The two beautiful sisters are staring at Tsukasa as he leaves, their cheeks relaxed as if in a state of legal pleasure.

Their blue eyes have less color than usual, and they are smiling without hiding their upturned faces.

But Yuna’s eyes narrow as she remembers Tsukasa’s words earlier.

“Onee san.”
“What is it?”
“Tsukasa said he works part-time and hangs out with his friends, but it’s possible that one of his part-time workers or friends could be a woman, right?”
“……, it’s possible.”

Yuna clenches her fists and grits her teeth in frustration.

Her expression is murderous, as if she is remembering her own parents’ revenge.

She should go after him now and confide her honest feelings to him.

She wants to keep Tsukasa locked up in her own dusky darkness of a crucible and be dependent on her for the rest of his life.

If she doesn’t do something soon, the other women will take him away.

Such a thing is not something she wants, even if it kills her.

“What should I do? ……”

As she sobers up, unable to calm her impatience, Kaede hugs Yuna from behind and comforts her.

“Yuna. Calm down.”
“Onee san..”
“Tsukasa won’t run away.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Because he has the same eyes as us. ……”
“The same eyes. ……”
“Let’s go inside and talk a lot about Tsukasa.”
“…… yeah.”

The two beautiful sisters entered the house.

It was Kaede’s turn to cook today, and she made an omelette that looked like it had the elasticity of a pudding.

Yuna’s expression was as gloomy as ever as she ate the omelet and side dishes, which seemed to shake when she poked it with a spoon.

Since he came all the way to the door, she should have eaten it with him. ……

‘I’m going’’

He doesn’t need to go

After finishing the meal and Yuna finished washing the dishes, Kaede made tea.

So the beautiful sisters enjoy their after-dinner tea time.

Kaede, who seemed calm, opened her mouth.

“He’s a good boy, isn’t he? Tsukasa.”
“Yeah. Very good. ……”
“I could understand why Yuna is so obsessed with Tsukasa when I saw him for the first time today.”

Yuna takes a sip of tea, perhaps embarrassed, as she fidgets with her body.

“I want to see Tsukasa now. I want to be with him…… all the time.”

Yuna’s breath hitches as she gradually becomes more and more excited.

However, Kaede waited.

“No, not yet. No matter how beautiful Yuna is, there is an order to things. If you don’t follow it, everything will be ruined. That’s something that should never happen.”
“What do you mean by order ……?”

Kaede cuts off once and puts her mouth on the cup of tea.

The moment she took her mouth away, a sticky liquid mixed with saliva and tea threaded down and connected her mouth and the cup.

“This is the third time Yuna and Tsukasa have actually met. So Yuna and Tsukasa have to talk a lot and get to know what kind of woman and man each other are.
“…..right. I still don’t know much about Tsukasa, like what he likes, his hobbies, what he likes to eat, etc…….”

As Yuna mutters in frustration, Kaede opens her mouth again, showing a mature and relaxed attitude.

“Also, we need to put Tsukasa’s feelings first. On top of that, we just need to appeal to Yuna’s feelings.”
“My feelings……”

Yuna squeezes her huge breasts and gets even more out of breath.

To such a sister of her own, Kaede utters the words with a bewitching expression on her face.

“want to be dependent on Tsukasa right now,……365 days want to be protected by Tsukasa all the time,…..want to be Tsukasa’s,……”

Seeing her sister speaking for her true feelings in a sexy voice, Yuna’s upper body jerked up, as if her head was being electrified.


Kaede quickly continued.

“All that’s left is for Yuna…… us to take it all in for Tsukasa.”
“Take it …… in what way?”

Kaede looked at her own sister, who looked at her expectantly.

A look of ecstasy comes over her face, and she grabs her own truly enormous breasts with her right hand.

When the large marshmallow has completely swallowed Kaede’s slender hand, Kaede exhales hotly and replies.

“I’ll leave that to your imagination.”

When she heard her sister’s reply, her body suddenly began to convulse.

From her toes to her head, she is stimulated by a mysterious electricity, but especially

her stomach became extremely hot.

“What do you think of Tsukasa-kun, O-onee san?”
“Fufu, I told you. I told you he’s a very good boy.”
“I’m going to go to the bathroom, …… nee san. ……”
“Ara, go ahead”

And Yuna forgot to hide her head, which had turned bright red long ago, and ran to the bathroom with a ta-ta-ta-ta-ta.

Seeing this, Kaede happily got up, went to the side table of the sofa, operated the remote control and turned on the TV.

She then turned on the TV and played the program she had recorded.

[Ara, is it really that good?]

The program was produced on the theme of child rearing, and on the TV was a scene of a mother breastfeeding the baby she had given birth to.

Kaede, sitting on the sofa, watched the scene and her cheeks turned pink, then suddenly closed, opened, and rubbed her legs repeatedly.


It should simply be a scene of a baby drinking its mother’s milk, but instead of the calm face Kaede had shown to her sister earlier, she had become a flabby woman who inhaled and exhaled heavily.

“Good boy.”

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1 year ago

Welp, so Kaede basically wants to pamper Tsukasa because he is being a good boy.

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Mole lester
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