“Ehehe, I’m here♡”

A high school girl with her hands folded behind her waist and a big smile on her face.

The student from Atago Girls’ Academy, the dream of every boy in Hokusei……is at the entrance of my room.

“A-Ari san !? Why are you here?”

It was truly a bolt out of the blue !

The sight of Ari san in her cute school uniform is so dazzling that it almost dazzles me.

Because can you believe it? A young lady attending one of the best girls’ schools in the city visiting the room of a man who lives alone……

No, Ari san has come to study many times before, but that’s not the same thing as this, and to be honest, the power of the uniform is not half as strong as it should be !

“Since I got to see Kingo this morning. I wanted to talk to you more.”

“I-I’m glad you said that, but what about school?”

“I left home early today, so I still have some free time. I was actually going to grade myself on yesterday’s mock exam, but I feel like talking to Kingo right now. Is that a bad idea?”

Her big eyes moisten with confusion and she looks up at me.

I……I can’t refuse when someone pleads with those eyes.

The so-called flirtatious look has an extraordinary effect on boys. Partly because it was a surprise attack, I was completely knocked out.

I wonder if the male teachers at Atago Girls’ Academy work while looking at these cute highschool girls every day. Hmmm, I envy them.

“Of course, it’s not a no-no. Come in…..”

“Ehehe, then excuse me !”

Like any homeowner, Ari san went up to her room and sat down in the same position she always sits in. 

“I’ll make you some tea right away.”

I put my breakfast on the back burner and prepared the tea. I poured tea leaves and hot water for two in a pot as before, transferred them to a cup and served it to her.

“It smells sweet and sour…… What kind of tea is this?”

“It’s rose hip tea. It is good for beautiful skin and immunity.”

“It is perfect for this season ! Thanks for the tea.”

Ari san took a sip from the cup, let out a small sigh, and tasted it. She had been so excited earlier, but now she had the face of a modest adult woman, and I couldn’t help but look at her.

“It’s delicious. This is the second time we’ve had tea together like this.”

“Ever since the first time we met.”

It was the morning she had dropped me off drunk and taken care of me. I remember that I offered her tea that morning too.

After that, tutoring started and we all started having tea together, so it was the first time since that morning that the two of us were alone.

Come to think of it, I naturally created a situation where the two of us were alone. Ryoko had scolded me before, and after that, I had to be very careful about it, and as a result, the three of us ended up tutoring together.

Well, it’s not like we don’t know each other, so it’s fine.

It’s been a month since we got to know each other. The relationship that started out as one of just supporting and being treated as an artist turned into one of an instructor and a student.

It’s a strange thing, I thought with deep emotion,

“So Kingo, how did it go with Ryoko san !?”

“Bwuh !?”

Again with the gossip question. Ari san, I thought she had backed down quietly, but she was not convinced !

Could it be that she was waiting for the quick-witted Ryoko to leave?

If so, she’s a clever one !

“A-Ari san !? As I said before, nothing happened, okay !?”

“Geez, Kingo, you’re so easy to understand. I’m not going to hate you even if my idol is on love ! I’m a sensible fan who draws a line in the sand and wishes for the happiness of my idol !”

Ari san said with pride.

I don’t know how much I can believe her words……

“There’s really nothing going on. I just stayed at a friend’s house with Ryoko and we all got along and slept together. I never laid a finger on Ryoko.”

This is what I mean by a mixture of falsehood and fact. We stayed at a love hotel, but I did not touch her body. I had to control my sexual desires.

“We are friends, you know.”

“Muu……you’re stubborn.”

I’m not stubborn, but that’s a fact.

Nothing will happen if you furrow your eyebrows and glare at me.

Ari san ponders something with a sour expression on her face, but then her face suddenly lights up. She must have thought of something, and it felt like a light bulb went off above her head.

“Then Kingo, let’s play a game !”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Instant rejection !?”

I could see the spirit of the game at this timing.

“D-don’t say that, come play with me !”

“Ari san, you’re going to be late for school.”

“I-I’ll be fine !”

“If you’re late for school, won’t Misumi sensei be angry with you?”


Ari san’s eyes were swimming. Apparently, she is afraid of being scolded by her teacher.

“Just do it a few times and it’ll be over ! I’ll go to school as soon as I’m done !”

“Haa. So, what kind of game are we going to play?”

Time is on my side. I knew that if I persisted properly and waited for Ari san’s departure time, she would leave. But I was bonded by her desperation, and I got on board.

“It’s the [truth or dare] game !”

“What kind of game is that?”

“First, you toss a coin and guess whether it’s heads or tails. The loser chooses between [truth] or [dare]. If you choose [truth] you answer the question truthfully. If you choose [dare] you will be given a challenge. Sounds fun, right?”

It was a simple party game.

And her intention was also simple. She wanted me to choose [Truth] so that she could ask me about last night.

“I understand, let’s do it.”

“Yay !”

“However, I will specify [Ryoko] as the no-no word for the questions to me.”

“Whyyy ! ! !?”

Ari san was in tears. I knew that’s what she was after.

In fact, no matter what Ari san asks me, I will make up the story, but I feel bad about lying in a game. So I’m going to restrict the word to enjoy the game without any repercussions.

I’m so smart.

“If you can’t accept that condition, I won’t play the game. I’ll have a cup of tea and see you out.”

“Muu….. okay. That’s fine. But no more secrets.”

Ari san was reluctant, but she accepted my condition. The meaning of playing the game should have been lost when she couldn’t ask about Ryoko, but she was willing to do it.

Ari san took a ten-yen coin out of her wallet and flicked it in the air with her finger.

Immediately after a high-pitched sound, she caught the coin in mid-air with a flourish and thrust out her fist.

Then it was decided who wins by guessing the flip side of the coin.

“I’ll take head.”

“Then I’ll take tail.”

Ari sam’s fingers unraveled. The coin in her fist pointed at the ceiling. The coin is on the head side. In other words, Aris san won.

“Fufufu, I win. Then Kingo, truth or dare?”

She was good at making me choose.

I didn’t expect to lose the first time.

No, I should have expected it, since there was a good chance that I would lose since the probability of winning was 50-50.

But since I had not thought about losing from the beginning, I was at a loss for a choice.

What should I do?

As my gaze wandered, I saw a guitar stand in the corner of the room.

At the same time, I felt I could read her mind.

If I chose dare, would she request a song?

Mm, no doubt. I’m sure she would order me to sing.

After all, Ari san is a fan of mine. The happiest thing for her is to have me singing in a live performance.

And I’m sure she’ll go to school in the morning, chewing on the joy of hearing me sing live.

That’s a brilliant prediction on my part.

“Well then, I’ll take……dare.”

Thus, I choose.

“Well then, let’s see…….”

In contrast, Ari san’s choice is…..

“Kiss me, Kingo.”

It was a big miss.

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