After taking all the afternoon lectures, I went home.

The sky in the west was still red, and just as it was about to set, the doorbell rang.

I’m always a bit skeptical since it’s usually sales or delivery companies who come at times like this. But for now, I fidgeted as I looked at the intercom monitor.

The person standing there is a neat woman with long black hair. Of course it’s Misumi senpai.

“Senpai, I’ll open it now.”

I told her through the microphone, and I opened the front door with a pounding heart. It had been a while since Senpai had visited my room, and it was the first time the two of us were alone together here.

“Good evening, Kobayakawa kun.I brought you a meal.”

Senpai, who had a tote bag hanging on her elbow, gave a small nod.

“I’m really sorry. To have you take care of dinner.”

“You’re completely entrusted with the work of songwriting. If I don’t cooperate this much, I feel bad.”

Well…… Is she a goddess?

“Now, please come in.”

“Excuse me”

Since we can’t stand and talk, I invited Senpai into the room. Senpai carefully arranged the shoes he had taken off and placed them on the edge.

She’s really elegant. It seems that her family is normal, but is her parents strict?

“It’s been a while since I’ve been here…does it feel a bit messy?”

Senpai puts her luggage in the living room, looks around the room, and complains.

Compared to the elegant Senpai, i’m a mess. The bed is messed up, undressed clothes are left, and an electric guitar and amp lie on it. The desk was occupied by a composing book and a laptop.

What can I say…it’s just one step away from becoming a dirty room. Yeah, it should be one step closer.

Since finishing my trip last week, I’ve been immersed in writing songs, so I’ve completely neglected housework.

“I’ve cleaned up the top of this table for the time being !”

“You’re reporting this confidently, but isn’t it normal?”

I showed her the low table I use for meals, but she was rather taken aback.

Even with this, it would have been better since I had done my best to remove the shells of sweets and jelly drinks that had been left behind.

“This also requires cleaning the room. Since you have a lot of clothes, you should do the laundry.”

“Eh, do I have to do that far?”

“But right now, you’re composing music, are you?”

“Well, yes……”

“Where are you going to sleep now that your bed has become a place to store your guitar?”

“I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“Absolutely no !”


I was scolded by Senpai .That gentle and pure Senpai……

During Ari san’s study period, I tried my best to keep it pretty, but this is the real me. Since I don’t live with anyone, I thought it was fine as long as it made me feel comfortable, so I ended up being sloppy.

I wonder if she hated me when she saw me like this?

“Eating a well-balanced meal in a clean room and getting a good night’s sleep are the basics of good health. I’ve said it many times, but if Kobayakawa kun gets sick, you won’t be able to recover, so please be careful.”

Eh, so kind ! She really worried about me and scolded me….it seems that I will fall in love with you !

I said, my head was going crazy because I sleep two hours a day.

“Well, let’s have a meal around here. Did you cook the rice?”

“Yes, in the rice cooker”

“Then I’ll borrow the kitchen.”

After saying that, Senpai stood in the kitchen and took out several Tupperware containers from her tote bag. She served it on the tableware, and used the tableware she had brought with her to cover the missing portion.

“Here, it’s done. Tonight we’ll have horse mackerel pickled in Nanban sauce and miso soup. Please also have a small bowl of green beans and hijiki.”

The meal was arranged in a blink of an eye. I was astonished at the menu, which I hadn’t seen in a long time and seemed typical of a Japanese family.

“It’s like that shop ! You remembered the last set meal shop !”

“I’m sorry if I can compare it to the shop.”

“No, it’s a good match with the restaurant. Can I eat?”

“Of course. I hope it suits your taste…”

“Let’s eat.”

First, dip your chopsticks into the main Nanbanzuke. Kingo, the guitarist, loves fried food, so he likes to eat it when he’s tired.

The fillets of horse mackerel.

“Mu, it’s delicious !”

“Really? Thank goodness !”

Senpai, who was fidgeting next to me, was relieved.

This Nanban-zuke is very delicious.The sweet and sour sauce is well soaked and tightly entwined with the horse mackerel. The refreshing taste of the condiments means you won’t get tired of it and you can eat it forever. And it goes well with rice !

“This small bowl is also delicious”

“Hijiki, you said you liked it.”

“Ahaha, you remember it.”

It was probably a conversation at a set meal restaurant in Mokuzu Town. I’m really happy that she remembered small conversations.

“Even so, this Nanban-zuke is very delicious. Senpai’s recipe?”

“No, my mother taught me. My mother also learned from my grandmother.”

“I see, it’s the taste of Senpai’s mother.”

It’s called the taste of mother. My mother is also a good cook, so until the year before last, she made me home-cooked meals every day. I haven’t been back home lately…

“I think I can have several bowls of rice with this. Oh, there’s beer in the fridge, so it might go well with it. I’m going to go out of my way to have some beer with it…”

“No beer !”

I tried to stand up, but Senpai stopped me.

“Alcohol lowers the quality of sleep, and it’s not good for the stomach and intestines. I want Kobayakawa kun to sleep soundly tonight, so no beer.”

“No way〜 Even though it is a side dish that seems to go well with alcohol like this, it’s killing me〜”

“Listen to me, okay?”


The tone was stronger than the scolding tone from earlier. Pushed by her unyielding spirit, I decided to leave the beer for tonight.

“I can’t believe there are drinkers here too…”

Senpai said, shaking her head. I guess she reminded of her sister. Does that person drink that much?

“Haa……It’s unfortunate. It would have been fun to have a drink with Senpai and some delicious side dishes.”

“Would you like to have a drink with me? I don’t think it would be fun if I were your partner. Wouldn’t it be more fun to talk if you were with Ryoko san?”

“It’s not like that ! It’s fun to drink with Ryoko, but I like it because I get to talk to Senpai !”

“Y-you….like it?”

As I felt during my trip to Mokuzu Town, I get along well with Senpai. We had a good interest in themes such as books, poetry, songwriting, and creative writing, so I felt like I had more friends in the hobby. So I would like to talk more about that topic with Senpai.

“Well then, let’s lift the alcohol ban tomorrow. Tomorrow too, I’ll make dishes that go well with alcohol.”

“Eh, are you coming tomorrow too !?”

“I was originally going to help you until you finished composing.”

“Thank you !”

“But you really can’t drink alcohol today, okay? After eating and taking a break, please go to bed.”

Misumi senpai doesn’t forget to stick her nails in the end, but just preparing food tomorrow is more than enough.

Of course, I felt bad to keep relying on her, so I’m going to make a song as soon as possible. But when the food was so delicious, I couldn’t help but ask her to come and make it for me even after it was finished.

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