Chapter 2 Episode 26 – Sleepover With Senpai Part 2


“S-same room as Senpai….!?”

Ryoko’s question made my heart jump.

Ryoko suspects that me and Senpai will stay in the same room.

The answer is no way. I was casually guided by the landlady and I followed, but naturally I ended up sharing the same room.

I thought I avoided the love hotel for a while, but eventually I ended up sleeping in the same room.

[Hey, Kingo, are you listening? So how is it?]

“Oh, I’m listening !? In the same room you say? Of course not ! I can’t believe I’m sharing a room with a female senior—-“

“Kobayakawa kun, please take a bath.”

Just as I tried to deny it, Senpai who went up from the bath called out from behind.

Oh shoot !

[Hey, Kingo !? I feel like I heard Senpai’s voice right now.]

“O-oh ! Senpai is there ! We were just going to talk about what’s to come ! Anyway, there is nothing that Ryoko should worry about, so please rest assured ! Well then, send my regards to Ari san tomorrow !”

“Ah, wait–!”


When I ended the call forcibly, I put my smartphone in silent mode and put it in the back of my bag. I feel like I’m going to break out if we talk any more.

“Is it Ryoko san by any chance?”

“Yeah, I told her we’d take a break from practice tomorrow.”

“Thank you. I have caused trouble for those two people. I have no choice but to repay them by writing more lyrics.

Senpai is excited with a pure smile. Her large breasts were bouncing under the Samue that she borrowed from the guest house.

Patience……be patience !

“Then I will also take a bath.”

I feel strangely conscious when I’m with her too much. My body is getting cold so let’s take a quick bath.

“Sir, please put wet clothes in the changing room basket. I’ll wash it and dry it at night.”

On the way to the dressing room, the landlady kindly offered me. People here are very kind !

“I guess I should just put it in this basket.”

The bath is a large public bath, but only one place. It seems that men and women are supposed to use it at different times.

Rent the living space of the residents. That is a guesthouse.

I took my smartphone out of my pocket and tried to place it on the sink. But I accidentally slipped my hand and fell into the laundry basket.

“Oops, my hand slipped. Now where is it……”

I took out my smartphone from the inside. But here is an unexpected situation. Another piece of laundry got caught between my hand and my smartphone, and it came out together with my hand.

“T-this is….”

…It was a black bra.

Who exactly is it? It’s obvious, it’s Misumi senpai. These are Senpai’s blouses and skirts in the basket, so I can’t think of anything else. There was also the possibility that it was the landlady, but that was immediately denied.

Because the cup is too big. The landlady is skinny, and (it’s a vulgar guess) not  D-cup. I’m sure it’s smaller than Ryoko’s.

On the other hand, the cup of this black bra is incredibly large, and it seems to be filled with pumpkins and melons.

And I accidentally caught it. The alphabet of cup sizes written on the tag.

[K cup]

“K !?”

There is such a size !?Even bigger than gravure idol !?

The size of the Senpai’s chest is the focus of attention exclusively among male students.

That’s right, male students are like men whose sexual desires are tied to clothes, and they are always thinking about girls. In addition, unlike high school, I have freedom, so I want to flirt with girls, so I can’t help it. I just want to have s*x.

I’m also a man, so sometimes my eyes are drawn to Senpai’s breasts. I’m trying to be careful and considerate of her feelings, but I can’t remain indifferent.

I was able to see it because of that latent desire. This is a force majeure.

Don’t look any more. I can’t restrain my strange feelings when I look at it any more. I put the bra back in the basket, covered it with my clothes and went into the bathroom.


However, even if I try to forget, the impact of the K-cup remains strong in my brain.

What is the number of the letter K?

“Infinity…Justice…K…K…. Is there a word for K? Kindness?”

Why are K-cups ‘Kindness’? Will you be kind to me?

Gunnu…what should I do? I can’t get the K-cup fantasy out of my head. Thanks to that, my lower body is shaped like an I. It’s impossible for me to carry this feeling of agony into the morning. The tag might come off and be passed on to Senpai.

It can’t be helped…..I have no choice but to process it.

Come to think of it, this happened before…… That was when Ryoko and I stayed at a love hotel.

I borrowed some body soap and rubbed it. …Phew, I can get through the night now.

“Hm, wait a minute. Senpai’s bra is over here, so that means she’s not wearing a bra, right?”

When I took a bath, the landlady lent me her husband’s trunks. So I’m sure that Senpai also borrowed the landlady’s shorts.

But what about bras? There’s no way the slender landlady’s bra would fit, and I don’t think there are any K-cup size bras nearby.

She was wearing a T-shirt under her Samue. Under the shirt is….


In the end, I ended up having to deal with it a second time.

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