Episode 24 – Dead-eyed prey



I was moved by her sudden appearance, but I was so impressed by her discipline that she came to help me clean up, that I gave Arisa the house as it was.

“Yu’s house is pretty messy.”
“I’m sorry. It’s not in a condition to be shown to others.”
“No problem. Do not worry about it. You’ve been busy with work, so it can’t be helped. But have you had breakfast yet?”
“Not yet.”
“I brought you some, so we can eat it together.”
“Thanks for everything …….”

I turned away from Arisa in the living room, where my clothes were strewn about, and scratched the back of my hair apologetically. But she shakes her head and stares at me.

A childhood friend with flaxen hair, red eyes, neat eyes, and a really well-endowed body wearing a maid’s outfit.

For a moment, I think of an erotic book featuring a cute maid that has been left in a corner of my room.

“It’s my job to take care of Yu.”

And then, my body was momentarily frozen by a mysterious electricity as Arisa shamed me like a maiden in love.

Damn it……

Aren’t you cuter than the maids in erotic books……

We enjoyed the breakfast Arisa brought us and started cleaning up.

Arisa said she would do it all herself, but I didn’t think that was going to happen, so we cleaned together.

The bathroom, the living room, the kitchen


“Yu, do you want to clean here too?”
“This is my father’s room.”
“….. father.”

The moment she hears the word “father,” Arisa suddenly turns away and looks down. But my expression is no longer dark.

“Well, this is ……”
“Arisa, you want to join me?”
“Let’s clean father’s room together.”

Arisa suddenly looks up when I say this, her ruby red eyes moistening before she says


My old childhood friend stepped into the space that was just me and my father.

When Arisa came to visit me during my paid vacation, I was a little resistant, but now, for some reason, I feel at ease when Arisa is in my house.

I sigh emotionally and begin to clean the dust that Arisa has accumulated. Perhaps, in our relationship, the dust has accumulated so much that cobwebs have formed.

In other words, instead of starting anew, the rusty gears have been lubricated and started moving again.

When I think of this, somehow I feel a whiff of the old days wafting through the air, and my heart seems to tighten.

But I don’t hate this feeling.

So I stand there and continue to stare at Arisa’s beautiful figure as she carefully cleans the room.

Time passes quickly, and Arisa, who has finished cleaning father’s room, looks at me with a tilted head.


Little Arisa and grown-up Arisa.

I could see the two of them overlapping.


I said the words that popped into my head.

“Arisa, thank you so much for being alive all this time.”


When Arisa heard my words, she freaked out and fell on her buttocks.

“No, how can I say it…… I felt like saying it when I saw Arisa. ……”
“No,…… if Yuu is nice to me, I won’t be able to do it. ……
“Will not be able to?”

Arisa sat down, shook her body and looked away from me. For some reason, seeing her slightly reddish profile made my heart pound.

After a few moments, she looks at me again, as if she has made up her mind.

Her red eyes have already changed color and have lost their life.

“Yu is my master. That’s why I can’t take care of you anymore.”

W-What are you talking about ……

“Yu is my master, the only one in the world.”

I was speechless. The gaze Arisa was giving me was too strong and I was overwhelmed.

As she sat there, Arisa’s long, thin, beautiful legs jiggled. Each time she does this, she releases pheromones that arouse a man’s instincts and stimulate my nose.

And not just my nose. Because her skirt is short, I can see a bit of her bottom …….

“Come here.”

I was puzzled, and Arisa beckoned me to come over.


I went to Arisa’s side.

Then I sat down.

Suddenly, Arisa grabs my hand and brings it to her own explosive chest. The feeling of the exquisite touch of her hand gently swallowing my hand and my fingers sinking into her chest made me feel intoxicated.

“Arisa ……”
“I told you before, I …… we’re not interested in any other guy but Yuu.”
“That’s not good.”
“It’s not bad. Because I’m very happy when I’m with Yu.”
“I’m not interested in any other guy except for Yuu. So,…… I want to feel Yu more.”
“Arisa, …… this is ……”

“Master Yu”

Arisa stares at me with her eyes wide open. The word “master” that Arisa uttered seemed to slowly destroy my consciousness and rationality.

“You’ve been pent up for the last six months, haven’t you? It is the maid’s duty to take care of her beloved master. Not only to do the housework, but to take care of his body as well.”

No, this is ……

I have to make Arisa happy, but if I …… put my feelings into it, I’m not going to be able to ……

I thought about that, but Arisa must have read my mind, because she put more pressure on my hand and let me feel her soft flesh more strongly.

Then she moved closer to my ear and

“I belong to you. So, let out all the feelings that you have been accumulating. Show me all the things you couldn’t show to Ai-nee sama. That’s what makes me happy.”
“Aaaaaah, Aaaaaa…”

Swallowed up.

For a moment, a conversation I once had with my father flashed through my mind.

“Arisa is a really nice girl. You should definitely get married when you grow up.”
“Eh? Why not? Because she’s such a good girl.”
“Because if I get married, she’ll die again, just like my mom. ……”

I used to be a long time ago, and I’ve always been searching for it.

A connection deeper than marriage.

I used to be looking for a way to connect more deeply with Arisa and her ……3 sisters.

Now that I’m an adult, I think I see it.

So, I’m trying to embody some of the answers that this connection represents.

To Arisa in front of me

I blurted out my feelings without hiding them.

My eyes in the mirror in my dead father’s room

been dead for a long time.

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