I came to the mine to slay a dragon, and there I met Lucia for the first time in several years.

Lucia, who was once beaten up by me at a party hosted by the imperial family, has changed a lot since then.

I wondered what had happened to her.

I could easily imagine that she must have suffered.

But it was none of my business whether Lucia suffered or cried out.

I was going to defeat the dragon for my own sake. Lucia was in the way.

I was going to clash with her for real.

First, I put on a full-body aura.

Kicking the ground, I hurried to her as if I was in a hurry to settle the matter. 

But the moment I turned around behind her, she was right in front of me.

I quickly jumped backwards to avoid it.

“Is that… installation-type magic?”

Normally, it is basic to use magic by emitting it.

Whether it’s a ball of flame or a wall of ice, both attack and defense release magic power.

But what Lucia did just now was to use the advanced technique of setting up magic away from her own body.

Auras, curses, and prayers are all abilities that become more difficult to control the further away from the body they are.

It is a well-known story that just a distance of 15 centimeters makes it impossible to control them properly.

Lucia managed to do it with a cool face.

A sense of elation appeared in my heart.

“Are you surprised? It’s a simple technique for me. –Just like this.”?

Lucia continued to work her magic.

A ring of light is built around me, five meters away.

The band of light instantly wraps around my body.

It is a binding magic. The band of light gradually burns my body.

“I see. There’s a big difference from a few years ago.”

I can tell. I know more about it because I fought her in the past.

The current Lucia has surpassed the original. She has become stronger than the original.

But this level of magic is not enough to catch me.

The arm strength strengthened by the aura forcibly destroyed the band of light from the inside.

The magic power dissipated into the air as particles.

“Hmm. Looks like you can handle it.”

“Well, yeah. You’re also not serious, are you? It shouldn’t be like this.”

The slight damage sustained is immediately treated with prayer.

Back to an unscathed state, I kicked the ground again.

“Of course not. I’ve only gained strength to defeat you !”

Buzz buzz, buzz, buzz !

A flash of nostalgic blue lightning.

The sword clad in aura cut through the flying lightning.

“I miss it. This attack.”

“The power and accuracy are different from before.”

Buzz buzz, buzz, buzz !

As soon as she said this, Lucia fired countless lightning bolts in rapid succession.

Other than that, that band of light surrounds the surroundings.

It is different from the restraints I saw earlier. The band twists sharply, thins like a nail, and flies.

It gouges the ground, and furthermore, it flies out from under my feet.

I had no idea that she could manipulate multiple, high-fire magic attacks like this.

To be honest, her ability to control magic was beyond me.

Nice. At first I thought it was going to be a boring showdown, but it was more exciting than I had imagined.

How did you manage to gain that much control? It’s so smooth, it maintains its power, and the trajectory of the attack is so complex.

Fun. Fun !

As we fought, my face grew more and more into a smile.

“Isn’t this great, Lucia ! Let me apologize for underestimating you !”

I dodged the multiple magic attacks coming at me from above, below, left, and right with a single stroke of the brush.

I’m used to the pattern of attacks.

I’ve got the timing right, and I’m able to easily avoid them in accordance with the reaction of the magic power.

I then close the distance between me and Lucia, and the defensive magic that had been set up in advance activates.

A black fence blocks my path.

But it doesn’t matter. I knew that would be the case anyway.

It would be rude not to return the courtesy to Lucia, just as she had charmed me.

In my left hand, I built a fire and wind attribute magic at the same time.

I combined them and shot forward. I shot it toward Lucia.

She quickly anticipated the magic coming and deployed her defensive magic with all her might, but—-

My magic shot through Lucia.

With a roar, Lucia is buried in the wall behind her.

The heat and impact blew away a corner of the mine.

When the wind magic is used to dispel the curling smoke, Lucia’s figure is seen on the ground.

She was burned all over her body, but she was still trying to stand up.

There is still no sign of resignation in her eyes.

After that attack. In such a near-death state. She still stares at me as if she is going to kill me.

I was thrilled.

Lucia is definitely a lion. She is a being that eats others.

“I’m….still….not…..losing !”

The next moment she shouted that in a rattled voice.

She spewed out a black aura from her entire body and healed the wounds on her body in no time at all.

“? What is that power?”

I had never seen such power before.

The color is too dark for a prayer….it’s more like a curse. But a curse has no healing power.

“Don’t tell me……you have a cursed item?”

“No, it’s not that kind of power. You have at least heard of it, haven’t you? [Seal Designation Magic.]”

“Sealed Designation Magic…….”

It is, I think, a terrible magic that was forbidden to use a long time ago.

It is said that it was sealed because of its power beyond the realm of magic, but because of its strict handling and activation conditions.

How does she know about it?

Sealed Designation Magic is secret information that’s been buried in the past.

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