Episode 4 – child



She has a pretty face, but what she does is too abnormal.
Licking chopsticks that a person has put in his mouth with a smile on her face, ………… is beyond bizarre behavior.
Until now, she has not only the title of a misunderstood woman, but also a Yandere.

“So~, let me get back to what we were talking about.”
“No need to get back right?”
“Next we’ll talk about the kids.”
“……………, I see.”
“How many children do you want in the future? I will do my best if that’s what you want.”

Shiina gives a small gut-punch and sniffs.
Here we go again. The question of how many children I want.

Every time it’s just the two of us, this topic comes up. One minute she fantasizes about being in a relationship, and the next she’s talking about the development of that into married life.
How much of a fairy tale is in her head?

“Hey, hey, what about you, Saku-kun? By the way, I’m willing to go as much as you want—–“
“Two is fine.”

If my answer is badly postponed here, she will call my parents plus “You don’t care about me, do you?” and she will jump out of the window with a despairing look on her face and do something bizarre.
This has happened to me before.

So, when she’s talking to me and asks me a question, at first I may refuse to answer, but there’s a drawback.
But then she pretends to jump down…………… after all, this guy is not only a misunderstood woman, but also adds the titles of menhera and yandere to the list.

“Two? Saku-kun, are you sure you want two?”

Shiina tilts her head while holding my hand.

“What’s with that question”

Normally, Shiina would have been very excited, but I felt uncomfortable with her calmness.
This is not good. I have a chill.
I have a bad feeling for sure.

“I wondered if it was okay to have so little.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“I thought Saku-kun would like to have a happy and more enjoyable family.”
“……I see.”

It seems that my bad premonition was wrong. It’s just the usual self-serving Shiina’s assumption.
I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Besides, I think another is nice .”

Shiina said, looking out the window.


What do you mean, “just one more?” I didn’t even have time to think about it before a chill ran down my back.
A moment later.

“You know,………, actually,……………….”

Shiina turned over and rubbed her stomach.

“I’m having a baby right now, Saku-kun.”

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