Episode 38 – Two shying, loli girl



The next day, I was determined not to go back to the shady side of life. After getting ready in the morning, I waxed my hair and left the apartment.

I had to go quickly because I was meeting Sakimiya-san in front of the university.

“It’s the circle …… starting today, right?”

Even though I knew them all, I was still nervous.

Because even those two friends from high school who seemed to have successfully made their college debut had quit the circle within a few weeks.

I wonder if I can keep up with them, even though I look like I’m getting closer to a cheerful person, but inside I’m still completely in the negative …….

“Ah! Don’t get so weak-minded so soon! Sakimiya-san is also in the circle, so it should be okay.”

But if there is a pattern of quitting the circle because of breaking up with a girlfriend like Sato, I may also get fed up and quit the circle if I get into a fight with Sakimiya-san,…….

If that happens, I’ll end up on the same path as those two …….

“That’s why I told myself to stop thinking negatively.”

“Kaaazakiiiri san”

As I struggle alone in a whirlpool of conflict, a high-pitched, adorable voice calls my name from behind me, like a child.

This voice is …….

When I turned around, there was Yami san, a little short and wearing a minefield type fashion.

“Hehehe, I just happened to see you, so I called out to you.”

“Y-Yami san, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Today, she is wearing a mine type fashion with a lot of black, which Sakimiya san had chosen for her before, and her hair is not in the usual half-up style, but in a half-twin style.

The haircut combined with the hairstyle makes her look even younger, but she is wearing thick-soled boots today, which makes her taller than usual,……, but she still has a childish face and looks like she is in elementary or junior high school.

But Yami san wouldn’t look out of place in mine-type clothes like Sakimiya.

She blends in with the Lolita genre,…… (not that I’m saying Yami-san has a Lolita body type…).

“Are you looking forward to the travel circle?”

“Oh, you’re going to join a travel circle too, right, Yami san?”

“Yes, I am! I’ve been invited by Hinata-chan, but I’ve always liked traveling and stuff!”

The opposite of me, Yami san seems to be looking forward to the circle.

Yami-san may look young, but she speaks clearly, has the energy to approach Sakimiya-san for the mine fashion she admires, and is hundreds of times more of a sunny character than I am. ……

“I heard that Sakimiya-san is also going to join the travel circle, so I wore this outfit today because I was going to meet Sakimiya-san. It’s so cute and frilly, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes. ……”

“”Kazakiri-san? What happened? You seem to be really not feeling well today.”


Yami-san is short, so she looked up at me and peeked into my face.

I guess being nervous is something that people can sense even if you don’t say anything ……?

She will know that I’m anxious to fit in because I’m a shy person at heart.

“Perhaps, Kazakiri-san,……, you were so excited about today that you couldn’t sleep last night?!”


“I understand that feeling! I was so looking forward to today that I usually go to bed by 7:00, but I stayed up late until 9:00!”

Normally go to bed at 7:00 and stay up late at 9:00. …… I guess it’s not just your looks that make you childish, Yami san.

“Haa. ……”

“Wait, why are you sighing?! My guess is correct, isn’t it? Hey!”

“What can I say, …… Yami san, you’re so cute.”

“Eh, eh!? What’s all of a sudden, Kazakiri-san! II-I knew it, Kazakiri-san is a pick-up artist after all!”

“What do you mean, ‘I knew it!'”

As we were having a weird comic dialogue, we arrived in front of the university before we knew it.

We were 10 minutes earlier than our meeting time, but it seems that Sakimiya-san hasn’t arrived yet at …….

On our previous date, Sakimiya-san had arrived early, so I thought she is making me wait,…….

“Huh? Aren’t you going to Building 4?”

“I’m meeting Sakimiya-san in front of the university. I think she’ll be here in about 10 minutes.”

“I see! Then I’ll wait for her too!”

Yami-san lines up next to me and waits for Sakimiya-san with me.

But still, …….

“That little girl is so cute!”

“Is she a child actor or something?”

“She’s dressed like she’s in cosplay, maybe it’s a photo shoot or something.”

People passing in front of the university are looking at me.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Sakimiya-san and I’m used to people looking at me, but in the case of Yami-san, it seems that people look at me in a different way than they do Sakimiya-san. ……

“Kazakiri-san, Kazakiri-san.”

“W-What’s wrong?”

“Everyone is looking at me, aren’t they? I knew it was because of this outfit that Sakimiya-san picked out for me!”

“You…… you are right.”

The reason is simply because Yami san is small and cute, but one of the reasons may be that she stands out more than usual with her mine fashion.

“Ah, Sakimiya-san is here!”


The sound of footsteps approaching us, with a thump of boots.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Kazakiri-kun.”

“S-Sakimiya san. ……”

For the first time in three days, Sakimiya-san is wearing a lovely pink and chocolate-colored checked one-piece dress, with black boots and a shiny black shoulder bag slung over her shoulder.

The ribbon on her chest is pink ……, which means she’s in a good mood.

And best of all, on her ear was the pink heart-shaped non-hole earring I gave her the other day.

“How is it? I put on the non-hole earrings today.”

“They look great on you and you look cute, Sakimiya-san.”

“……T-Thank you.”

When Sakimiya san said that, she blinked and looked away from me.

There was something like shyness on her face, and I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as well, and turned my gaze to the sky.

I don’t know what it is, but I can’t stop feeling excited when I think that Sakimiya san is wearing the present…

“Muu. Kazakiri san! It feels a little different from the cute thing you said to me earlier.”

“Haa? Wait, Kazakiri-kun, why did you call Yami-san cute? Why, why, why?”

“S-Sakimiya-san, calm down! Because it’s different!”

Suddenly, Sakimiya-san’s face looked disturbed and I quickly excused myself.

The circle hasn’t even started and I’m worried about the future. ……

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1 month ago

I hope you will one day make a discord server for all your fans to discuss on these LN series !!

1 month ago
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I’d be willing to moderate it if u do make it !

1 month ago
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Ngl it sounds fun to talk about these dumb LN, you guys do actually create a dc, please @ me. Thanks!