“Oh, a great number of people. I mean, there are a lot of people who look very important.”
“Wow……there are a lot of people in very expensive-looking suits and kimonos. That reminds me, isn’t Shinonome’s family amazing?”
“They’re famous here. My father is a very powerful businessman.”

Finally, it was the day of Nagi’s Japanese dance performance.

The performance hall was full of people and……gave the impression that many of them looked wealthy.

Fortunately, many students like us were wearing school uniforms instead of formal attire. We didn’t stand out that much.

“It’s a proper venue, so don’t be too wild, especially the couple over there.”
“I get it, I get it, don’t worry. Even so, I was called the Ei chan of Japanese entertainment, you know?”
“Eiji got a perfect score on that test, didn’t he? It is true that Eiji is going to be quiet. If Eiji gets quiet, I’ll get quiet too, so don’t worry.”

Then……no, well. As expected, even Eiji and the others will stop making noise once they’re inside.

“Hayama… seem to be doing alright.”
“I’m a woman who can read the room !”

I wish you wouldn’t say that yourself. ……Well, it looks like they’re keeping quiet about that time, too. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

Just like that, we went to the reception and went inside. The seats were assigned……and I kind of broke out in a cold sweat.

I thought Nagi’s family was nearby.

“Ah, come to think of it. Shinonome chan told me that her family is on a separate……VIP seat. They don’t know where our seats are either. I heard that she told them that she invited us.”
“I see.”

Certainly, it would be difficult to find each other with this many people around.

I was relieved……but also disappointed because I wanted to meet her a little bit.

I went into the venue as it was. The inside of the room was quiet and no one was talking.

…..That’s no wonder. It was very prestigious. If you are coming to see a Japanese dance performance, you need to have a certain level of education. If you are coming with your family, there will be no one making noise.

From there, I found a seat and sat down, keeping conversation to a minimum. It was a seat in front of the center, where I could see the stage quite easily.

From left to right: Nishizawa, Eiji, myself, and Hayama. We waited for the performance to start, with Eiji looking happily sobbing on the side.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, I started to hear an announcement.

It was like a prelude to the start of the event. As I was listening to it, I heard a word that caught my attention.

[Also, today is the last day. The last dance of the day will be performed by Shinonome Nagi, the only disciple of Ichitake Tsuru sama, who is a living national treasure.]

Unexpectedly, Eiji and I looked at each other. I shook my head as Eiji asked, [You knew about this?]

I then looked at Hayama, but she shook her head and said, [I don’t know.]

……Ichitake Tsuru. I’ve only heard the name. Or rather, it’s a name that came up when I looked up Japanese dance.
Living National Treasure…I didn’t know you were a disciple of such a person.

The performance was about to start, so we settled down and watched the stage.

The first performance started with the sound of shamisen and taiko drums.

There are various kinds of Japanese dance. Nagi told me that today’s performance was centered around dancing.

Performers dance to the sound of shamisen, musical instruments, and flutes.
In some cases, they also sing.


I heard such a voice from next door. It was Eiji. But I couldn’t blame him.

It would be rude to say that. Because it was a performance by Nagi, whose teacher is a living national treasure.

The performer’s dance was so delicate that I found myself staring at it. There was a mysterious charm to it.

I heard that the movements of performers express various actions, depending on the program. It would be better to say that they express a story through their dances.

I’m glad that Nagi had taught me a little about it. Although there were many movements that I didn’t understand, I understood that it was a reenactment of an everyday scene.

Then the first performance was over……the stage went dark.


I heard Eiji’s small murmur again. I couldn’t help but nod.

The rest of the performance was also amazing.
Although I have taken a few bites at it, I am only an amateur when it comes to Japanese dance. But even so, I could understand.

I could understand the high level of the dances of the performers and the performers who played the instruments.

I was drawn into that world. It was incomparable to what I saw on the screen.

The performers dominated the hall.

I found myself mesmerized. The performance went on and on and on.
Some danced with instruments, some danced without any performance.

Eiji, Nishizawa, and Hayama were the same. They just stared at the stage without saying a word.

[The next performance will be the last one.]

That’s why I was surprised to hear the announcer’s voice saying so. I wondered if it was the end.
It must have been hours, but had that much time already passed?

At the same time. I felt goosebumps all over my body. It was Nagi’s turn to dance at the end.
I was so nervous and I know why. …..Because she was going to close the last of such a high level of performers.

But the moment she came out, my nervousness was gone.

Nagi was very……very beautiful.

Since her skin is naturally white, I don’t feel any discomfort even if she wears face powder. And her long white hair is tied up with a hairpin.

She was wearing a pure white kimono with cherry blossom petals painted on it. ……She was very different from the Nagi who was always sweet to me.

My eyes narrowed, my lips were tightened.


The word “beautiful” suited her better than anyone else.

I wondered if she could do Japanese dance even if she had gray hair. I have no such doubts. ……Black hair can’t bring out this beauty. White is the most suitable hair color for Nagi.

Then, without any musical performance, Nagi started dancing.

The small movement on the neck and the refined movements of the limbs. You immediately know where to pay attention.

The power of expression is also tremendous. What does she express with her gaze and the movement of her hands? I can understand it without being told.

The performance had been at a high level even before, but the movements of …… Nagi were distinctly different.

The look on her face is more serious than ever before. I had never seen her so focused.

……Yeah, it’s beautiful. Very.

For a moment, her gaze turned toward me. The expression on her face didn’t change.

However, it seemed that her gaze softened for a moment. The next moment.

She opened the fan in front of her chest.

It was blue like Nagis’ eyes. The gradation of sky blue and azure was beautiful on the fan.

The atmosphere changed. I can’t put it into words, but….

–It was as if she had changed from “Ice Princess” to “Nagi”.

Slowly and brilliantly, the fan was rotated. It should have been slow, but the movement of her hand is not clear how she does it at first glance. As I recall… was a keystone return that I found when I looked it up. That might be it.

The smooth movement of the returned hand was unintentionally stunning. It was something that made me gasp.

After that, the movement was clearly different. The fan moved as if it were a part of her body.

The movement of her legs and hands also changed. Smoother than before. Her expression didn’t change…..but she seemed to be more lively.

……Oh, I see.

Nagi, she’s nervous.

Nagi’s movements changed, and at the same time, the sound of the shamisen began to echo through the hall.
The movement, which had been one head above the rest, became even more refined.

This must be Nagi’s real talent.

I couldn’t help but smile.

I was so happy to see Nagi’s true character.
She’s more hardworking and kind than anyone else. ….A beautiful Nagi. It seems that all of them were concentrating on her dance.

I was really happy.


“……It was awesome.”
“Yeah. It was really amazing.”

I nodded at Eiji’s words. The people walking around me were also praising Nagi as amazing and beautiful, and I was very happy.

Eiji was watching me with a grin on his face.

“Well, I’m glad Souta seems to be having a good time. I was afraid you would say something like, [I guess we live in different worlds].”

I smiled wryly at Eiji’s words.

“Honestly, I thought so at first. But along the way, Nagi’s character started to come out. Nagi is not [Ice Princess], but Nagi. I thought that she wouldn’t change.”
“O-oh, I see. ……Have you changed too?”
“……,I guess so.”

And. Once again, I was convinced.

I was convinced of my feelings. I’ve already sorted it out–

“Are you Souta Minori?”

At that time, I was called from behind. When I turned around…..I found a woman in her forties standing there.

“Y-yes, I am. But……who are you?”
“That was rude of me.”

The woman bowed beautifully and looked at me.

“I am Suzaka Shoko, the housekeeper of the Shinonome family……and Nagi-sama’s personal assistant.”

I froze at those words.


–In a private room.

A pair of father and son were facing each other.

“Father, I have a favor to ask you.”

It was a young man in a suit who said so. He was about 20 years old. His expression was very serious…he must have been nervous. His clenched fist was sweaty.

“…..What is it?”

On the other hand, the man facing him was a man with black hair in an all-back. His face showed no signs of aging at all.

“……I am curious about the woman who danced in the last performance.”

After some hesitation, the young man said it. It was a roundabout way of putting it. The meaning of his words was clear to the man.

“Are you serious? ……Do you understand that the other party is the daughter of a business rival?”

The man said without moving his eyebrows. But the young man did not avert his gaze.

“Yes. ….If it is impossible, I don’t mind if you insulate. I will approach her on my own.”

Hearing these words…..the man held his head. He understood that he meant what he said.

“I am sorry if i am being ungrateful. …But, even if I am being insulated. I will definitely repay you one day.”
“Don’t be silly.”

The man dotes on this good young man…..his own son. Now, the man’s balance was shifting.

Work or family. Which would he choose?

After a few moments, the man let out a sigh.

“Is that what will make you happy?”
“Yes, it always will.”
“Do you also understand that the other party is a high school student?”
“Age is irrelevant. ……Even if she were the same age as Father, I would have asked her like this.”

The man was quiet and looked down.

“I’ll think about it. …..Just be prepared to meet her at any time.”

The young man’s face lit up at this muttering.

“……! Thank you very much !”

–It is still some time before he learns about this event.

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