“First, put your gun down on the ground and kick it toward me. But if you do anything funny, I’ll kill the hostage. That’s not the development you want, is it?”

The thin-eyed guy points the muzzle of his gun at me.

On his other hand is a microphone. I guess he is posing as if he can shoot the hostage at any time.

I do as he says and slowly lower the gun to the ground.

With both hands raised, I kick the gun.

I was planning to close the distance with 《Instant》when the other party started to pick up the gun,

“Good. Next, reveal your identity. The white coat is just a disguise, right?”

Instead of looking away, the guy kicked the gun backwards without even looking at it.

I was forced to give up on the 《Instant》 routine.

First, I do as I’m told and reveal my true identity.

“Erm……I’m a normal student.”

–Bang !

The shot is fired at the very tip of my toe.

The bullet lodges in the floor and steam rises.

The accuracy of the shot was so good that I couldn’t help but admire it. If it had been off by even a few millimeters, I would have been hit.

…Well, I didn’t dodge it because it was on a trajectory that didn’t hit me.

“I’m not getting any response from the first and second floors. There’s no way those guys are going down with just a little kid. Next time, I’ll shoot you, understand?”

Even his narrow eyes narrowed even more.

it can not be helped. If this happens, I’ll just do it,

Because I’m not lying. I’m an assassin who returned from another world ! Even if I answered that, he would shoot me anyway.

Well, I guess I could say I’m an SP even if it’s a lie, but there’s a difference between the two. If you have a strange sense of perception, you might be able to see through it.

Before I could open my mouth, I deployed a 《Magical Barrier》 over my entire body.

As a side note, a 《Magical Barrier》is just what it sounds like.

It is, so to speak, the last shield to keep the living from being damaged.

This barrier is always stretched over the entire body of otherworldly people with magical powers.

It can be cut off as needed, or it can be concentrated on one part of the body and used as a strong shield.

Among such barriers, there is one called 《Unique Barrier》which functions only as a shield, but mutates to have a special effect. It is an image of a shield plus α (added value).

The barrier I’m about to deploy right now is exactly like that, and it would be inconvenient to deploy it all the time in this real world (it consumes magic power, but there is another essential reason), but since Kujo san is not here now and resistance is forbidden, it might be just right.

I decided to give you some advice in advance after I finished deploying the 《Unique Barrier》

“I’m going to answer your question seriously, but can I ask you one question first?”

“No, answer first.”

“Let me give you some advice first. You’d be doing yourself a favor by not shooting at me, okay?”


The guy never blinks his eyes and never blinks his muzzle. In a way, that’s great. If I make even the slightest suspicious movement, he’s really ready to blow the wind out of me.

I’ve been warned. I’m forbidden to move.

So all I can do is answer his questions.

“I’m a student–“

–Bang !

A gunshot ruthlessly rings out.

The trigger is pulled, and from the muzzle of the gun comes a faint smoke and a spark of fire.

The smell of gunpowder fills the place.

It was hit in the abdomen, and the fresh warm liquid slowly stained the area.

When he touches the burning-hot area, he feels the sticky evidence of the wound.

He couldn’t help but scream.

“W-why am I…..!

The terrorist falls down with a thud.

He seems to be having trouble adjusting to the reality that he was the one who was supposed to have fired the shot and was hit.

Well, that’s what happens, doesn’t it?

“I told you so. You shouldn’t have shot at me.”

Now, I’ll tell you a story.

The official name of the 《Unique Barrier》I deployed is 《Full Reflection》

The barrier that covers my entire body has a specific distance to determine the reflection.

It can deplete any energy or object that comes within its range as it wishes.

However, it is not always useful. The activation of 《Full Reflection》 requires the surgeon’s calculation.

Therefore, when I deploy the 《Unique Barrier》 I link the 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》 to force it to complete the necessary calculations and use it.

This makes me virtually invincible while deploying it, but I think I have conveyed to you how bad it is to activate it all the time in this world.

So, the winner was decided easily, but the next moment, the future flowed directly into my brain.

It seemed to have been triggered by the 《Evil Eyes of Future Vision》

It seemed that Carlos, the American terrorist who had been outnumbered, had fled to regroup and captured a hostage.

A video was shown of him holding a knife to the head of a young girl with an arm as thick as my one leg, taking a gun from Kujo san.

Although Kujo san had declared that her top priority would be to give priority to the important people of His Imperial Highness, Princess Akina, seeing the crying face of the little girl made Kujo san’s resolve waver and he apparently handed over the gun as she was told.

It is not something to be admired from the perspective of a profession that requires professionals to fail to fulfill their duties, no matter the reason. After all, she is a human being. Unfortunately, I have to say that it is naive.

But I don’t dislike her naivete.

In fact, I even feel a sense of kinship with her.

She has a sense of mission to fulfill her duties, and yet she follows the path she believes in. I have seen many such people. I respect them from the bottom of my heart.

A person who kills a police officer who is risking the life of a young girl as a shield has no human rights.

Without hesitation, I walked toward him.

Sensing that his life was in danger, he fired two shots in rapid succession without learning.

I use my 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》 to detect the distance, angle, and air resistance of the terrorist using the hostage as a shield, and use 《Fll Reflection》 to launch a counterattack on the first bullet.

I aim at the American’s arm, reflecting the bullet off the wall.

“Noooo ! ! !”

The calculation by the 《Evil Eyes of Guidance》  cannot possibly make a mistake.

The bullet hit his arm beautifully.

There is no way that Kujo san would have missed that gap, and with an accuracy no less than that of a man with a big head, she pierces his forehead with a windhole.

As expected of Kujo san. She is also a first-rate gunman.

Of course, the second bullet,


It pierced his forehead.

Even though I warned you not to shoot, you were the one who opened fire, right?

You got what you deserved.

Well then. Now it’s time to go to the top floor.

Now that they know we’re here, we can’t afford to sit on our hands.

I’m going to meet up with Kujo san immediately and take control of the situation.

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