SS –  Practice And Photoshoot


On Saturday morning, Not Noise-Nonoi for short–decided to have a joint practice.

The location was a studio at Hokusei University, where we were able to borrow drums and amplifiers owned by the student association, so we could make as much noise as we wanted.

However, the members’ skills are not yet good enough to play together, so the first day will be spent listening to their individual practice sessions, giving them advice on where they have had trouble, and practice.

When practice begins, I make Senpai sit down on the drums first.

“How do you like it? How do you feel about real drums?”

I asked her as she sat down in front of the drum set.

“I’m a little nervous. I’m afraid I’ll accidentally tear it.”

“It’s surprisingly sturdy, so you can play it as hard as you like.”

Senpai, who had bought the sticks for today, was hesitant to play the percussion instrument. I understand how she feels at first, because it’s hard to know how hard to hit a percussion instrument.

I pushed her back and waved the sticks appropriately. She struck the floor tom, snare, and tom in turn, and let the sounds resonate.

“They all sounded different.”

“The biggest bass drum is played by the foot pedal. Try stepping on it.”

When she stepped on the pedal as she was told, a powerful, heavy bass sound resonated. It was a powerful sound that shook my eardrums and my toes.

“The drums in a band are like the heart of the band, making the beat. Fast and slow, strong and weak. They also play a role in giving a song its energy and creating a sense of urgency.”

“You mean it is an important part of the band?”

“Yes. There is no conductor in the band, so we all listen to Senpai and adjust the tempo accordingly.”

“Ugh…… Do you think I can handle it?”

Senpai wrinkled her brow when she learned how difficult it is to play the drums.

Unlike guitar or piano, drummers don’t have to be aware of scales or chords, but that’s another point.

Every role has its own problems.

“I think Senpai can do it. I think you would be perfect for such a role, conducting accurately at the very back of the line.”

“I don’t remember doing anything that dexterous…….”

I wonder if that is true. Even when she was a tutor, she took the initiative to give her opinion when discussing the direction of the program, and she was a big help. It seems that she herself is not aware of this.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure you can do it.”

I had not the slightest doubt.

“In the afternoon, we’re going to take Nonoi’s photo shoot !”

After practicing in the studio for a full hour, we ate our lunch on a bench in the university square. After we finished eating, Ari san announced in a loud voice.

Artists’ photos. In other words, the artist photo is a single piece of content that expresses the band’s character, and is the first photo that people see when they get to know Nonoi.

“I’m thinking of using the campus as the location.”

No one objected to Ari san’s proposal.

“So, as for the location, I’m thinking of the studio, the school cafeteria, or in front of the school gate.”

No one answers this question. Or rather, all three of us are speechless.

Why that choice?

“Ari san, how about some other place that would look better?”

I take the lead. The other day at the name meeting, I hurt Ari san’s pride, so today we’ll go soft.

“If we’re doing it on campus, how about a location with a more classical university-like interior or a location that shows the size of the structure?”

“Right. The buildings at Hokusei University are big, and there’s plenty of nature, so I’d like to bring in some of the personality of the campus.”

Senpai said.

“The studios are impersonal, the cafeteria looks like a photo shoot for a get-together. The school gate looks like…..s graduation ceremony.”

Ryoko’s unrelenting criticism. Say it a little softer. Otherwise,…….

“That’s enough ! I’m going back to Atago !”

[ [ [You’re running !?] ] ]

See, she’s sulking again. And as usual, Misumi senpai comforted her and buried her head in her bust. Hmmm, I’m jealous.

Ari san, you’ve been trying so hard, but you’ve been a little spineless since the last time. You’re still a strange person.

“We all need to think of a location again. We are seniors and we know the university better. Right, Misumi senpai?”

“I agree ! I’m sure we can find a good location if we all think of it together !”

That’s how we brainstormed. We started to list all the places we could think of.

“How about a shot with the school building in the background?”

That would make it look like a college brochure.

Ryoko, who had made a frame with her fingers, looked into the frame and muttered. Just behind me was the university building.

I try to imagine it, but it sure looks like a pamphlet for high school students, not like a band.

“How about the biotope? It’s a location where you can feel the greenery of the campus.”

“It’s a nice photo op, but doesn’t it make you look like an environmental group?”

Sure. If it fits the band’s direction, that’s fine, but it’s not like Not Noise.

Somehow, it doesn’t seem like the serenity of a forest……

“Leaving the biotope as a candidate, does Ryoko have any good ideas?”

“Well, if it’s university-like, maybe a laboratory?”

Hmmm, it is certainly a facility that can only be found in a university. The mechanical engineering department and the electric guitar would be a good match. But there is a problem.

“We’re all liberal arts majors, so isn’t this too out of place?”

“I thought the same thing…..”

Choosing an irrelevant location just for the sake of looking good is just plain stupid.

“A unique space that looks like a university. How about a professor’s office?”

“That’s interesting ! It could express a unique view of the world. But I wonder if any professor would rent it to us.”

Hmmm, I don’t think they’ll rent it. Teachers at the university don’t have time to hang out with student bands.

“How about the library then? It’s a very unique space in Gakusha Manabiya, and I think it would look good in a photograph with the big bookshelves in the background.”

Misumi senpai’s opinion brought everyone to their knees.

“It is true that the library is a space with a scale and character that is typical of a university. And a rock band in a space where silence is the manner of the day. The intention is to say, [Our music is not noise,] isn’t it, Senpai !”

“No, that’s not the intent…….”

Senpai, that’s a nice idea !

“How about it, Ari san? Let’s shoot at the library !”

“Hmm….. I think the library would be good too. But will they let us shoot there?”

“Let’s ask the librarian. If we shoot as quietly as possible so as not to disturb them, they might let us.”

The library at Hokusei University is open on Saturdays on a reduced schedule. We immediately went to the counter and asked if we could take pictures.

They readily gave us the OK. They asked on the condition that we be as quiet as possible since it was Saturday and there were only a few users.

Thus, the photo shoot for the Nonoi archival photograph was successfully completed. Ari san seemed satisfied with the cool, intelligent finish, which is typical of a college band.

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