I was so pissed off that I didn’t even care,

“You bought the magazine I’m in?”

Shiina’s voice brightens.

“You bought it right away, Saku-kun! You must really like me~.”
“Can’t you tell by my voice that I’m mad at you?”
“I thought you were raising your voice because I was too cute in the magazine.”
“I respect your positive attitude.”

How easy-going are you?

If you have that kind of mentality, I wish you could be more useful.

“So? How do you explain it?”

I ask again about the magazine.

“I just answered what the interviewer asked me, okay?”
“I know what you’re talking about. I’m asking you what you answered.”
“What do you mean by “response”, I just gave a normal answer?”
“You said you have a childhood sweetheart?”
“That’s right! I introduced Saku-kun without mentioning his name!”

Shiina screamed like an maiden.

“—–, you’ve got to be kidding me!”
“Hnn? What’s the matter, Saku-kun?”
“Don’t play dumb with me!”
“hn, what? What?”
“It’s time you stop lying to the world and stop fantasizing that you’re dating me! I’ll lose my temper!”

I yelled at her

“You’re already pissed. You do it all the time.”
“It’s natural.”
“But then~, wouldn’t it be easier for you to admit it?”
“Haa? I can’t do it.”
“Because, you know~, everyone knows I won’t break down~. I think it’s better for you to admit that you’re in a relationship with me.”
“Why do I have only a disadvantage?”
“I think there’s a lot of benefit, you know?”
“Of course not.”
“If you’re going to go out with me…”

I took a breath,

“We could have it every night, you know?”

She says in a sweet voice, letting out a little breath.

“What the hell are you talking about, the guy who tried to attack me in my bed before we started dating?”

It doesn’t matter if we’re going out or not, if I let herself in, she’s going to attack me without mercy.
It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon or night, she’ll attack me without even thinking about me.

“tch~, Saku kun, you can’t catch a fish~”
“You’re so stubborn.”
“I’m Saku kun’s little bugger.”
“It’s nothing to be proud of.”

I wish she’d turn into a cicada, because she’ll be dead in seven days.
Now she’s like a mosquito or a leech. No matter how hard I try to get rid of it, it still sticks to me.

But it’s more stubborn than that. Even if I spray it with insecticide, it won’t die.

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