“Here, I signed it.”

I handed the signed paper to Nobuhiko. Nobuhiko’s face broke into a bright smile. Holding it up to the cloudy sky, he looked up with joy as if he had received a blessing from God.

He must really be in a pinch. But this should put Lyconess out of danger.

“Nobuhiko, please explain to me properly. What do you mean, Lyconess is in a pinch?”

“Well, that’s–Gaahh !?”

Suddenly, Nobuhiko’s body, which was gloating fearlessly, flew in the air. 

“Nobuhiko !?”

“Gnnnnn…..ouuch…ouuch……. Who the hell…..”

Nobuhiko, who had slumped to the ground, rubbed his cheek and moaned.

What on earth happened…?

At the edge of my confused vision, a figure appeared from behind the car.

“Geh…..Ryoko !?”

It was Ryoko who appeared, stomping on the ground. She looked down at Nobuhiko, who was slumped over with a devilish expression on his face.

“I’m sorry, Nobuhiko. I have to hit you. I won’t feel better unless I hit you.”

Ryoko’s fist cracked. Her beautiful hands, which could have been modeled for a ring, punished the big man. I mean, you could throw such a punch Ryoko.

“How could you betray Kingo and then just show your face?”

“S-shut up ! I have no business with you !”

“It seems like you have no remorse at all for that attitude.… Oh, what’s this paper?”

Ryoko picked up the paper that had fallen at her feet.

“Ha……that’s !?”

“[Memorandum of Consent for the Use of Copyrighted Material.] ……What the hell is this !?”

“Gnnn… I-I can’t stand on stage without it. So give it back !”

“What do you mean? You guys had been promised that you could use the original song in the future, right?”


Nobuhiko looked at me in a weird way and wriggled his mouth. I was getting more and more suspicious of his unexplained attitude, but he didn’t give me any answer.

Instead, Ryoko opened her mouth with a knowing look on her face.

“Nobuhiko, you got permission to use the song, but the promise were verbal, so the people in Tokyo didn’t trust you, did they?”

“Ugh !?”

“Is that so, Nobuhiko !?”

“Right ! That’s why I cheated–no, I came here to ask you for a favor !”

Nobuhiko is in a desperate mood and is screaming. I see, come to think of it, I did admit to gave them permission, but I don’t remember writing it down on paper. That wouldn’t work in the business world, would it? Nowadays, copyrights are very strict.

“You really are an idiot, aren’t you? This kind of paper—I mean, why did you sign it, Kingo ! !?”

“Oh, shoot ! I heard that Lyconess was in a pinch, so I just signed it ! What should I do, Ryoko !?”

“It’s obvious. This piece of paper…”

“Wait, Ryoko, stop ! !”

Nobuhiko exclaimed, but it was too late. The memorandum paper was torn into pieces by Ryoko’s hand and flew away in the wind.

“Now you can’t use Kingo’s music.”

“What have you done ! Without that thing I can’t get on stage and I can’t pay back my debt ! What are you going to do about it !?”

“I don’t care, you idiot ! You decided to do it without Kingo, so you and Yua should do it on your own ! Oh, come to think of it, where’s Yua?”

I noticed that Yua was indeed missing. Nobuhiko is scrambling to save Lyconess in a pinch, but what in the world is she doing?

“She’s not here, does that mean she’s gotten sick of you?”

“No, it’s not ! She’s not out of love with me yet !”

“Hmmm, [yet]……”

Ryoko looked down at Nobuhiko who was still slumped over with a contemptuous smile on her face. It seems that things are not going well with Yua. I can’t believe that you can steal someone’s girlfriend and then have a falling out with her. ……

As someone who was robbed, I feel helpless.

No, let’s put his love life aside for now……

“Nobuhiko, let me ask you about the permission for the song. What did the agency say? If I sign it, will they let you debut?”

My concern was about Lyconess’ debut. I had not expected Nobuhiko to be so exhausted after coming to Tokyo in high spirits. I expected him to suffer after his debut, but I didn’t expect it to be a problem before his debut……

“W-well, that’s about it. Anyway, if Lyconess is going to take off, Kingo, we need your help. Living in Tokyo is quite difficult for me, and I’ve even gotten into debt. If I don’t make my debut, I won’t be able to repay the debt, and I’ll become a laughingstock in my hometown. I’m dying of embarrassment. I really need to get on stage to make up for those people who made fun of me as a countrybump ! So, please, Kingo !

Nobuhiko, perplexed, finally rubbed his forehead on the ground and pleaded.

I couldn’t believe that the proud Nobuhiko would get down on his knees with tears and snot dripping down his nose.

I felt as if the image of Nobuhiko that was barely holding its shape in my mind was crumbling down with a rattling sound.

“Nobuhiko, I’ve had enough ! You’re too selfish to ask for cooperation now after you’ve already discarded Kingo as useless. Why don’t you apologize to him first before asking for help !?

“I understand ! Kingo, I’m sorry about the other day. You were an indispensable asset to Lyconess. It was because my eyes were blinded that I misjudged you. I admit my mistake. I’m sorry. Please accept my apology and consider cooperating with me.”

This is exactly the kind of apology and pleading that does not inspire pride. He is asking for help in the face of difficulties he can’t handle. Nobuhiko has no choice but to cling to them.

Even though he was the victim who he stole his girlfriend from.

Even though he is the guitarist whom he discarded because he could change his mind.

This is the figure of Nobuhiko, whose dream is about to disappear.

I did not feel contempt for him, nor did I feel anger for him.

He was simply pathetic.

There was no one else in the world who could give him a chance except Kobayakawa Kingo.


“No, Nobuhiko. I can’t lend you my music.”

I made a ruthless decision.

Even if I’m the only one in the world who can save him and Lyconess, I can’t help him.


Nobuhiko turned pale as he looked at me. It’s no wonder. The decision I made was to cut off his dreams. I’m aware of the weight of despair.

“It’s obvious. You deserved it for mocking Kingo so much.”

Ryoko’s follow-up shot Nobuhiko in the face. Nobuhiko fell to the ground and wailed in a thick voice. It was pathetic to see a big man sobbing.

But my feelings remained the same.

“Nobuhiko, Ryoko, don’t jump to conclusions.”

Yes……whether Nobuhiko’s wailing and Ryoko’s laying out of his sins do not change my feelings.

“When I say I can’t lend it to you, I mean, I can’t lend it to you right now.”

That was frankly my feeling….

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24 days ago

Jesus this guy is a complete cuck. Does it even matter that the friend will get his ude at the end? For me, no. Mc already been trampled enough that no matter what happened to his shitty friend i still feel like mc kinda deserved it more tbh. Maybe this is why his gf left him?