“See you tomorrow!”

“Ou! Take me out again sometime.”

“I got it. We’re a trio right.”

What’s that ……?”

After saying goodbye to Rei and Kaname, those two are retracing their steps home.

Today, the entrance ceremony, ended with the teacher giving a brief talk about the students’ future plans.

So, I was invited to go to the movies with them, but I declined.

“You could have gone with them, you know?”

“Yes, you don’t have to follow us.”

“You guys might want to look back in time once.”

They both laugh and cover it up, but …… I felt like I was invited by these two.

At first I was talking with the intention of following Rei and Kaname, but these two interrupted me.

[Ah, I’ll borrow Futaba-kun from both of you~♪]

[I’ll borrow him for the rest of his life life~]


Suddenly, I was pulled by Saaya and Yuki by the shoulders and came face to face with these two.

I mean, my shoulder bone was about to come off right now. …… I’m not kidding.

[Anyway, I’m going shopping with Saaya].

[Ah good, go ahead and ignore me]



[No, you’re coming with us.]

[No, I’m……..]

Did they not hear what we were saying? No, these two were also in the vicinity, so they must have heard us even if they didn’t want to.

So does that mean they know and are trying to invite me ……?

[Hmm? Ah, I mean to ignore about us and just go]

[Why, I don’t get it.]

[Eh? You don’t have veto power, do you?]

Saaya suddenly said with her highlightless eyes….. No, I’m scared.

But I can’t keep my promise to those two.

[I’m sorry]

[……If you refuse, I’ll tell mother about all of Futaba-kun’s side dishes]

[Ah, Rei and Kaname? I can’t do it today~]

[What’s going on?!!]

In the end I decided to go with Saaya and Yuki.

Sorry you two. …… I’d betray my friendship with you guys in a heartbeat if it meant protecting my lifeline, sorry.

“Alright then, let’s go♪”

“Don’t get excited, Saaya.”


So we came to a big department store near the school.

I’ve been running here and there since a while ago. …… The two of them are the reason why I’m here.

It has been two hours already.

When in the world will I be able to go home……. It’s very tough on the loner people.

“Ah, there you are, you stupid, ignorant, flag first-class architect, Futaba-kun.”

“Thank you very much for your abusive words on such short notice, Saaya”

“In that case, I’m S and you’re M, right?”

“That can’t be true. ……. So, what is it?”

“There’s a clothing store over there. Shall we go there?”

“Sure, let’s go there.”

And so we went into the clothing store.

A quick look around …… There were quite a variety of clothes for men and women.

I noticed that both of them had disappeared next to each other…… Those two are girls too, they must have found something they liked.

(Hmmm? Is that Yuki? …… Too early to choose, right?)

It’s been only a few dozen seconds since I came to this store.

Yuki came straight to me.

“I’m torn between two, can you help me choose?”

“Hmm? Yeah, sure. Which one?”

“Which do you prefer, this underwear (the one that shows all of your private parts) or this underwear (the one that is transparent in the private parts)?”

“Hey, Yuki, I don’t want to see you being corrupted by Saaya!!?”

Hey, hey, hey, Saaya ……. What does that girl usually teach Yuki?

Please, I think it’s important to have a neat and tidy heroine.

“What can I say ….. I thought this is the least Futaba-sama could do.”


Yuki suddenly started talking in a mumbling little voice.

“Next to Futaba-sama, there is already Saaya, who has an intelligence and athleticism that is not human,……. In such a situation, the only way to repay Futaba-sama is to watch over him by his side, become his property, and just be an outlet for his sexuality. …….”

“Yuki san—?”

Yuki keeps talking about things that would be dangerous if she suddenly started talking to herself… I am scared if someone suddenly did something like that.

“Ah, I told you to stop going into that slave mode.”

Saaya, the savior of the place, came over.

“Sorry, sorry, I’ll bring this girl back.”


It seems that Saaya knows how to put Yuki back together again.

From the way she says this, did this happen before? …… It wasn’t like that in the past.

“Ah, Futaba-kun, pick one that looks good on me.”

“……. Yes?”

Apparently …… It seems that they want me to choose one without any questions.


“Aaah …. It’s over, ……”

“I-is it really that much…?”

“Well, Futaba-kun doesn’t have confidence in his own sense of style~…. ..But, well, sometimes I want to make Futaba-kun flutter with my feminine charms, you know, so please bear with me.”

“Well, I don’t mind… Don’t get your hopes up, okay?”

“Fufu, I’ll dress in anything♪”

“Don’t tease me, will you?”

They have a lot of confidence, don’t they?

Well, if you’re that confident, why don’t you go with your gut and make your choice?

Don’t destroy oneself at the very least, okay?

“Oh! Don’t you have pretty good taste?”

“Yes, it’s the kind of clothing that brings out our personalities.”

“…. Perhaps your taste is okay?”

“It would be quicker to look at it than to ask. Please wait a moment.”

And then both of them went to the dressing room.

I honestly don’t know what you mean by sense… I don’t know what to say about sense.

As I was fiddling with my phone at random, the curtains were opened.

Saaya was dressed in black, her beautiful semi-long silver hair was shining and her purple eyes had a nice taste.

Yuki had beautiful long black hair, perhaps hastily set, braided at the tips, and her clothes were a subdued color that seemed to reflect her personality.

“How is it, Futaba-kun?”

“…. The two of you look great together, don’t you? You look very pretty.”

Saaya said, “Ihihi…!” She was smiling in a different way than usual, her cheeks were red, and Yuki looked like it was normal.

“I like this dress. Shall we buy it?”

“I don’t see why I wouldn’t buy it when Futaba-kun picked it out for me!”

“Fufufu♪ Saaya still loves Futaba-kun as usual.”

Both of them went to the checkout.

I wondered what was going to happen, but …… I’m glad they are happy.

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