“Alken, your client, Miss Troll, has requested a private room. I’m counting on you.”

“…… Oh, okay, I’ll take care of it~!! I’m Alken, the God finger Hawk!”

“Goo, Goo, Duuu, Tororu, Douu, Ddou!!”

In a private room for male prostitutes.

Miss Troll, a green-skinned giant with an ugly face, speaks in a language that no one understands, except the boy at the reception desk.

Her face is usually so angry that it is difficult to read her emotions.

However, the fact that her cheeks are dyed pink and her clothes are pulled out shows that she is ready to have a relationship with Alta, aka Arken.

In case you were wondering, she was a regular customer who had been nominated many times.

(I don’t know what you’re talking about~! I mean, she’s not going to eat me, is she? …… No, seriously)

Alta was prepared for it even though he was a bit of a jerk, so he took an aphrodisiac to boost his mood.

Alta continues to beg during the day and work at a host club at night.

He even unwillingly became a male prostitute, and before he knew it, he had become the number one host by nomination.

For some reason, he is called “God finger Hawk.”

Moreover, this host club specializes in interracial relationships and is full of female demons with voracious sexual desires.

It would be better if the partner was a demon whose beauty was praised more than a bad human woman such as a Lamia or Alraune, but in such cases there is no need to buy a male prostitute. This is because they are able to attract and seduce men.

Therefore, they are usually goblins or ogres, some of them are the strongest dragon people, or they are all strange-looking demons that have never been seen before.

Even Alta, who is a lover of all things, could not get excited ……, but it was an important job, so he had to take an energy enhancer to force himself into a better mood.

In order to save up enough money to get back in the game.

At first, he thought about punching Lumpe, the smug old man from the neighborhood who had tricked him into having sex, but since he was a strange old man for some reason, so he held out for a long time.

Besides, he remains the only reliable ally for the lonely Alta.

In fact, Rumpe’s aftercare was perfect.

Several times he contracted a mysterious sexually transmitted disease from having sex with suspicious female demons, but each time he received free treatment from a black market doctor whom Rumpe had introduced to him.

Although he did not feel like he was being sexually tortured in a bad way, he had no aftereffects, and the women he was treating as customers were also in good health because they were demons, even though they looked hideous.

While leading such a life, Alta gradually begins to notice the transformation of himself.

He had been having sexual intercourse with various female members of the demon tribe, and this had enhanced his own magical power.

One day, Rumpe told him

“Alken, your magical power is too low for a former hero. It is a proof that you have been spoiled by the people around you. The oracle was probably given to you by the royal family. Unexpectedly, it was you who fell into it. It’s not just your sister, but other people may have been pulling the strings behind the scenes…I guess they rather be eaten by the Demon King than let an idiot prince inherit the throne.”

It was a terrible thing to say, but he was too familiar with it to say anything back.

Perhaps that’s what happened, he thought.

Rumpe’s story continued.

“If your magic power goes up, you will naturally train your body as well. The rest is a matter of mental strength. …… Alta, you will have no problem. In that sense, you have more than the qualities of Seti, the God of Death.”

It seems that he was not only deceiving him, but also intended to find out and train Alta’s qualities.

Through the field of “sexuality,” which is Alta’s speciality.

When Alta learned of this, he endured it desperately with a bitter taste in his mouth, and he was awarded the number one position in the nomination.

However, Alta did not understand why he was nicknamed “god finger Hawk.”

Tomorrow morning.

“Good job!~”

Alta left the host club after work.

He plans to rest for a few hours and then work as a beggar until the evening.

A life’s work that has become completely ingrained in him.

Strange as it may sound, he was getting a greater sense of fulfillment than when he was forced to play the hero as a prince.

This is even more so when compared to the time when he lived a life of idleness based on the mysterious theory that “if you work, you lose.”

Is this what you call a free and comfortable life, or a slow life?

Perhaps he is beginning to think that such a life for himself is not so bad.

–But, however.

He never forgets.

his own sister, Princess Eliza, who tricked him, led him into a trap, and banished him.

The four fiancées who gave up on him and ran to the “fake”.

And “Seti, the God of Death,” ……, who is his imposter and stole the hearts of his fiancées. He must not forget his vengeance against him.

-I will surely make them realize it and take revenge!

-I will make them regret making a fool of this Alta!

He has also saved up quite a bit of money.

His magical powers have increased and his physical abilities have improved.

“We’ll see, you scum. ……”

“I finally found you, Altaa!”

As he walked down the alleyway, a high-pitched voice suddenly echoed from behind him.

There was no mistaking this distinctive tone.

“…… Pomple, huh? You’re so mean”

Alta looked sharply back.

Sure enough, there stood Pomple, the assassin of the dwarf fairy tribe.

But what is that?

“What’s with your head? Why do you have a bald head?”

As Alta pointed out, Pomple has no hair and is wearing a hat.

“This is an order from the organization! Not only did I fail to kill you twice, but I misidentified you and wasted a kill!”

“Wasted kills? Ah~, a couple of idiots, Takapi or something? I’m the one who made you do it, you idiot. I’m not sure how you managed to get away with just a shaved head after all that messing up.”

“After all, you were the beggar that time! ? damn! Unless the assassination involves a client, you won’t be punished even if you fail a little! Especially for someone like you who has a bounty of only 3,000 G (Japanese yen: 3,000 yen)! ”

“You’re just an incompetent fish, aren’t you, who persists in failing with a bounty of only 3,000 G? Don’t you think the organization will be so disgusted that they won’t treat you like that? Bwahahahahaha!”

“This guy~, I’m disgusted! I’m going to kill him! I’m going to make the dwarf fairy tribe’s pride and make you gafun!”

“Shut up, you little shit. I’m going to kill you! There’s no one in this world who would say Gafun”

Oh, yeah, I …… said “Gafun” when my dad hit me.

Alta suddenly remembered, but decided not to say it.

Pomple, on the other hand, contorted his lovely face into a frustrated crumple and looked as if he was about to cry.

But although he looked like a nice boy, he was a fairy and was in his thirties, one year older than Alta.

Alta laughed and laughed, but he was not going to let his guard down.

He took out the “holy sword” he had hidden wrapped in a cloth.

He used to run away immediately, but he does not have it now.

He needed to test how strong he had become, he thought.

With an eye on revenge in the future, he would start by killing Pomple.

He was determined to do so.

At that time

“Wait a minute!~”

Someone intervenes between the two of them.

The voice is higher pitched and younger.

A small girl appears from behind Pomple.

She is a cute little girl dressed in a gorgeous traditional costume.

Her brown hair is braided into a braid, and she has two large eyes of the same color. She has a small bridge of the nose, lips, and pointed ears.

While her appearance is adorable, the way she smiles with her arms crossed looks a little cheeky.

“What’s that? What’s with this person?”

“I am Pasha, of the dwarf fairy tribe. I’m going to kill you right now!”

The young girl of the dwarf fairy tribe who called herself Pasha declared kill with dignity.

“…… So, you’re an assassin too, and you’re helping that piece of shit?”

“Miss Pasha! I’ve had enough of this scum!”

“Pomple, you’ve already failed twice with that scum. We’ll do our Hobbit pride on this one and help you out.”

Then, from the back of the room, a group of small figures appear and rush toward the room.

They were dwarf fairies. There were roughly 20 of them.

“How many …… are there?!”

There are so many dwarf fairies!

Alta was astonished.

“Didn’t you know? We are a group of people! You guys~, I’m going to kill you all with a bang~”


At Pasha’s command, all 20 Hobbits, including Pomple, grabbed their weapons and with a roar, came charging into the avalanche.

Alta’s will to fight was suddenly broken before the onslaught of the small band of fools, and she ran away with a shriek, “Hiiiiiiii!” and ran away with a scream.

“I-I don’t care! What the hell is wrong with you guys?! Shut up!”

Idiots, these guys! They’re always coming up to me and crowding around my 3,000-G neck!

They’re so persistent!

The ex-hero Alta’s escape drama will continue in the next chapter.

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5 months ago

There is so much to tsukkomi in this chapter, but I believe there is something I must say here: No matter how pitiful his life is, I will never feel pity for him!