“Sakurai Kirito loves Kitajima Towa from the bottom of his heart. Please be my lover.”

Towa san’s eyes were downcast at my words.

“At the beginning. I knew from the moment we came to this park that I had some idea of what you were going to say to me.”
“I guess.”
“I never expected you to talk about the old days, though.”
“I wanted you to know everything about me.”

Towa san lets out a small breath at my words.

Looking at my strong eyes, she asks

“Can you say with all your heart that you don’t love Minamino-san anymore?”
“I don’t have the slightest feeling of liking Minamino Rinne anymore. My heart is occupied with you 100 percent.”

Hearing these words, Towa san’s eyes …… started with darkness

“I’m …… a woman with a heavy love….. If you cheat on me, I will stab you. Is that okay with you?”
“I would never cheat on you. But yes, I would love to be killed by you.”

Without running away from Towa sam’s gaze, I answered.

And then, she lowered her eyes.

“I believe you, …….”
“Thank you. …….”

She opens her eyes, looks me firmly in the eye, and then says,

“Sakurai Kirito-kun.”

“Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito-kun from the bottom of her heart.”
“Sakurai Kirito loves Towa Kitajima from the bottom of her heart.”

Towa san and I hugged each other as we said this.

I felt Towa’s softness all over my body. Her body was trembling a little.

“I love you ……, I love you ……, I love you …….”
“Yes. Me too, Towa san…..”

Towa san buried her face in my chest.

“I was anxious …… when you would put it into words …… all the time …… All the time…….”
“I’m sorry I made you wait…….”

Towa san looks up and sees me at those words.
The eyes were wet with tears.

“Please kiss Me.”
“Yes. I want to do it with you too.”

Holding her close, Towa san and I put our lips on each other’s. She was so sweet and soft, her lips were wet with tears.

When we separated our lips gently, …… we laughed at each other.

“It is embarrassing…”
“Yes, I am. But I’m happy.”

In the midst of such a sweet moment, for a brief moment, a look of surprise came into her eyes.

“…… what? Towa san, what’s wrong?”

Behind me?
Thinking so, I tried to turn around.

“No, ……!”
“Towa sa……!”

Her voice sounded impatient. She stops me from turning around with both hands.

Then, she covers my lips with her own.

It is the second kiss.

It’s different from the first time, a kiss where I feel her deeply. ……

Our tongues entwine with each other.

The park of memories is filled with the sound of a man and a woman’s tongues and saliva entwining.

My eyes close and I feel her.

I no longer care about what’s behind me or the color of her eyes.

I love her. I will never let her go.

I’m going to …… make this person …… happy.

I decided so and let go of her lips.

“Towa san,……, I love you.”
“Yes,…… Kirito-kun. I love you too.”

I’m sure it’s my imagination that I saw a faint dark color in the depths of her eyes as she answered my words of love.

…… I decided to think so.

(TL : So, the second volume is about Towa, well it’s really sweet but something has been triggered and I think it’s not a good one. See you on the next one !)

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