In the room with the sun shining, she was humming in a good mood.

“Erm. Right……here…”

Listening to her, I was playing with her hair while staring at my phone.

“Okay, is this….okay?”

“Yes ! It’s perfect !”

The top half of the hair is tied in two bunches, twisted and twisted from side to side.

In short, it is a half updo.

“However, the braiding was still too difficult for me.”

“That’s okay. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice from now on. That’s right. There are many kinds of half-up styles. For the time being, let’s try braids next !”


Due to time constraints, I couldn’t get around to that. It wouldn’t be until I got home, but now it was before school. …It’s really scary to think what would happen if Nagi went to school looking awkward.

“Can I practice at home for a while?”

“Yes ! Of course !”

I was so happy to hear her answer, but her smile made my face break into a smile.

“Does it suit me?”

“Yeah. It looks good on you, Nagi.”


Even though I answered that, Nagi looked at me through the mirror as if to say otherwise.

It was a moment of hesitation.

“I-I think you look cute.”

“Yes ! Thank you !”

Why do I feel embarrassed when she asks me again.  I should have put it into words as much as possible on a regular basis.

I look at Nagi through the mirror once again.

The half-up gives a very different impression again. Rather than being beautiful, she looks more like a fairy, with an emphasis on cuteness.

I want to try many things, but I don’t have time, so I’ll do it after I go back home. I’ll see her tomorrow.

“Shall we get going?”

“Yes ! Is your luggage all right?”

“Yeah. I checked it last night. With Nagi.”

I replied to a giggling Nagi. This was also one of the decisions we made when we came here.

We both checked our belongings the night before. This would prevent each of us from forgetting anything.

Also, if I remembered to bring something, I would mention it immediately. By doing so, if one of us forgets something and the other person remembers, there is a greater chance of preventing an accident. Of course, I don’t blame her if she forgets.

……I sometimes wondered if that was overprotective of both parties. But after all, this is something that both of us would do even if we didn’t set any rules. We decided there was no problem.

“Let’s go, then ! Sota kun !”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Nagi seemed to be in an uplifting mood and her voice was light and bouncy as she walked. I know the reason for that.

Nagi turned around as we came together to the front door.

“Souta kun.”

Her hair swished softly on the beat, and Nagi tucked her hair behind her ear. And then she closed her eyes.

I stare at her. But she was fidgeting a little, and just looking at her made me want to hug her.

Only now, I hold that feeling—I bring my face close to hers.

She was not wearing any makeup, as she was at school. But her skin is pure white and her lips are an eye-catching pale peach color.

I press my hand against her cheek. It is smooth and fresh, as if I could suck on it.

I realize once again how much effort she puts in to maintain this skin.

Because Nagi dances, her skin tends to get rough due to a lot of paint. Even if it were a little rough, she might be able to hide it with makeup, but Nagi doesn’t want that.

The best solution is to go to bed early. She is usually asleep by ten o’clock at night, although lately she hasn’t been like that sometimes. Before that it used to be nine o’clock.

Next is diet. She has a very good nutritional balance, which is also the reason she is in charge of cooking.

Not only is it well-balanced, but it tastes good. She says, [If you don’t eat good food, you get stressed. Stress is also the natural enemy of skin.]

In addition to these things, she also makes sure to use lotion and milky lotion. All of these things seem to be part of her daily routine, but to me, they are nothing more than the result of her efforts.

I have sometimes wondered if it was okay to casually touch such skin.


Nagi is now in front of me with a question mark on her head. I think even that is so beautiful and lovely that it is picturesque.

She once said.

[The skin is for dancing purposes, but it’s also for Souta kun. If Souta kun doesn’t want to touch it, I will make you.]

There was no way I could win as she rubbed her cheek against my hand saying so.

Now, I couldn’t make Nagi wait forever.

I lightly stroke her cheek with my thumb—a kiss that is just a touch.

That alone is enough to make my brain go sweetly numb with euphoria. My hand wanders unintentionally through the air and is immediately grasped by Nagi.

Nagi giggles, intertwines her fingers, and holds my hand. Her face is smiling and she looks so happy.

She didn’t let go of my hand. Nagi walked behind me with a bouncy step.

She pulled my hand.

This time, Nagi put her lips on mine.

I squeezed her hand so hard that she squeezed my hand just as hard.

Five seconds, then ten seconds. The time was longer than before.


Her lips parted in a very, very regretful manner. The blue eyes looked at me. Gently letting go, Nagi spread her arms.


When I hugged her thin body, Nagi let out a happy voice.

“I love you. I love Souta kun.”

“Yeah. I love you too, Nagi.”

Nagi hugged him tightly and strongly. It is too strong and a little bit painful.

But this pain is good. I felt like I could feel all of Nagi’s feelings.

“I can do my best today because Souta kun is here. And I can do my best tomorrow too.”

Her face rubbed against my chest. Similar to a cat rubbing its head against its master’s hand

“I can smell Souta kun’s scent.”

She happily buried her face in me.

“There is Souta kun’s warmth.”

Nagi laughs, her whole body close to mine.

“Souta kun is here. Right here, right now.”

After saying that much, Nagi relaxed. I relaxed too, and Nagi took a half step back.

Her face looked very satisfied.

“Now I’ve replenished Souta kun’s energy. Let’s go !”

The moment I nodded my head at her words and held her hand. Nagi muttered.

“Souta kun.”


“Please be careful.”

“Yeah. Be careful, Nagi.”

“Yes !”

Nodding at Nagi’s words, I thought again about doing my best today.


“Good morning, Souta. I’m so damn sleepy.”

“Good morning, Eiji. It’s so rare. Seeing Eiji looking sleepy.”

Eiji called out to me with a yawn. This is a very rare sight.

Eiji’s energy is one of his strong points. He is always high-spirited, so he sometimes plays the role of a mood-maker, pulling those around him along and entertaining them.

Eiji bites back a sigh and stretches.

“Hmm? Oh, we have an English vocabulary test today. I remembered that last night. I’ve been soaking it overnight.”


“I managed to get some sleep, but three hours of sleep is not enough. Hm? What’s wrong?”

While listening to Eiji’s words, I pull out an English file from a drawer.

I opened it and took a deep breath.

“…..I didn’t study.”



“It’s very rare. I mean, isn’t this the first time? You’re forgetting something like that.”

I had completely forgotten. I dug into my memory and supported my head with my hand.

“Ah, well, the announcement was made before winter break, and the teacher hasn’t mentioned it once in class since then. I should have contacted Souta as well.”

“No, it was completely my fault. It is not Eiji’s fault.”

I open my vocabulary book while remembering what happened before winter break. Indeed, there was a sticky note affixed to it indicating the date and the area to memorize.

I could come up with an excuse like I went back home for winter break and a lot of things happened after that. But in the end it’s just an excuse.

“Haa….it’s been a long time since I’ve done this. This kind of thing.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. There are days like that.”

Eiji chuckled and sat down in the front seat.

“Well, let’s memorize it. We only have a limited time and we don’t have much time.”

“….Are you sure?”

“Of course. I’ve learned the bare minimum. That’s what I’m here for, right?”

Eiji grins. I was so happy to hear those words…and let out a sigh.

“Yeah, thank you. Eiji.”

“Don’t mind it, my best friend. I’ll take care of it.”

And so the studying continued until it was time for the test.



“Oh well, that’s all right. I think you did great.”

After answering the test, we exchanged answers with the person sitting near us, and we both checked our answers against each other’s. The test was now submitted to the teacher.

The test was to be submitted to the teacher, but when I saw it, my voice leaked out. Eiji, who had sneaked up next to me, pats me on the back and comforts me.

There are a hundred English vocabulary questions. Half of them were from the range of English vocabulary we had learned so far.

“I got an eighty. I know it’s not low.”

“You always scored well over ninety, didn’t you? Especially after September, it was almost a hundred points.”

I nodded at Eiji’s words and looked at the test paper again.

“The test is coming up next month, and I’ll do my best for it.”

“I guess I should too.”

“Oh. And thank you for helping me today.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m here for you when you need me.”

Eiji’s words made me happy, but I had to be even more determined.

I thought so and slapped my cheek.

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