Sunday afternoon.

People are visiting Hokusei University despite the day off.

Most of them are students, but there are also families with children, young couples, and elderly couples.

Today is the day of the tea party hosted by the Boston Tea Club.

The venue is an outdoor space rented from the university. Under the clear autumn sky, the circle members who play the role of staff members entertaining the visitors are busily at work.

The flow of the tea party begins with visitors receiving numbered tickets. Exchanging them for tea and sweets, and then enjoying tea as they please in the seats and seating area set up for them.

“If you are attending the Boston Tea Party, please receive your numbered ticket here !”

“You can get any refills !”

“Sweets are in exchange for a numbered ticket. One per person. Please understand.”

Today was especially busy. The usual number of visitors is about 30, but today there are twice that many. It was a warm, sunny autumn day, probably because it was a perfect day for a tea party.

I was the tea fetcher, handing out paper cups filled with tea to the visitors.


“Hello, Kingo !”

Ari san came up to me with a smile that reminded me of a mountain tea blossom in full bloom.

“Hello, Ari san. Thank you for coming today.”

“No, thank you for inviting me ! Your apron looks good on you.”

Ari san sends me such compliments.

My attire today is casual waiter style with a shirt and moss green apron. Tea party staff are supposed to wear a white shirt and apron to look clean.

“Thank you very much. Ari san’s outfit is cute too.”

“Y-you think so……?”

“Yes, it suits you very well.”

”Ehehe, I’m so glad Kingo complimented me.”

Ari san looks embarrassed, her cheeks blushed.

Her today’s outfit is a beige hoodie with a logo and a knee-length denim skirt. The overall earth colors and autumnal atmosphere created a calm and charming atmosphere.

“Hey~? Why are you hitting on our guest?”

“R-Ryoko……!? I’m not hitting on her or anything !”

Ryoko, who was preparing tea behind me, made a mean sound.

She is a tea lady like me.

“Ah, Ryoko san, hello ! Thank you for treating me today !”

“Hello, Ari chan ! Take your time !”

“Thank you very much ! Your apron looks great on you, Ryoko san !”

The girls greet each other with smiles. I was surprised to see that they had become good friends without my knowledge.

“Ari san, please have some tea. We serve a seasonal tea every month at the tea party. This month it’s marron tea because it’s autumn.”

“Marron tea? Oh, it smells like chestnuts.”

“We will also be serving sweet potato pound cake at the table next to ours, so please join us. And here is one for you, Ari san.”

I then handed her a paper bag that I had left at the end of the table behind me.

“It’s a thank-you for the other day.”

“A t-thank you !? It’s not just tea and cake !?

Ari san’s eyes were wide and she was surprised. I had only invited her to a tea party as a thank-you, so this was more like a surprise.

“The cookies are inside. Please enjoy them while you study.”

“Wow, thank you ! I’m so happy to get a present from my idol〜. I’ll treasure it forever !”

“Please eat them before the expiration date.”

You’re overreacting just for cookies.

I’ve always known that Ari  is a bit of a strange girl. Well, it’s okay that she’s funny.

After handing over the gift, Ari san moved to the table where the sweets were being handed out with an exhilarated gait. I was relieved to see that she seemed to be pleased with my gift.

“Hello, Kobayakawa kun.”

“Oh, Misumi senpai, hello. I’m glad you came.”

The person who came right after Ari san was Misumi senpai, who I had invited the other day.

“Yes, since you took the trouble to invite me.”

“Thank you very much. Are you alone today?”

”Geez……can’t I come alone?”

Senpai’s lips twitched.

Oh shoot. I knew that she was the type of person who likes to be alone.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this type of person who loves to spend quiet time alone, eating and reading.

“N-no, that’s not what I mean ! Here is marron tea. Please enjoy it with sweet potato pound cake.”

I try my best to cover up the fact that I’m not talking about the subject.

For some reason, there is a tendency in this world to look at people coldly.

Some people have a prejudice that they don’t fit in with others, or that they don’t socialize well.

I like to be alone myself, so I want to tell them it’s none of my business.

However, I have made Senpai feel the same way. I am ashamed of myself.

It’s time to reflect on that.

“Eh……Misumi sensei?”

Ari san’s stunned voice hit my ears.

Episode 13 Illustration 

This is the episode of the tea party !

The heroines finally meet each other and the story begins to change !

The illustration is of Ryoko serving tea !

Red Wine

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Alright the illust might be an AI, but only for the colour. The art itself seems to be drawn manually. There’s no way AI could draw proper fingers lol

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