“L-Lun chan?”


When Shinonome called her, she answered. She jumped onto Shinonome’s lap.

“Kyaa. ….Ah.”

And then, she rubbed her head against the back of Shinonome’s hand that was on her lap. After Shinonome made a surprise face. She squinted her eyes happily.

But still……beautiful women and beautiful cats are a feast for the eyes.

Looking at those two…no wait, one person and a cat, The waiter chuckled.

“I’m glad to see that you two have become good friends. Here are some treats for Lun and some wet wipes soaked in disinfectant.”

Saying that, a cookie-shaped snack and a bag of wet wipes were placed on the table.

“Lun is smart enough not to touch the guests while she’s soiled. But please wipe up before eating and after touching. And I would like to ask you just in case. Are any of you allergic to cats?”

“Thank you for taking the trouble. I have no problem with it.”

Looking at Shinonome, he nodded. Hearing that, the waiter nodded in satisfaction.

“If Lun is interfering with your studies, please call me. I’ll leave you to it.”

The waiter bowed and left. ……The waiter was also soft-spoken.

“Now, Shinono–“

I called Shinonome to give her snacks. I was taken aback.

She gently stroked Lun’s back and rubbed her head against her hand. With fluffy feelings, Shinonome puffed and relaxed her cheeks.

At that moment. The [Ice Princess] that I  saw at that time no longer exists.

She never showed that expression earlier when the waiter was around. I exhaled once.

……Don’t worry. It’s normal for friends to show their true colors.

I’ve calmed my thoughts. Lun looked at me and meowed.

And then. She jumped on my lap lightly. Skillfully slipping through Shinonome’s hand.


Shinonome let out a slightly sad voice. She was slightly slumped down.

However, she immediately noticed my gaze and straightened up her back.

A cat that melts the Ice Princess, amazing. Well, let’s leave it at that.

“I can’t give it to you like this. Shinonome, this is her snack. Can you give it to her?”


“……! Yes !”

Did she react to the word “snack”? Lun meowed once and looked around.

She looked around, but then she saw something that looked like a round cookie in Shinonome’s hands. she widened her eyes.

‘Um……go ahead. Lun chan.”


When Shinonome put her hand closer, she licked the cookie. The cookie was taken in a single bite.

Nom nom nom. …She swallowed the cookie without spilling a single drop.

“A-amazing. Lun chan is so smart.”


As Shinonome stroked her head, she meowed happily. Shinonome saw that and smiled softly.

“There’s still more. Eat slow, Okay?”


And so, until Lun finished her snack. The leisure time continued.


“What a great time we had. I got to take a break from studying.”

“Yes. Thank you for teaching me English.”

“No. I mean, did I help you properly?”

She taught me. Halfway through, Shinonome asked me to teach her English, so I taught her.

“Yes. Minori kun was also good at teaching, you know?”

“……I’m glad to hear that.”

It may be flattering. I would be happy if I could help a little.

“The test is next week.”

“Me too….  How is the test at your place, Minori kun? Is it like normal?”

I nodded to Shinonome’s words and continued.

“Right. Generally, the test is returned the week after the test, and a paper with the seating order is handed out on Fridays.”

“Oh, then I’ll be after you. I will be given  two weeks later along with our seating assignments. If I don’t understand something, I can ask the teacher in the next class. ……And also, it will be posted on the bulletin board. The top 20 students.”

I see. …..I’m sure Shinonome is in the top 20.

“By the way, how was it last time?”

“I came third, with an average point of 92.”

“Average point of 92. ….I was mainly hindered by English.”

“If that’s the case, your score in other subjects must’ve been great.”

“I basically scored above 95. How was it for you, Minori kun?”

“Me? I’m…..sure I was in twentieth place or something. The average score is 80.”

I said so. Shinonome widened her eyes.

“I always thought that you weren’t so bad at any subjects. Even so….no, it’s kind of strange. How well do you understand the lesson?”

“Ah. I basically left out the parts I didn’t understand.”

That’s the bad part. I basically neglected the application problems etc. I only review the parts I understand and make them perfect.

Yeah. I don’t know why I study the way I do now.

“Well, but I was able to understand English, so don’t worry. …..Though I don’t have the same academic ability as your high school.”

“No, no, don’t worry. From what I saw, there was no difference as far as the level of English was concerned.”

And so, while having a conversation about the test. We got on the train.

“Ah, that’s rare. It’s empty, let’s sit down, Minori kun.”

Unusually for this time of the day, the seats were quite empty. Naturally, Shinonome sat down, leaving a seat for me.

“….? What’s wrong? If you don’t sit down soon, we will be leaving.”

“……That’s right.”

I sat right next to her, thinking that I should get used to this sense of distance.

“Even so. I’ve studied for a long time, so as I thought, I’m tired.”

“You’re right. Let’s take a good rest today.”

I nodded at Shinonome’s words while rubbing my head. Yes, there’s always tomorrow.

“Tomorrow is the same time as today, right?”

“Yes, same time…….”

Her response began to relax. I looked at Shinonome without thinking. She was rowing the boat that swayed by air.

“……If you’re asleep, I’ll wake you up, okay? And also. It’s dangerous, so please lean back properly.”

I should’ve told her to lean back on the backrest.

Shinonome closed her eyes and nodded.

“I understand. Then, I will borrow your shoulder.”


With a thud, Shinonome leaned on me. 

I thought it was a joke.


Right next to me. There was a face of a beautiful girl sleeping peacefully and defenselessly.

Her soft cheeks are softly pressed against my shoulder. Her long eyelashes. …A sweet breath was let out from her mouth.

And…’s hitting my arm as hard as it can. As soft as it is.

While remembering the sweet smell and the way it burns in my brain. I leaned back so as not to topple Shinonome.


I let out a big sigh once.

Friends are tough.

In the first place, it’s strange to become friends with someone you could only see in the shadows.

…..And, it’s also strange that the other person’s sense of distance is this close.

What’s more, I’m her only partner. No, it’s not right to say that. Just friends.

If Shinonome overcomes her phobia of men. If she could make male friends. I wonder if she would do this to everyone.

I don’t want to think about it.

No, wait. Why am I trying to depress myself with my own fantasy? To begin with, this is a relationship that will end when Shinonome’s phobia of men is gone–

No, I have a feeling it won’t end. I don’t think it will. …No good. This is also mixed with my greed.

Oh no, I can’t take it anymore. My head is all messed up.

“And yet. You’re sleeping comfortably.”

I said that so I could also sleep.

I let out another sigh.

Seriously, she didn’t wake up.

With that said, it’s not like I’m plotting anything strange. Even so, this is like walking in a tightrope.

[This is the gamble of a lifetime.]

Shinonome. She bet on me. …To put it better, she trusted me.

I’m not going to betray that trust. I’ll never do that.

Before that,……

“This relationship. Is getting comfortable.”

It’s not like I want anyone to hear. I muttered quietly to organize my own thoughts.

It would be counterproductive to study now. Well, it can’t be helped.

Let’s go back to where we started.

I stare at Shinonome who’s sleeping.

Her silky smooth hair is swaying, and her pure white skin is bad for my eyes.

But I can look at her forever. Thinking back, I had a similar impression when I first saw her.

The shock when I first saw her was tremendous. …..And she was rejecting boys and girls who kept coming closer to her.

I wonder what she said that made even the girls leave.

There are still so many things I don’t know about Shinonome.

I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I became friends with the girl I could only see every morning. I can’t believe we became friends.

On the one hand, I’m glad I had the courage to help her at that time, but on the other hand, I also wonder if I could have helped her sooner. I thought.

If I had been able to do that, there would have been no more scars on her heart. At least, it would have been better than now.


Shinonome mumbled in her sleeps.My cheeks loosened. I wonder if she’s dreaming about something. I hope it’s a good dream.

Just like this, after muttering words that can’t be understood.

“……Minori, kun.”

My name was called spontaneously.

“Thank you, very much.”

For a moment, I thought she was awake. But then, the incomprehensible words followed. I knew she was talking in her sleep.

“…..You’re welcome.”

I don’t think she heard me. But for some reason, I wanted to say it.

Shinonome’s mouth seemed to be smiling. No, she might’ve been smiling from a while ago.

Well, that’s okay.

When I came to my senses, my heart had calmed down. My heart, which had been somewhat gloomy, became clear and I felt refreshed.

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