistening. Clear blue hair and eyes. A well-balanced body. And two soft flesh that swayed as if asserting her womanhood. She is beautiful in every way.

I gently hold Sophia’s hand with both of mine. They feel rough and rugged. Her swordsmanship and physical abilities are top-notch on the continent of the Orient, and she has no equal on the continent of the Orient. And yet, she didn’t notice my approaching hand.

“Hyah! Oh, no, not …… my body again …….”
“I want to make up with Sophia chan.”
“You’re being too pushy!”
“I know. But I have to make up with Sophia chan no matter what.”

I said loudly, with all my eye power. Was I going a little too far now? …… I wondered if Sophia would be offended. Such anxiety flashed through my mind, and for a moment I scowled.

“……What’s the reason?’

Sophia had been wary of me earlier, but now she was looking at me with some interest. I decided to be honest with her and tell her what’s going on (other than the reincarnation story).

“Actually, if things continue as they are, the Kingdom of Ilas might start a war.”
“…… I knew it.”
“Yeah. I know that the Kingdom of Halkeginia, the Kingdom of Ernia, and the Kingdom of Henesys, which is in charge of everything, have formed a military alliance with each other and are preparing to attack our country.”
“If we start a war, the nations of the Orient will surely fall.”
“Then, those foreign peoples and nations will target the Orient continent ……”
“That’s right. Sophia, you have grasped this, haven’t you?”
“Because …… I am absolutely against war.”
“Well, …… that’s good to know.”
“And from the way you talk, it sounds like you’re against war, too.”
“Yes, I am. So I thought…”

“If I make peace with the princesses of the kingdoms of Halkeginia, Ernia, and Henesys, and conclude a peace treaty, war can be avoided,”

Sophia’s mouth dropped open and she was taken aback when she saw me speaking with a tragic expression on my face.


“You …… are serious?”
“Yes, I’m serious. As you know, Sophia, a lot of people in our country have shed blood because of the power struggle. So I am the only one who has royal blood in my veins. And it may be a little inappropriate, but neither the Kingdom of Halkeginia, the Kingdom of Ernia, nor the Kingdom of Henesys were blessed with children, and the king has only one child, and all of them are women. When four such people get along, it puts a stop to any moves to go to war.”
“You can’t …… do that. ……”
“Why not?”
“Have you forgotten? You have forgotten what you said to the princesses of the kingdoms of Ernia and Henesys,…… and those two still hate you.”
“……I know, of course. So I’m going to go to them and apologize in person. Like now.”
“Like now…….”

I put all my strength into my hand and squeezed Sophia’s hand tightly. Then, as if electrified, she jerked her body and turned her face away.

“H-hmph! I always thought you were a tyrant that relied on your strength, but you have a surprising side to you! But I don’t trust you at all. But if you want to avoid a war, you can make such a show of it. …… but ……”

Sophia is apparently not showing any rejection of my strategy, muttering something to herself and cooing with a satisfied look on her face. However, she gradually turned gloomy.

I decided to tell her about the other reason.

It’s a little embarrassing ……

“You know, …….”
“Actually, there is another reason why I want to make up with you.”
“What’s that?”
“Well, ……, that’s ……”
“You look like you don’t want to tell me. After all, it’s like old times again …….”

“Sophia-chan is so pretty and charming that I thought I was missing out on life by remaining on bad terms with such a beautiful girl!”

“Fueeh!?! Whwhwhwh…… what are you……”

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