A month has passed.

It seems fast, but it’s been a long time, and I’m having a great time.

“Yu, I think it would be a lot easier to automate this too.”
“HnnN…… this will take a little time, but I’ll give it a try.”
“Thank you.”
“How about the rest?”
“So far so good. But I may ask again soon.”
“Yeah, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”
“Fufu, Yu is nice.”
“It’s my job.”

Arisa points at the monitor and smiles happily at me. I have successfully completed my mission to rebuild the company’s system, and I am doing well with maintenance and fine-tuning.

I am thankful to the three sisters for giving me the chance to do my job, and I feel brighter than before.

A man is a creature that needs to work.

To be honest, it’s not every day that I’m put in charge of a company’s systems as a general manager, even if I’m the only one.

So I go about my work day after day feeling that it is worthwhile.

While I was working at my seat, Ai nee came in from outside.

She was dressed in a suit and had a great body.

“Welcome home, Ai nee.”
“Welcome home, Ai nee sama”
“I’m home.”

At first glance, it’s an ordinary conversation between us.

“Yu-chan, are you busy at work?”
“I’ll be settled in about 20 minutes.”
“How’s Arisa?”
“I’m like that, too.”

Hearing our reply, Ai nee thought for a moment with a contemplative look on her face. But eventually, her cheeks relax and the corners of her eyes narrow, and she gazes at my body as if she is inhaling.

Seeing her own sister’s reaction, Arisa fidgeted.

I turned away from them both.

I know very well why she is reacting like that.


We began to seek each other’s bodies in our spare time. We are constantly working on painting over our old bond with our bond as adults.

Now that the in-house act is over, Arisa has opened all the windows. Looking at her own lovely sister, Ai-nee suddenly spoke to me.

“What’s it like with Sera?”
“Your reaction suggests you’re not ready yet.”
“W-well. ……”
“You shouldn’t have bothered.”

Ai nee is sitting at a table in the break room with her legs crossed, looking at me with concern.

Common sense tells me that this relationship is not healthy. I am already in a relationship with two people.

It is common sense in Japan to be in a relationship with one woman. However, it seems that Ai nee and Arisa do not have such a “common sense”.

“Yu, Sera, poor child.”
“We are one, the four of us. You know that, right?”
“Ah, yeah.”
“Then why ……”

To be honest, I intentionally avoid Sera. There are many reasons. Common sense and reason, remorse, guilt, moral values, etc. …… are just a few.

But on the other hand, I also have a dark feeling that is distinct from the above feelings. I’ve been hiding those dark feelings from my three sisters.

I wonder if such a thing……

Is there?

As I was asking myself this question, my cell phone suddenly rang.

The person on the other end was, of course

“Sera chan”
“Yo! Yuu nii chan”
“How’s the filming going?”
“I just finished.”
“Good work.”
“How about Yu nii chan??”
“Just resting now that I’ve settled down.”
“You’ve been busy all the time, haven’t you? Now that you’ve settled down, I hope you’ll work hard as my manager again.”
“Since when have I become a manager ……?”
“Well, who are you with right now?”
“I’m with Ai nee and Arisa.”

“I see…”

For some reason, the tone of Sera’s voice seems to have suddenly lowered. Perhaps Sera knows about our relationship.

But if this relationship makes Sera sad, then ……

I’m ……

“Sera chan”
“You’re tired, aren’t you?”
“Ah,Yeah.. Just a little.”
“I’m going to pick you up. It’s your regular studio, right?”
“E-Eh?! Yes, it is. though”
“Okay, I’ll be there.”
“You’re really coming?”
“Yes. You don’t want to?”
“Of course I want to!”
“!! Sera, you’re talking so loud ……”
“I’m just trying to put life into the nasty Yuu niichan. You should be grateful.”
“Come here.”

After finishing the conversation, I press the end call button, put my phone away in my pocket, and look at them awkwardly.


“Yuu, go quickly. Sera will complain if you are late.”
“Sera, She don’t have any plans today except for the photo shoot. If you don’t mind working, why don’t you go for a drive somewhere with her?”
“…… got it.”

After saying that, I quickly got ready to leave the office.

“Then, I’m off.”

After waving my hand, I opened the door and got out of here.

Sisters Side

After Yuma leaves, Ai and Arisa have a look of contentment on their faces.

“Really, Yu shouldn’t have bothered.”
“Ai Nee sama, I wonder if Yuu will understand our feelings ……”
“Yu-chan will understand everything. Because I always see it. Yu-chan’s face.”

Ai hugged herself, her cheeks flushed a little red. Thanks to this, the huge marshmallow was pushed, but because of its elasticity, it pushed back.

Arisa looked at her sister and then responded with a gentle hand on her own stomach.

“Onee sama is right. Yuu will understand everything. No, Yuu already realizes.”
‘Fufu, maybe he does.”

Their eyes are dead.

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