I successfully resigned from the black company I was attending. The expressions on the faces of the new hires, the mid-career hires and the general manager who were taking over from me were as awful as a person struggling in a hell burning with fire and sulfur.

Well, …… I just hope they do well. Even though it’s a black company, I’ve learned a lot of skills here. All’s well that ends well, as they say, let’s let bygones be bygones.

My life is about to begin again at Reganda, where three beautiful women are working.

Before I joined the company, I had been nervous all the time. No matter how many childhood friends I had, I was dealing with three women who were so beautiful that I would not feel at all uncomfortable working with them that work as models. One of them is already doing it ……

I already have a relationship with Ai nee. So I thought about possibly having such a greedy …… relationship with those two, but there was something I had to do.

I have to become a useful person in “reganda,” someone who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the three of them.

Compared to the good-looking and rich people, I am not as good as the three Kirie sisters. Therefore, I have to prove my existence value by working hard and building up the “reganda” system.

Until that is accomplished, I will refrain from being spoiled by my Ai nee.

Because just the thought of Ai nee’s warmth makes my heart beat faster. ……

The same goes for Arisa and Sera.

The gazes and words these girls direct at me stimulate my instincts, but I have to be patient.

This is how I started to review the core system when I joined Reganda. I listened to their opinions, asking them what parts of the system were not working and what parts were working well, and then I put together a program.

Since most of the people working on the system are men, they want to improve the efficiency of their work, but they have to communicate with men frequently, so they have been working in an inefficient way.

I created various programs to make their work easier.

Sometimes I collaborated with freelancers, and sometimes I had system meetings with the three sisters. Working at night until 10 p.m. or sleeping at the office was a daily occurrence. In fact, the amount of work itself is so much more than when I was working at a black company. However, it did not bother me at all.

When I see them satisfied with their work, my exhaustion is gone. It was probably the most fulfilling moment in my life.

At first, Ai nee invited me to the party, but gradually she shifted her support to me.

Arisa and Sera, too, actively cooperated with me and we made good progress in our work.

Just like this.

Six long months passed.

We are approaching the trial run period of the core program and automation program that I poured everything I had into.

3 sisters side

When Yuma came to Reganda, he was sure that the ideal world would unfold as they envisioned it.

But he did not take the easy way out.

He chose the path of thorns and thistles. But this path also strengthened the bond between the four of them.

Yuma knows. With the person he is now, he is fine when he is alone with the four of them, but when he is with others, the presence of the three sisters is so strong that his own existence is crushed. Others look at him with a white eye.

The three of them know very well that Yuma is struggling to overcome such a dilemma and to let the world know that he is a man who is qualified to be with the three sisters.

So they decided to wait and see.

Yuma will do it.

Yuma will make them happy.

And they can make Yuma happy.

Because of this firm belief, the three of them gritted their teeth and sealed their feelings for Yuma for a while.

There were times when they consoled themselves alone. There were times when they wanted to attack Yuma when they saw him trying his best.

So no matter how hard they tried to hide their feelings for Yuma, their bodies would not let them.

Because certain desires accumulated in their hearts, and after six months, they began to gather in their bellies.

At the end of this week, the trial period of the system created by Yuma will end.

How much more efficient the workflow, transformed by Yuma, will be.

Next week, all will become clear.

Everyone will know just how much of a human being Yuma is.

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1 year ago

I respect you a lot. This is the proper way to show the others your worth as Harem King.