“Haa, I want all of Futaba-kun….. I want to be with you forever…. I want to love you and love you and love you so much that I’m all you can think about.”

“This monologue is the craziest by far, Saaya chan.”

Saaya was relaxing at home after school.

But today was her mother’s day off from work, so she and her mother were spending time together.

(That’s not a word that comes out as a joke right~)

“Speaking of which, now that you mention it, what do you like about Futaba-kun?”

“Eh? Everything, you know? Everything from the hair on his head to the tips of his toes to dirt.”

“I’m talking about personality!”

Yes, what she only wanted to ask was what was it about Futaba that attracted her.

She didn’t ask me what part of his body she liked.

“Just hearing the voice Futaba-kun emits makes me feel like living in a world without hope.”

“That’s weird, the conversation isn’t going anywhere.”

Let’t repeat that…… she’s talking about personality.

Not to listen to such conversation.

“Yeah…. I love him too much to put it into words, I guess.”

“I guess there is no one who loves so much as Saaya chan does.”

Saaya speaks as if she is remembering something.

“No, but I guess I’m surprised that Yuki has come to the same world as me lately.

Depending on the situation, she’s more dangerous than I am.”

“Good thing you’re aware of the danger you’re in.”

She knows because she’s family, but as a mother I’ve been worried about her because I see her doing things that are almost criminal for Futaba sometimes, but I’m glad she’s aware of it.

…… Not good though.

“I don’t really care about that, but it’s really bad.

When she decides to do it, she’s in a straight line and it’s bad!”

“Hee, for example, what’s it like? Yuki chan?”

“This was after a small talk with Yuki……”

Then Saaya began to speak.

The weight of love between the two of them. …….


“Saaya is having a good time, isn’t she? She’s in the position of Futaba-sama’s partner, and get to be together all the time.”

“I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t been talking much either though~”

“I am more, I haven’t seen Futaba-sama at all. It’s more like…”

Saaya saw …….

“Recently, I think that although he visits me, he rarely comes to see me because of other requirements. That means I am just a girl next to Saaya. Saaya can go to Futaba-kun’s house and stay with him, but why can’t I? I decided to support you behind your back, though, didn’t I? I want to play with Futaba-sama too, I want to be loved. I want to be monopolized. I want him to adore me a lot. Even though I’m not called, am I a dog and annoying guy who follows Saaya? I love him so much and do so much for him. But I don’t mind if he thinks of me as a dog, because he looks at me. But whether it’s the time to be popular or not, he’s hitting on all kinds of girls, and he doesn’t even know it. They are all in the way. ……. I’ll do everything I can to get rid of them.

Shall I socially erase them …….”

Saaya felt that Yuki’s presence was frightening.

If they continued talking like this, Yuki would definitely go off the rails, which is why Saaya suddenly changed the subject

“What do you like about Futaba? I didn’t ask you.”

When Yuki heard Saaya’s question, her cheeks turned red as if she had been waiting for it, and she started to talk at length.

“What I like about Futaba-sama is, of course I love everything about Futaba-sama, but if I had to say, it’s all the parts that make up Futaba-sama, so I like even just a part of Futaba-sama very much, and I think I can carry it around as a treasure in the world forever, because Futaba-sama’s existence itself is like a collection of all the happiness in the world. I’m thankful for that, and when I see Futaba-sama, I’ve already decided to use all the nerves of my body, even my soul, to enjoy Futaba-sama, but recently I’m not getting enough of Futaba-sama, so I’m frustrated, and yet, Saaya always seems to be always talking about Futaba-sama with his smell or happy memories. I’m so sad because Saaya always talks to me happily with the smell of Futaba-sama or happy memories of him, so much so that I end up mast*rbating alone while thinking about Futaba-sama.

But it’s also a pleasure to listen to his stories, and I love all the memories, recollections, and things about him.”

If it were a normal person with normal sensibilities, Yuki’s story would have made her withdraw her head in disgust, and if anything, she would have scorned it.

However, Saaya sensed Yuki’s passionate feelings for Futaba and became happy.

“That’s great, great! Everything about him is a lovable part of Futaba-kun! I was so impressed and happy to hear those words! I didn’t realize Yuki was someone who has reached the same realm as me! I’m so happy!”

“Until I knew more about him, I used to not like hearing about Saaya’s feelings for him that I hear from time to time, but now I understand!”

Saaya was happy that there was someone who was equal to her thoughts.


“Well, it’s like this, she’s my equal, but she’s more aligned with her own feelings than I am, so I’m not in any particular danger.”

“…You are both broken in a bad way. Just because someone is on par with you doesn’t mean it’s no longer dangerous~ Sometimes mother misses the old Saaya chan.”

“Because sometimes what Yuki talks about is her feelings for him that I don’t know about.

I always feel like our love is never perfect.”

Saaya talked about how her love was too heavy and suddenly changed from her loungewear to her beautiful casual clothes.

“I wanted to see Futaba-kun so much when I talked about my love for him! he must be relaxing right now, I’m going to go see him!”

Saaya left the room at a speed that was probably faster than light and headed for Futaba’s house.

“The world’s strongest Yandere teamed up …… It’s also friends who have been together for many years……. Now we have the worst duo ever.”

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and the mother does nothing…not that she could but its bice to know that saaya is just as broken around her.