Episode 11 – No privacy



“Hey! Why are you here!”

I reflexively stood up and moved away.
I didn’t realize it was Shiina at first because she had changed her voice slightly.
I couldn’t hide my surprise.

“Eh? I’ve been following you all the way from the house to here.”

“Because you know ~? When I left the house in a hurry and checked your location.
It says you’re at home. I waited for you to come out of the house you know? Me”
“Yes! I put it in your phone so that I know when and where you are! And also to prevent cheating!”

I quickly pull out my phone and search for the location app.
I quickly uninstalled the location information app that had been so well hidden.
Now I no longer have to worry about location data leaks.

“You, this is a crime. Besides, don’t I have any privacy?”
“Your privacy is also my privacy! That’s why I back up all your search history and everything. It’s also a great way to find out what your interests are.”

It’s a perfect crime. She’s crazy.
Moreover, my search history has been exposed. She knows about all my pornographic videos and stuff.
It’s just too bad.

“I’m done……….”

I’m getting so tired of all this.

Location awareness, search history monitoring ………… I don’t seem to have a private life.

“Hey, if you were hiding near my house, why didn’t you just call out to me when I left the house instead of stalking me? You didn’t have to go to the trouble of stalking me.”

I was sure she would have hugged me from behind and said, “Good morning~, Saku-kun.”
I said with narrow eyes, and Shiina blushed and wriggled her body.

“Because it’s ………… embarrassing for us to go to school together.”

Whenever and wherever, the guy who sticks to me and presses her breasts against my chest is saying something like that.
I’m going to lose my temper in earnest. I can feel the blood vessels in my forehead swollen.
Seriously, I think I’m going to drown her in Tokyo Bay one time.

“It’s so embarrassing to go to school together in the morning, it’s so goofy~”

Shiina is making a fuss all by herself.

“You, you have a bug”
“Of course, I’m buggy because I like you too much, Saku-kun.”

She hugs me even more forcefully.

“Don’t stick to me in public, idiot.”
“That’s fine~. Let’s show our love for each other in the morning.”

If we were at school, I’d give her a hundred paces and let her go. Almost the whole school knows about our relationship.
But this is a station platform. A place where strangers pass by.
The way people look at you is a hundred million times more piercing than at school.

That “what a couple of idiots” look.

We’re not dating in the first place! Don’t get me wrong! People looking at us right now!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 11 – No privacy

  1. Damn what a funny chapter. Also RIP to our MC his search history was leaked, on the brightside for a yan like FMC she now knows all his kinks.

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