“Oh, yeah~, it’s true. I know that guy. You want to go see him now?”

“Yes, I’m coming~”

Miriel was easily caught. This elf girl is a little too pure and a little too smart for her own good.

As expected, the intelligent and pure Fiala stopped her.

“Miiri! Don’t believe so easily! Mokit san, you said you knew ‘him,’ but what exactly is your relationship with him?”

“~Well, I guess just a friend, beautiful priestess♡”

The flirtatious-looking man named Mokit said in a light tone of voice and took a chair from somewhere else to sit among the girls without permission.

I was a little annoyed by this scene and purposely approached him.

“Excuse me, sir What can I get you?”

“Shut up, you mobster! Don’t talk to me like that!”

“Hey, you, ……, you disrespect to Lord Seti will not be tolerated by this Carina von Allanbard!”

“Uisuu. I’ll have a cup of tea, please.”

“Yes, sir.”

I offered Mokit a cup of tea.

I was still worried about the girls, so I stood at a distance and listened.

“You said your name is Mokit, right? Then what is his name? What is his physical appearance and features?”

“Eh? No, ……, well, you know. You’ll know him when you see him, won’t you?”

Mokit suddenly became very hesitant to answer Karina’s questions.

I knew it was suspicious, this guy. I think he doesn’t actually know her and is just saying random things to pick up on her.

But Karina doesn’t seem to doubt him and asks his opinion, “Manisa, what do you think?” She is asking for his opinion.

“..Honestly, it’s a bit suspicious, but if he is pretending to be someone else, then it’s no wonder Mokit can’t answer. If it’s what I imagined, his occupation wouldn’t be able to be talked about carelessly. ”

What’s that? Even the wisdom manisa is starting to understand.

Besides, it seems that the girls are looking for that “he of their hearts” person …….

I didn’t think that he was pretending to be someone else, after all. ……

–Could it be me?

That means they knew I was pretending to be Alta in some places.

Nevertheless, they were all kind to me and …… are you saying that they are looking for me like this?

Why did you break off your marriage with Alta ….. ?


My chest, my chest tingles.

It’s as if something is squeezing me and I’m …… sad and happy.

But I cannot let them know it’s me.

I’m the one who is being chased by the organization, and I’m sure …… I’m going to get everyone involved.

It is a dark world full of carnage that people like these girls should never enter.

That’s the only thing–

“Hey, since we don’t have any leads on “him,” we might as well just go, right?”

“However, I am confused as to why Mokit-san called out to us. What is his intention in the first place?”

Unlike the slightly forward-looking Miriel, the cautious Fiala inquired.

“Yes, it wasn’t a pick-up ……. He wanted to meet you guys! He’s a shy guy! He was shy and asked me to meet you! No, I’m serious!”

The bastard just called it a pick-up.

If “he” is me, he is definitely lying big time.

“U-Umm……his words and actions irritate me physiologically, but …… he might be shy”

“Really, ‘he’ was shy,…… and that’s what makes him so adorable.”

The next thing you know, Karina and Manisa are accepting. I was thrilled to be called “cute” without a second thought.

The rest, Fiala also broke down, “If …… you all say so,” she said.

Is it group psychology?

Or is it that everyone wants to meet me that badly?

What should I do about ……?

Then they went with Mokit.

:It’s a bit… Well, once they find out that it’s for picking up girls, Mokit will probably get beaten up by those girls.”

After all, this is an active heroes’ party. Even I can recognize that strength

“…Hey, this is Mokit, right? He was in this country?”

“Yes, definitely. He has been fired from being adventurers… I feel sorry for those girls.”

Suddenly, I heard the voice of a customer sitting at a table.

They were a man and a woman who appeared to be experienced adventurers.

They seemed to know Mokit. Is he from another country?

No, it’s more like …… he was fired as an adventurer? You feel sorry for those girls?

You mean …… Karina and the others?

“Sir, if you don’t mind my asking, could you tell me more about them?”

Damn, what the hell!

I ran out of the store, pale and bloodthirsty, after hearing about Mokit from the adventurers, men and women.

Mokit was no ordinary pick-up bandit.

He was connected to an underworld organization, which was the reason he was fired from the Adventurers’ Guild.

Apparently it’s a large-scale human trafficking organization targeting young women.

It is said that they approach the women they like, abduct them, and sell them to merchants as prostitutes or slaves, or in the worst case scenario, they procure their organs and use them as food or sacrifices to monsters.

The girls are in danger if things continue as they are!

No matter how strong the heroic party may be, there are many people who belong to the underworld who are more different and dangerous than the top-level Demon Lords.

Moreover, when it is organized, there is always the case that a strong maniac is employed.

Naturally, assassination organizations may also be involved.

Those girls are too beautiful,…… body, mind and fighting style. I wonder if I can win against these filthy and unfair people.

I activate the aforementioned ‘tracking magic’ and follow everyone’s traces.

I arrived at the outskirts of town, in front of an abandoned church that was probably no longer in use.

The footprints continue to this point.

Are Karina and the others inside the church?

Two armed men stand guard in front of the entrance.

As soon as they noticed us, they asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

I take action without hesitation.

“Gone quietly.”

““Ugh. ……””

I threw a “stick shuriken,” a dark weapon shaped like a skewer, from my chest and thrust it at the men’s throats.

The two men on guard collapsed to their knees, unable to make a sound.

I quickly move behind them so as not to make a sound. I catch the slaughtered men with my arms and lay the bodies down so that they slide off the ground.

I show no mercy to the traffickers.

Then I use my covert skills to infiltrate inside. Incidentally, since my level is already at a maximum, it is unlikely that I will be noticed with more precision than a lowly bandit.

When I peeked into the chapel, the incident had already occurred.

The girls were surrounded by many men.

There were about ten of them. For some reason, all the men were wearing special masks with magic.

Further in the back, there was a cage covered with iron bars, in which young women and girls as small as girls were being kept.

These girls must have been kidnapped for the purpose of human trafficking.

Still, the girls looked strange.

All four of them have weapons in their hands, but they seem to be frozen in one place, shaking and drooping.

Hmm? this feeling …… no way.

“How about it~? The effect of my characteristic ‘poison fog’ is numbing, isn’t it?”

Mokit, wearing a mask, is grinning and smiling.

In his hands were vials of steam that were rising and drifting through the chapel in a thin mist.

The vapors affected the women who had been abducted and were not wearing masks, and they were all crouched in pain.

“Mokit, you! You have conspired against us!”

“You have been plotting against us from the beginning, you …… coward!”

“It’s terrible! What are you doing with those kids in the cages?!”

“Human trafficking! All these men too! doing something like this! ”

“Oh, shut up! I’m stuck. What can you do? Curse nme for following me, you fools!”

“Mokit-san~! Can I fuck at least one of them before I sell you~? They’re all so good, I can’t stand them!”

“Well, there are women in cages, and I’m sure you can sell non-virgins in the organ trade. Let’s fuck all four of them and have a big let’s party!”

Mokit and the men are smiling ugly smiles and closing in on the girls.

“Stay away from us! We won’t let you people take away our purity!”

“Yes, that’s right! We already have someone in mind!”

“Don’t touch me! Get away from me!”

“I’ll bite my tongue and die before I let you do what you want!”

Karina, Fiala, Miriel, and Manisa stubbornly refused. They were going to commit suicide if they did not.

“We don’t care~ We’re okay with dead bodies, too!”

“It’s your own fault for having been so easily tricked! Gahahahahaha—uggah!”

“—-Of course it’s the deceivers’ fault! You trash!

I went behind the man who was laughing so shallowly and high-mindedly, and smashed his neck and slaughtered him.

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