As I found out when I put my phone on the table, I can see the kitchen from here. I can see Sawa chan’s back as she cooks in the kitchen.

Is it a great view? It is a great view !

Oops. I was so excited I looked like a Heian aristocrat. She looks like a domestic wife, which is great. Well, let alone a wife, I don’t know if she sees me as a man.

“If you look at me like that, I’ll get nervous, so face the other direction !”

Saying that, the Master glanced at me and glared at me. I don’t want her to be nervous, so I turned around and looked the other way.

“Well, I was just trying to get a glimpse of the cute Sawa chan.”

As I was saying this, Sawa chan, who was making a sound that whetted my appetite for meat, said in exasperation.

“Nevermind that. You’ll be able to see it every day when I become your wife anyway.”

She said something like that. As if it were a matter of course. In the slight silence, I suddenly let out a questioning voice.


Sawa chan panicked at my voice and waved her hand, trying to tell me that it was not like that.

“I-it’s not like that, okay? It’s not a mistake or anything. it’s just something You said when you were little, Sho……yeah.”

As if to deceive me by saying that, she grilled the meat over high heat to drown out her voice.

I can tell that she is shy when I look at her back, which is slightly rounded.

I looked down at my phone again because I knew if I bothered her any longer, she would turn away from me. I read a manga about a lovey-dovey romantic comedy.

“…..I guess the era is still about childhood friends.”

I think about that. I still can’t believe that the childhood friend is a losing heroine. In my mind, she is by far the winning heroine.


“Sorry for the wait…’s hamburgers.”

She said this and put the plate on the table with a clunk. I’m not sure if she’s nervous or a little embarrassed, but the way she turns her eyes away from me is absolutely adorable.

If I were her boyfriend, I would be tempted to hug her.

“Is it a hamburger of love? The one you poured all your love into. And how about a heart with ketchup?”

I asked with a very serious face.

“H-huh? There’s love in it, but there’s nothing impure about it. And….hearts in ketchup, what kind of era are you from….first of all, I’m not your girlfriend !?”

Sawa chan, who was tired of it , and I, observed the appearance of the hamburger more than necessary. As expected…’s safe, right?

Sawa chan’s cooking makes me a little uneasy because I’m traumatized. Seeing that, Sawa chan opened her mouth.

“…..Salt and sugar, I didn’t make mistakes now.”

Sawa chan muttered shyly. I can’t hide my surprise that she remembered the memories from when we were little, and I let out a loud voice.

“….Eh? You remembered?”

“Well, yeah. It’s the first time I’ve served a dish to someone else.”

Saying that, Sawa chan took off her simply designed apron and prepared to eat.

I was so happy to have been given Sawa chan’s first time that my heart was filled with joy. With the same momentum, I give the signal to eat.

“Itadakimasu !:

“Please eat.”

Sawa chan pretends not to care about it, but I guess she’s concerned about it because she kept glancing at me.

After putting my hands together, I started eating the main dish, a hamburger steak. As soon as I break it open with my chopsticks, the juices are overflowing. I put the hamburger in my mouth.

“…..It’s really delicious.”

As I said this, Sawa- han quickly closed the distance between us, looked me in the eye, and asked me a question.

“Really? Are you lying?”

“It’s so good, I could eat it endlessly. It’s great to say the least.”

“I-I see.”

Perhaps she was relieved, Sawa chan sat back down and began to eat her hamburger steak as well. Yeah, I nodded to make sure, and laughed out loud.

“I’m glad. It tastes good. You don’t have to lie to me like you did back then.”

That time was when Sawa chan cooked for me when I was little.

“I knew it. You found out?”

“I found out after you left, Sho. That you lied.”

Sawa chan who talks like that is like a father who talks about his cute daughter. Talking about the old days is not a bad thing after meeting for the first time in a long time.

“Were you angry when you realized I was lying?”

“Quite the opposite. ……I thought that you were kind. I couldn’t say it at the time, but thank you for eating all of it.”

Sawa chan was so cute when she smiled, and as the famous lyrics say, even a million shots of film couldn’t capture it all.

“Any dish Sawa chan cooked for me, then and now, would get three stars.”

“Yeah ,yeah. Thank you for your stinky words.”

Saying that, Sawa chan put her hand on the white rice while laughing. Sho wondered if it was okay to have such a joyful time.    

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