Me and Senpai, who enjoyed the local fish returned to the station once and decided to go to the beach.

I haven’t been to the sea in a long time. Last summer was spent preparing for the school festival and preparing for and rehearsing for the live performance, so I didn’t go there. That’s why I’m a little excited, despite my age.

After a ten-minute walk from the station, I went out to the sandy beach. Although it is a sandy beach, it is not a swimming area. It was a quiet beach separated from the road by an embankment. There was no one on the beach, and the ripple was singing quietly.

I climbed the embankment and stood on top, looking out over the sea.

“The view is nice. Will you go up too, Senpai?”


“Then, your hand.”

The embankment is about the height of my chest. Senpai’s height is the average of women, but it is not easy to climb because she wore a skirt. I thought so and lent my hand.

Senpai looked at my eyes with a little surprise, and then stared at my hand. But she immediately held my hand. Then I pull her body up.

“Thank you. Haa….seriously, it’s a good view.”

The two of us fell silent in front of the view of the sea.

The sandy beach, which was formed by the erosion of the waves, had cliffs and pine forests on both sleeves, and it was exactly the border between the sea and land.

Today it is a little windy and the waves are high. Rough white waves rush to the shore and disappear.

Off the coast, seabirds circled leisurely while being tossed by the wind, and far ahead lay a straight horizon.

“Once upon a time, when I saw the sun set on the horizon, I thought that the sun was going back to the sea.”

Suddenly Senpai muttered that.

“The sun comes out of the sea and returns to the sea. That’s why I thought that the sea is the sun’s home, so I once made a request to my sister.”That’s why I thought that the sea is the home of the sun, and I once asked my sister to do this.”

“What kind of request is it?”

“[I want to go to the sun’s house, so I want you to take me on a boat].”

“Ahaha ! That’s a cute request.  But where were you thinking the boat was heading?”

The answer was predictable. But I couldn’t help but wonder. I felt that there was a Senpai-like feeling in the answer, and I really wanted her to answer it from her mouth.

Senpai raised her arm and pointed squarely. Beyond that is a flat horizontal line. It is the border between the sky and the sea.

“There is a big waterfall on the edge of the sea, and there is a house of the sun under it. An anime I watched a long time ago introduced flat land and the sea, and I believed that this was the shape of the world. So I thought if I went to the horizon, I could see the sleeping sun.”

It is an ignorant and innocent childlike idea. Children think about things as they see them, so it’s no surprise that they believe in the geocentric theory or the flat Earth theory.

“Even Senpai were thinking about that. I thought that you were an intelligent and mature person from a long time ago.”

“Hehe, I was a surprisingly absent-minded child. I thought I’d reach the horizon in no time. But that’s impossible.”

“It is certainly an absurd request. But it may not be impossible depending on how you think about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“The distance from the shore to the horizon is about 4.4 kilometers. This distance, which can be determined by high school mathematics, can be easily traversed by adult feet. The distance that Senpai thought was impossible, we can do it now. “

Senpai stared at me with a blank face. Then she looks at the horizon once and looks at me again.

“But no matter how close the horizon is, it will move as far away as possible. Even if we can walk 4.4 kilometers on the sea, we can’t ever reach the horizon, you know?”

A very obvious and realistic point. On the other hand, I

“I thought–“

I can only say that. Yes, there is no gurgling sound.

“The distance you can walk with an adult’s foot. But you can’t ever reach the horizon. 4.4 kilometers will last forever….. Or so I thought.”

There is no particular punch line. I just said what I really thought. But such a phrase came to mind.

I wonder if that feeling was really conveyed, Senpai looked at me with her eyes wide open this time.

“[4.4 kilometers short but lasting forever] …….Ha !  Something came up !”

As soon as she speaks to herself, she sits on the embankment, takes out her usual notebook from her tote bag and runs a pen.

A shift from the usual calm atmosphere, her thin fingers randomly scribble words and phrases, filling the pages in a blink of an eye. It’s like words are falling from heaven and accumulating in a notebook.

Inspiration occurred by Senpai…..!

It seems that the goal of this journey was achieved. I looked at the horizon again with relief in my heart. The shadow of a small ship slowly sails toward 4.4 kilometers ahead of the blue sea, and eventually disappears.

As if passing by it, a gray cloud appeared.

The gray rain clouds with plenty of water are getting bigger and bigger, and they come closer.

RIght now it is May. There’s no way we’re going to get hit by torrential rain now, right?

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