The time was a little after 6:30 pm.

The four of them had gone to a large supermarket, and when the shopping carts were half full, Miyu and Kokono were talking at a distance.

“……Hey, Kokono. Isn’t that dangerous? Why did she think she could do that?”

“I don’t know……”

The two of them see the small Mashiro trying her best to pick up the items on the high shelves by standing taller.

And there’s a scene where Yuuto receives it by hand and puts it in the basket.

[Isn’t the role reversed?]

[He was supposed to help her a little.]

It is not surprising that such opinions would be voiced, but Miyu and Kokono were astonished.

Rather than stimulating Mashiro’s inferiority complex, he understood and respected the person’s desire to “do it”.

No one could have done this.

“I seriously wonder how he is not stepping on Mashiro Nee’s land mines…… Even though he’s been so considerate at the family restaurant and everything, it’s proof that he definitely knows what he’s doing.”

“Yeah……. What a monster.”

“It’s normal to think that the more you help, the more she’ll be happy……”

“That’s our big brother.”

‘At the very least, I’m proud of him.”


Miyu raised her eyebrows and grinned, while Kokono gave an immediate answer and nodded.

There is no doubt that he is the ‘Step brother’, but without the correction, his reputation would still be the same.

“……And, I’m happy.”

“Eh? Is there something about him that makes you happy?”

“No, it’s just, he’s really thinking of Mashiro Onee chan…..”

“I see. I feel the same way.”

It was an exchange that showed sisterly love.

“……Yuuto Onii chan, I’m glad he hasn’t changed.”

“I mean, when we were little, he spoiled us so much, don’t you feel like that’s affecting Yuuto Nii now? He’s good at taking care of us and has the air of a nursery school teacher.”

“……I know.”

While the two of them were having this conversation, they were staring at Mashiro, who was so happy that she almost jumped around.

As they said earlier, the eldest sister became like that as a result of Yuuto’s good care.

“Well, I wonder how he would react if I told him about our work.”

“It’s okay if we told him the wholesome one……”

“What if he finds out about the R-18 stuff?”

“……I think he’d be shocked.”

“Nihihi, his eyeballs would pop out of his head.”

Miyu is showing an amused and relaxed attitude, but it’s all in her imagination.

“I’m worried if he’ll be taken aback……”

“I think he will understand if we explain to him that sexually explicit illustrations are more likely to attract fans. We do what we have to do to make a living.”

“But he would think that we’re interested in sex……”

Kokono whispers [Anything but that…..] while blushing, but there’s Miyu who breaks her expression saying, [Huh?].


“It’s true that I’m interested. But Kokono is the lecherous one.”

“‘N-no I’m not……. That’s not true. It’s really not like that……”

“No, no, no, even if you look at the number of sex-related postings, Kokono takes the lead. You even draw the rod to bring out the realisticness.”

“……M-Miyu Onee chan, you stupid……..”

Kokono, who is utterly defeated by the solid evidence and good arguments, runs to Yuuto with throwaway lines.

–While blushing.

“Oh my. You shouldn’t go to him in that state….”

Miyu’s monologue rolls in the right direction.

“Hm? Kokono, are you okay?”


The second daughter was caught by Yuuto.

Kokono is the most indoor type among the three sisters. Because she has the whitest skin among the three of them, her face stands out even more.

“Sigh,it can’t be helped…..”

There is no way she can honestly say, [She ran away from a conversation about lewd things].

Seeing Kokono in that state, Miyu slowly approached her in amazement.


“Sorry to make you worry, Yuuto Nii. This is what happened when I tickled Kokono’s body.”

“I see. Try not to bother the other customers, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll try not to do it again.”

It was a perfect help.

When he glanced at the three sisters, Miyu secretly raised her index finger.

[You owe me one] said Miyu, but Kokono looked at her and shook her head. [It’s all your fault, Miyu Onee chan] She said.

“Hey, Yuuto Nii. Kokono is not cute at all.”

“Eh? Even though she’s this cute?”



Yuuto puts his hand over his mouth after slipping his inner thoughts out of a natural flow, and Kokono gasps in response.



Mashiro and MIyu gave him a cold stare.

“Ah, I didn’t mean it in a strange way, okay !? just now, how should I put it– !”

Yuuto, who couldn’t guess the reason for those gazes that says [Why only Kokono….], desperately began to explain himself.

The person himself didn’t notice because he couldn’t afford to do so. 

The third daughter was trying to hide her hot face as much as possible, trying to catch her bangs that had been swept sideways.

* * * *

Then somehow the tense atmosphere that was caused by the slip of the tongue back to normal–the time is 8:40 p.m.

“U-um……how is it?”

“It’s really good. Really.”

“T-thank you !”

Yuuto took a bite of Mashiro’s home-cooked chicken with tomato sauce, and answered with a serious face how delicious it was.

The moment Mashiro hears his impression, she smiles.

“I’ve made breakfast for you, too, if you don’t mind, please eat it.”

“Eh, is that so!? That’s great.”

Looking at the two of them talking like they were open to each other, Miyu recalled about Kokono who was being praised…..her cheeks puffed out.

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