“Chado, what are you doing!”

I heard voices of concern as I was suddenly punched in the stomach by Chado, and conversely, voices of condemnation. Saaya, Yuki, and my two friends were glaring at Chado.

“The guy is this guy, right? I don’t get why this dull guy is so well-liked by Saaya That’s why”


“So how about it, Saaya, why don’t you come out with me for a night on the town?”

I’m not sure if Chado realizes that the classmates around him are enemies or not, but I’m impressed that he’s able to maintain that kind of attitude.

And well, Saaya is ….. She is expressionless and silent …. Well, that’s only from other people’s point of view, from me, that girl’s eyes are clearly filled with anger and hatred… Hey, are you okay?

“…… Hey, if you insist on ignoring me any longer.”

He snapped his arms, snapped his fingers, snapped his neck, and did a preparatory …. No, that was too long.

And then suddenly he raised his right arm.

“I’m going to use force.”

He finally tries to dominate Saaya with violence, and just like he did to me earlier, his punch goes right to Saaya’s stomach. ….. Saaya would be fine, but …. I wouldn’t be a man if I don’t answer here!

So I grabbed his arm and …. and threw him on his back so he wouldn’t get hurt.


Chado blurted out those words, not seeming to understand what was going on. However, after a few seconds, he seemed to start, as if he had remembered something, and his face turned bright red…Ah, this is

“Why, why, why am I being thrown like you!? you? It’s impossible… You’re trash, trash, stupid, and worthless to be alive in this world! If only she could understand. If you understand then let’s get out of this classroom now–”

“….. What are you doing? You guys.”

Just as Chado was about to say this, our class teacher walked in. And the classmates who were in the classroom immediately explained the situation to the teacher and left this classroom with Chado.

“‘Well… It was a disaster, Futaba.”

“Are you alright, Futaba?”

Rei and Kaname are worried about me. …. They are really kind friends. But …. I felt a stirring in my chest.

Because she was thinking about me ……

She was looking at the place where Chado walked with her pitch-black eyes…

“….. Stupid.”


After that, Chado was suspended from school and apparently left during class… I doubt if he really went home.

And now it was after school and I was on my way home with Saaya.

But then ….




“Ah ….. Sorry, what is it?”

Saaya has been like this since a while ago. Even when I tried to talk to her about something, she kept looking at the sky above me. …. I’m not sure why. Is it something to do with Chado…? No, but I’m sure they already got rid of that guy…. Why?

“No… …. Because you’ve been looking up in the sky for a while now.”

“…… Hey, Futaba-kun.”


“You were saying a lot just then. ….. Did you feel something? Like you’re in pain?”

“Well, ….. That’s right. Those things hurt.”

“….. Okay, look, I’ve got something to do over there, so can I go home first today?”

“Eh …..?”

I already asked about Saaya’s plans for today, but I’m sure nothing happened. ….. I’m sure she’s hiding something from me.

I honestly want to ask her so bad, but I’m sure she’s just going to be nice and vague about it, sadly.

“I’m sorry. ….Well, I’m off then. …… I’m going to go save you, my love–…”


Saying that, Saaya ran off at an unbelievable speed…No, no, it was probably too fast.

She was gone from my sight in an instant. …. Why don’t you aim for the Olympics?

(To save her love? …. No, that doesn’t matter now, I have a very bad feeling about it…. what on earth?)

I could have kept thinking about this all day, but …. I wasn’t in the mood, so I rushed to get to Saaya

I was looking for her for a long, long, long time, maybe 3 hours. …. But I couldn’t find Saaya at all.

I was about to give up, thinking it was impossible, but then someone suddenly appeared.

“….. Futaba kun?”

“Yuki! just in the right place!”

I quickly closed the distance between us, grabbed both shoulders, and said that out loud… Well, it can’t be helped, right? It was a light that suddenly appeared.

“Yuki! Could you please search for Saaya with me?”

“Aaah. …. Do you mean you are looking for Saaya? …. Well, the answer is no.”

“Ha? Why not!”

“As for me, it’s an act of kindness. …. Haa, that’s enough. If you go straight here, there is a back alley on your left. I’m sure she’s there.”

“Definitely …..? Well, okay, I get it!”

Futaba did not know why Yuki was so sure, but he decided that it was not a priority right now and ran to the place Yuki had told him.

Yuki was looking at Futaba with such pitiful eyes.

(Well, by the time he gets there, I’m sure it will all be over. …… Poor thing, to be caught by such a mad person. Her love for you knows no bounds …. In fact, it’s accelerating. To you…. can you accept her love for you?)

Yuki stopped thinking about it and headed home.

Meanwhile, Futaba was ────

“Haaa! She is not here! I mean, she’s back normaly! ”


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