“[I’m going to make up for what you’re missing from now on. So why don’t you make up for what I’m missing?] …. if he looks at me with those shining eyes, I can’t say no.”

Saaya wonders if he is someone she can trust as much as she trusts her family.

“No. I know the answer to that question.”

For five years I didn’t see him at all. Well, the only reason was that I was analyzing him because of how I wanted to see if I could break his heart or something like that.

The result…. My brain says the answer is “yes.”

(hmmm ….. Well, if you can’t push it, pull it… Right?)

I pride myself on my good looks, even though I’m only 5 years old, I have breasts that are starting to grow, and a smart body, and a beautiful black bob of hair that compliments my face.

I’ll ask him out on a date, seduce him, bring out his emotions, and test him once more to see if his true nature is really that, and even though he’s five years old, I’m sure he already knows that kind of knowledge.

“Now, Futaba-kun… I wonder what kind of reaction you will give me.”



“I know you’re surprised, but can you keep your voice down a little?”

“No, because… That Saaya invites you to go out with her… Eh?”

“It’s strange, isn’t it?~”

The most surprising thing in my life, or at least in my life up to now, was that I had felt a response yesterday, but I didn’t think it would be the next day.

…. W-What should I do? I was so cool yesterday that I said something like that!

“F-For now clothes right! And after that, maybe hair, no, but a date plan too….”

“Really… Calm down? There are only so many places two 5-year-old kindergarteners can go in the first place, right?”

“….. Ah.”

That’s right, I was so upset that I forgot all about it.

There are no places we can go because we are 5 years old!

“Eh, are there places we can go?”

“Fufu, did you forget? The zoo we’ve been so fond of!

“Oh yeah, …. There!”

“Yes, the people there are aware of your extraordinary intelligence quotient. That’s why I just got permission.”

“Mom, that’s amazing. …..”

“Fufu! right?”

I mean, she’s really good, my mom.

I mean, she still gave me permission… .

Somehow, she said she invited me, so I guess she must have expected this too, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked me.

“Anyway, mom will get you some clothes and stuff, so you go prepare your mind.”


So I finished my preparations and came to the front of the zoo.

I brought that, and I also checked out this place just in case, I am fully prepared.

Now, where is Saaya?

“I’m right behind you, Merii san?”.

“…? Uee?

“It’s hard to be an ordinary person who can’t notice something like this, isn’t it?”

I noticed that Saaya was standing behind me.

I was unintentionally, yes unintentionally, admiring her at that moment.

She had a pretty face with a slight smile on it, and a bob of black hair that was more beautiful than usual, braided into a braid, and a pure white outfit that was a little sheer, which made her even more attractive.

“Oh, did you just fall in love with me? But could you please stop staring at me like that? It wouldn’t be pleasant if a bug kept staring at you, would it?”

“I guess that part of you hasn’t changed!”

Apparently, her venomous tongue has not changed,

But her much more beautiful appearance prevents her from saying it strongly.

It’s amazing how beautiful people are. …. But, can you please fix your tongue? It hurts my feelings.



“You’re on a date with a girl, right? Don’t you have an opinion or two? You insensitive, ignorant, pathetic monkey.”

“You have one or two words too many!”

W-well, it’s certainly a shame for a man not to say what he thinks. On the other hand, if you don’t say anything here, you’re just a chicken.

“Well… First of all, let me tell you that you look very pretty. The braid adds to the charm of the bob, and the clothes are in keeping with your mood. …. You are, to put it mildly, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. …hnn, What’s wrong?”

“Eh …. ah, ….”

“You’re blushing.”

…. Maybe she was embarrassed by too many compliments?

No, but that shouldn’t happen with her.

What then?

(This is the first time I’ve felt this emotion. …. What is this, it’s totally unknown. Why… I’m just flattered by a compliment? I mean, my parents praise me too, right?.)

Saaya felt her heart being shaken by an unknown emotion.

“Hey, maybe it’s hot in here?”

“….Yeah, it might be.”

“Well, I was actually going to be a little later, but I’ll do this.”

So Futaba held out a white beret.

“This is ….?”

“It’s a gift, I bought it for you because I thought it would look good on you, and it’ll keep some of the sun off, right?”


She was too surprised to even speak. It was easily beyond her range of expectation.

She could easily manipulate people if she used her predictive abilities, but this man had exceeded her, the last time, and only this time.

“… How is it.”

“Oh …. It looks good on you after all.”

She put it on her head and showed it to Futaba

The beret made her look more intelligent, and her virtue grew, again.

(Ah …. Why are you being so nice to me, a foreigner in this world?)

Saaya had an unusual intelligence. Of course, her parents, Futaba, Futaba’s parents and a tiny number of people didn’t think anything of it, but most of them thought she was weird. And she instantly understood that, which is why she couldn’t trust anyone but her family so easily, because maybe there were people who would take advantage of her. So she kept people around her away, but this man was different.

He spoke to me again and again, with a smile and eyes that had no calculation whatsoever.

(…. Just for now, don’t think about trying him or anything like that, let go of my pride and say with the biggest smile I can muster, just for now, to him who gave me such a thing, who usually only makes disparaging remarks about ordinary people).



“I’m very happy… Thank you, Futaba-kun! I’ll take good care of it for the rest of my life!”

She said this with an angelic smile that she could do now, or rather, would do naturally.

…… Little did anyone know that her unknown emotions would be intensified.

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