Atago Private Girls’ School.

It is a traditional all-girls school for middle school and high school students, with a school building in Kitasai City since the Meiji Era.

I have been attending this school since I was a junior high student, as per my parents’ educational policy.

Now it is lunchtime. I ate lunch with my good friends in the school courtyard. It was the end of recess, and we were all heading back to the classroom.

The phone in my blazer pocket rings, a notification of a LINE message.

How unusual to receive a message in the middle of the day on a weekday.

I stopped walking and checked my phone.

“!? It’s from Kingo……..”

My heart rate jumps instantly. I was aware that my face was flushed and my cheeks were loose.

“Hm, Ari? What’s wrong?”

I was walking in front of my friend and she turned around and asked.

“Nothing ! You go ahead !”

I said to my friend and left.

Perhaps because of the all-girls school environment, Atago students love to talk about their love lives.

If they knew I had received a message from a college student, they would surely pry.

Once I was alone, I opened the message.

[(Kingo) Hello. On Sunday noon, do you have time? There is a tea party event at Hokusei University, if you would like to join us, you can come.]

I read the message five times over.

No matter how many times I read it, it still said that I could meet Kingo on Sunday.

Whoa ! What should I do !

I’ve been invited to tea by my idol ! !

An event? A tea party? I don’t know, but it means I get to have tea with Kingo !?

Having a tea with my idol….I’m so happy !

I can’t stop grinning…….

“Ari ! What are you smiling at?”

“Hyah !? N-Nao !? You’re back?”

A mischievous voice caresses my earlobe as my eyes are glued to my smartphone. The friend I was having lunch with had returned.

She has shiny black middle hair, skin as beautiful as a porcelain, bright eyes, and fresh lips.

She has the pretty looks of an idol, and her name is Igarashi Nao.

Nao and I have been friends since junior high. We are still friends, though we are in different classes.

“Perhaps, it’s from your idol?”

Nao smiled fearlessly and guessed the fact.

I have not told my parents about my affair with Kingo, but I have told Nao.

Because, on Saturday night, I was going to have a sleepover at Nao’s house, which was called [Common Exam Preparation Camp].

Nao’s house is so big that it could be called a mansion. However, her parents are abroad and she practically lives alone. Therefore, she had been asked to play a role in creating an alibi for the middleman.

I put her through a lot of trouble and made her worry. It was out of such a sense of guilt that I confided the truth to her.

At first Nao said

“It’s dangerous to go to a man’s house alone, you know !?”

She was worried about me.

However, I told her what had happened after that, and she cleared up her worries.

She was skeptical when I told her that Kingo had done nothing to me. Although she never said it, I guess she wondered if he must have had an ulterior motive for being so nice to me.

But somehow her suspicions were unfounded when she learned that he had a solid female friend named Ryoko san.

“Yes, from him. They’re having a club event on the campus of Hokusei University next Sunday, and he said he’d love to meet me.”

“Well, that’s great ! Maybe you can get to know each other there.”

“I-I don’t know. I’m so nervous……what should I wear?”

Nowadays, when studying for entrance exams is nearing its final stage, it is difficult to go out to play because my parents are watching over me. It’s been a while since I’ve made plans to go out and play, and it makes my heart dance.

“Ari, you look like you’re having fun. I’m glad you got some fanservice from your idol on your day off.”

“Ehehe, it’s a side benefit ! I thought I would never see him again since he quit the band, but I got his contact information, so maybe there will be a next time〜”

Kingo, who used to be a presence on the live stage, is now connected with me on social media. We are now in a relationship where we even get messages from each other.

As a fan, I’m very moved !

“Ahaha, I get it. It makes you happy to be able to talk with your idol in a normal way.”

Nao’s smile became even more florid as she murmured.

I felt uncomfortable with her words.

“Are you connected with your idol too?”

“Hee !? No, I’m just talking about what ifs ! I was thinking that if I could connect with my idol and have private chats and meals with them, I would be happy.”

Oh, so that’s what you mean. Well, it is understandable that Nao thinks so. Because Nao and her idol can never be connected.

At that moment, a chime rings from the speaker. It’s the pre-bell for the beginning of the afternoon class.

“Hey, Igarashi, Azekura ! Class is about to start.”

“Ah, it’s Noto sensei ! Yes, we’re coming !”

At the same time, a male voice came from behind the window.

It was Noto Sensei, a math teacher and Nao’s homeroom teacher.

Nao’s voice in response was one octave higher than his.

That’s because Nao’s Idol is that Noto sensei.

Noto sensei is one of the few male teachers at Atago Girl’s Academy, and he is young, under 30 years old. He is very popular among female students because of his firm but gentle personality.

Of course, since he is a teacher, he does not make sexual advances toward his students, and many students are attracted to him because of that sense of security. He also receives a lot of chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

“Bye, Ari. Be good with your idol !”

“Wait, I didn’t mean it that way…….”

“What are you going to do then? You’ve got a chance to be friends with your idol.”

When Nao tells me that, I realize that I haven’t thought about what I want to do.

A chance……. Surely this is a chance in a sense.

There is a clear line between Nao and Noto sensei as a student and a teacher, and Noto sensei is married to begin with. Nao cannot proceed with her relationship with her teacher.

I, on the other hand, can change the situation if I want to.

From fan to friend, from friend to beyond that…….

But if you ask me if I want to be friends or lovers with Kingo, it feels wrong.

I wanted to be cheered up by Kingo and support him. That was enough.

And now I want to support him in his hard time. That is my thought.

“W-well, I have exams to take, so I’m going to moderate my activities for now. I’m going to go then !”

“Ah, wait, Nao ! Kingo told me to invite my friends if I want, how about Sunday?”

“I’m sorry, I have a prior engagement on Sunday, so I’ll pass. Instead, the two of you should enjoy it !”

“I told you, it’s not like that !”

Nao left like the wind.

I don’t know whether Nao is misunderstanding or making fun of me.

I have no intention of doing so. I don’t think Kingo has any intention like that either.

We are just a fan and an idol.

“Now, let’s go to the classroom too. Ah, before that, I have to reply to Kingo !”

Let’s put aside all the complicated issues about the relationship and just enjoy the happiness of having tea with my idol for now.

It was while I was writing my reply with this in mind.

“What’s going on, Azekura san?”

I was asked in a gentle voice, as if reciting a waka poem.

“Oh, Misumi sensei.”

Before I knew it, my homeroom teacher, Misumi Fumino, was standing in front of me.

She has long, beautiful black hair like ink on an inkstone tin, and a nice body that belies her calm, gentle face. She has been my Japanese teacher since I was in junior high.

Her age is unknown, but she is a senior to Noto sensei, so she is probably around 30 years old. I mustn’t talk about that.

“I was actually invited by a college student I met the other day to an event on campus !”

“Well, an event, huh? That’s nice.”

Misumi sensei laughed in a ladylike manner.

I have known her for a long time. She has been my homeroom teacher since junior school. She is like an older sister to me.

I’m so happy to be able to talk to her honestly.

“Ehehe. So I thought I would go to Hokusei University for a break from studying.”

“I hope you have fun. Sometimes it is important to take a break.”

I would have thought that she would have been angry with me for playing around at this time of the year when the entrance examinations were about to be held, but she never said such a narrow-minded thing.

That is why I adored her so much.

“But, while it’s good to take a breather, this is not good, you know?”

But in my excitement, I had forgotten. Misumi sensei is strict about rules.

Her voice was tense as she kept the same tone of voice. She snatched the phone from my hand like a magic trick.

“You are not allowed to use your phone in the school, right?”

“Ehh〜, I’m sorry〜!”

“Please come to the staff room after school to pick it up.”

“Sensei ! At least wait until I reply back〜”

“No, you can’t.”

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