Amami Saaya and Asami Yuki are supposed to be best friends – but they really are not.

No, they are, but they are slightly different.

Originally, they were two people who showed no interest in other people.

However, thanks to the existence of Futaba, Saaya has developed a viewpoint of being friendly on the surface, but Yuki has not.

The reason for this is very simple. The Asami family was the best in this world.

That’s why the family has a lot of money, and it turns out that the parents were brilliant enough to do such a business in the first place, and that talent was properly passed on to Yuki.

That is why she could do everything, although not as well as Saaya.

However, just when Yuki was bored with such a life, ……. Saaya appeared.

And she suddenly said something like this.

[Your power ….. I wonder if you could lend me yours.]

She said such a thing out of the blue. So, since she had no interest in this woman, she turned on her heel and was about to leave when she did. She pulled her with tremendous force and told her with her dark eyes.

[Would you like to at least listen to what I have to say?]

It seemed like she couldn’t leave even if she tried, and somehow she got interested in this girl, so she asked her.

[….. What’s your story?]

[I have a certain one important boy ……]

Then Saaya started talking to Yuki. Crazy values.

[Fufu, hahahahahahaha! Isn’t it a very interesting story?]

[Hahaha♪ Isn’t it?]

[But why are you so obsessed with Shiki Futaba?]

[Because I don’t want Futaba-kun to get involved too much.]

[What do you mean?]

[I’m deeply displeased and sickened by the existence of humans, people other than Futaba-kun. …. In other words, I wish insects, which are nothing but harm, would die, just talking to them depresses me, and if anything, I want to kill all the humans in this world and create a world of the two of us. …… I can be normal thanks to the existence of Shiki Futaba-kun, his body belongs to me, and vice versa, my body belongs to him, this hair, power, body, sweat, smell, everything belongs only to Futaba-kun, and …… So the reverse is also true.]

Yuki was horrified to hear these words.

(…… She’s crazy, I’m aware that I’m crazy most of the time, but this person doesn’t even compare to that, she doesn’t even put herself first, she puts everything only for Futaba, she only thinks of her appearance as something to please Futaba, and everything is Futaba’s priority …. It’s hard to find someone this crazy.)

[So what do you think? Will you follow me?]

To that question, the usual Yuki would not reply, but …. She thought that if she followed Saaya, her life would be more enjoyable, and that’s what she thought. So…

[Fufu, okay. I’ll follow you.]

This was the beginning of these two.

▼▽ Again from Yuki’s perspective

(Futaba-kun said he knows a lot about Saaya. …. Actually, that’s not true, she’s just good at hiding it. But you don’t need to know anything …. Saaya’s darkness is much, much deeper. ….)

Futaba wonders about Yuki’s sudden silence, and calls out to her.

“What’s wrong with you suddenly shutting up? Yuki.”

“…. Oh, no, no, it’s nothing. More importantly, is he over there trying to do something?”

“….. Eh?”

I took a closer look… He’s really there. I think that’s ….. Chado kun, right? The sunny, good-looking guy.

He’s heading towards …. Saaya? I don’t think there was any connection between those two.

“Heey, Saaya? Hey, why don’t the two of us go on a date afterwards? It’s nice to talk to the opposite gender once in a while, isn’t it?”

Oh, is he for real? ….. She is famous for her tongue, especially in the presence of her classmates. ……I respect him now.

“Huh? What’s wrong with everyone? Suddenly they turned their heads in a weird way and stopped talking.”

((((No way, denying all existence!?!!))))

At this moment, it was the moment when everyone in the class had their hearts in the right place.

Because, although she had been replying with some kind of tongue, this time it was a perfect through ….. It was impossible not to be surprised.

“Oi? Isn’t that too cold indeed? At least talk to me, you know?”

“Umm, somehow everyone stopped talking, I’m going to go to the cool Futaba-kun’s place♪”

Saying that, Saaya tried to run to Futaba’s place. But the man, perhaps sensing this, went ahead and forcibly stopped her.

“Hey, hey, do you think I’m going to back down because of that? I’ll make you forget this Futaba guy exists. I’m used to women, if you surrender yourself to me, I’ll make you feel a lot better.”

Everyone was shocked at Chado-kun who said such a thing.

Of course, the content of the conversation was all low-key, and above all, it was disgusting that he was talking so loudly in this classroom.

The person in question, Saaya, looked really annoyed and disgusted as she opened her mouth.

“Haa. ….. I don’t like dealing with stupid bugs with flower gardens in their brains, can you get the hell out of here?’

Saaya said something that an ordinary person would immediately have a mental breakdown with her poisonous tongue as usual. But it didn’t get through to Chado, who was in a weird and bad way.

“Hooou then……it’s you!”

Saying that, Chado ran and punched Futaba in the stomach.

(TL/N : Chado’s name uses tea ceremony kanji 茶道, and there isn’t any furigana for his name so I’ll name him Chado)

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23 days ago

Yeah that Chado guy surely has flower fields as his brain